Destiny's stream from an outside perspective

Destiny's stream from an outside perspective

First thing on stream: "The periodic table of the alien creature"

watches destiny stream for 10 seconds

gain 50 IQ points

heh, try and keep up kids

I'm about to get fucked in the ass with downvotes, but I... 30% enjoy Destiny's content, 70% absolutely fucking despise the "I ARGUE LIKE AN ELOQUENT JAPANESE BULLET TRAIN BECAUSE MY BRAIN PARSES INFORMATION SO QUICKLY AND I'M SUCH A FUCKING GENIUS" way he talks.

Destiny’s stream is the Rick and Morty of twitch

some people just talk like this. its not intentional.

rick and morty is entertaining though

So... does talking quickly and having a decent vocabulary suddenly make you pretentious? That's just how the guy talks. Like, what do you want him to do about it?

I know several people who talk the same way; they were all debate kids in high school, and the ones I've talked to about it have said they can't really turn it off.

WE CAN SEE THAT THE ALIEN - Mitch eyes widen

Just 50? Dumbass heh nothing personnel

says a lot about where you are from

"im trying to climb today" Destiny is a smart man

LOL. The other perspective from destiny's stream and mitch jumping in was hilarious.

For those of us who are getting older we appreciate the fact that there are different streams who reach beyond the usual target audience at twitch. Variety is good bro :)

Has he debated anyone outside of the internet who is actually rational and educated

LUL this is perfect timing

There is a train coming down the tracks and you are browsing /sub/livestreamfail.

The train is barreling toward the 5 posts that aren't labeled "Destiny" on one track but you can switch the train by pulling the lever to the 1 post labeled "Destiny" on another track.

Do you pull the lever?

Killing yourself is an option.

You're an Ice fan. You sure you want to talk about intellect?

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Destiny

Hahahaha... slaughtered by sargon... you must've watched different debates than I did. Carl of Swindon and his "if black people would just get married they'd do way better" argument, maybe he should first learn about correlation and causation.

Thorin thinks destiny made him call Poland a shithole.


Did he really? Because i lean the other way. Look at radio, ted talks, etc. People with lower pitched and slower (well controlled) speaking are often received better than they should be imo. If you ever read books like "The Charisma Myth", they usually promote speaking slowly and deliberately.

Not a fan of either destiny or ice but I love how every single destiny fan on this subreddit looks at the post history of anyone who replies slightly negativity to them like the other guy who replied to you so they can say "Heh heh, you were on this sub. Your opinion is invalid now. I win again!"

Youre being downvoted because of your retarded attempts to make him look bad lmao

I've been watching for 5+ years, and I haven't heard him say that he talks quickly on purpose. On the contrary, when he argues, he tries to use logos instead of pathos. He claims that when he argues, he tries to get closer to the truth, which is why he offered to give Andywarski an outline of his points before entering any debate. He's been wondering if he should use more of a pathos style in future debates, but up to this point he consciously avoids using arguments from emotion and the like. He thinks debate should proceed from logos.

Short answer: no, he's never tried to sleep with a child.

Long answer: Fuck off, you know exactly what you're doing with this type of question. Stop trying to play innocent.

Oh sorry, I was being sarcastic. I didn't realize you go to those subreddits, I'll check first next time and dumb it down for people like you.

Genuinely perfect timing

He has a massive hard on for free markets. One of his most recent videos on his YT is him disagreeing with a socialist for 2 hours because he believes markets do everything better.

He's said himself that research shows if you talk fast and deliver your info quickly it makes you sound more credibke, which is why im assuming he does it

Pseudo intellect btw

he just ended up discussing things and learning, which isnt great content

Disagree completely. Some of the most entertaining moments on his stream is when he talks to somebody who actually knows wtf they're talking about (unfortunately a rarity). He's good at asking interesting questions and I find myself learning along with him.

That, of course, presupposes you're at all interested in the topic. Which I understand many people won't be.

is this copypasta

That's not just Destiny fans. I see it happen pretty often here with many people and if they aren't an Ice fan they'll scrounge up anything they can. Posted in /sub/overwatch? LUL have fun with that dead game. Posted in /sub/anime? LUL weeb DansGame. Basically if you're not using an alt account solely for this sub they'll get ya for something.

That's just how he talks, I think it takes some level of insecurity to say someone's pretentious simply because they speak well.

Saw a post about it on his subreddit asking the sorta the same thing. Most upvoted answer was someone saying it stopped being a debate often, since people with degrees and with some sort of legitimate authority in the deabtes would know more than destiny could reasearch beforehand, so he just ended up discussing things and learning, which isnt great content, and its not a debate.

Dont know how true it is, but it makes sense i guess, since he propably isnt as stubborn when he gets answers that make sense, and not some that just avoids the core questions and arguments he makes.

Yeah, after the debate Destiny went around saying fake shit like Sargon supports communism and that he wants to bomb Mexico, what a loser!

i doubt it. its not like he magically sped up how he talked recently to give himself more credibility. he has always been like this. some people just talk fast.


Funny you bring that point, since Shkreli was actually wrong on that. Destiny just said he won't contest it, since he assumes Shkreli knows more on the subject than him, which is a completely reasonable statement to make.

Found the tier 5 destiny sub

Does Destiny just read random wikipedia article every single day, then just argues based on that article trying to break out as some sort of Twitch intellectual by picking a argument with someone who has next to zero knowledge about the subject?

Wait reading about lead for 3 hours is not entertaining content?

Because they can't come anywhere close to his IQ levels, which are well above 700.

I watched him in early starcraft days like 8 years ago and he always talked fast like this, it's not because he is debating

Well he got beaten by Shkreli so that may not be the best example.

Most of that was just a discussion with Destiny asking questions about subjects he assumes Shkreli knows a lot about.

The only debate part was on Trump, but I won't even go into that because I know most people who already like/dislike Trump have their mind set on how that went.

The rest was just them discussing different topics.

Also Shkreli himself said he thinks Destiny is intelligent and would like to make these talks a regular thing.

That answer would probably be easier to google instead of asking it here, because asking it here obviously harms his reputation at the very least

From your posts on /sub/destiny I cant tell if you're trolling or an idiot but ill go with idiot.

cringe btw

The Twitch community is weird.

14-year olds donating money to some guy spouting 2012 tweets. What a time to be alive.

To be fair...

Explain where he claimed to be a socialist.

destiny is entertaining though

Heh, you got (((him))) there dude XD, you should edit in manlet and cuck too, LUL, you're such a rebel, feminists and SJW's are so mad now haHAA.

Wacky analogies are pretty common in any philosophy class my dude. Decontextualised it's pretty weird.

Trump is an extremely persuasive speaker

if you have brain damage maybe

Most of the Twitch audience isn't 14 year olds, it's 18-26 year olds or so at this point.

Which is also the case for Destiny's fan base, if self-reported demographics mean anything(aka unless you think all the 14 year olds lied about being in their 20s, but that's pretty unrealistic if you actually know anything about his community)

He's had multiple debates with well renowned figures of the alt right and held his own pretty well, even in a 3v1. Why don't you debate him PICKLE RICK, obviously you have a genius IQ

Intelligence and formal education are not the same thing. You can be intelligent but not have gone to advanced schooling.

nobody used it to demean gay people.

you're either very young, or very naive (or both) if you believe this. many people (not you) still have hate in their hearts for gay people.

Wow destiny really got destroyed in this debate.

try getting some better bait next time


Climbing in the preseason


He sounded like shaggy at the end lmao

This time he was talking to a philosophy undergrad and trying to learn. The context of this clip isn't him trying to prove a point, it's him using examples to concretize a concept so he could make sure he understood it.

He's a pseudo intellectual yeah

Alt account on reddit? LUL grow some balls FailFish


Destiny, man; I used to think he was pretty clever, up until he started this debate thing. That removed all doubt. I don't know who talked him into these things, but he's not suited to them; I mean, do podcasts, have discussions whatever, but no debates.

He doesn't have the mind for it, his mouth is always a mile ahead of his brain, and his autism/psychosis is starting to show pretty hard.

You can always spot the ice fan without even looking at their post history

"Is Neil Patrick Harris the guy that chained up children in his basement and raped them for months?"

"LUL butthurt nph fan cult members don't like that question being asked"

In contrast to the beacons of intelligence you find in this sub.