Destiny 2 is now Xbox One X Enhanced! 4k & HDR

Destiny 2 is now Xbox One X Enhanced! 4k & HDR

Excited to see how different it looks!

Same! Just got my 4k monitor recently, excited to see the difference!

I'm pleasantly surprised they made the Xbox One X version better than the PS4 Pro version. Didn't think Bungie would do that due to the whole PlayStation marketing deal.

Can't wait to see this game in HDR!!

Excited to see how much better the game looks. Battlefront 2 is really the only game I have played extensively in 4k.. I loaded it up on my S in the other room and thought it looked like shit lol

God it looks good, so much clearer, can't wait for the DF comparison with the S and the X :)

have to say the 4k update looks crazy good !!

I think it's all rolled into one. I only had to download a 6gb update.

A lot of multiplatform games (see Wolfenstein 2, Call of Duty WW2, AC Origins, Titanfall 2) are using dynamic scaling, allowing those games to run at higher resolutions on Xbox One X. Glad developers aren't limiting the Xbox One X's power. Digital Foundry has usually found PS4 Pro sticking around 1440p and Xbox One X around 4K.

wow...destiny looks incredible in 4k....


Yes except it is hard (impossible?) to find a 4K HDR TV in the range of 27-32". Even under 50" you will sacrifice quality.

But how big was the download?

Me too! Can't wait to spend 5 minutes for a quick look at the visuals, and then turn off the game again forever!

Yes its HDR now just played the first level of Curse.

Which monitor?

i recommend playing gears 4, its worth a play-through for the graphics alone.

We need good HDR monitors!

That’s not 4k assets. That’s just bumping the resolution.

No it's not. The 4k update came with the Osiris dlc today. It looks spectacular.


I'm sure I'd have a different opinion if i played it at 60, but it feels fine to me at 30, so it doesn't bother me.

A PvP map.

It does. It's a night and day difference on my 65" 4k tv. It's disturbing that people can't tell the difference.


And just like that, Xbox is the place to play Destiny 2.

Who says it has 4K assets

6GB is just the Curse of Osiris update. I want to know how big is the update is for the 4K HDR assets.

Still not buying it because of console exclusive items missing from Xbox