Desert Map Unveiling Megathread

Desert Map Unveiling Megathread
Desert Map Unveiling Megathread

Today marks the unveiling of the new desert map, Miramar, coming to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. Please use this thread to centralize discussion on the new map live stream reveal.


Official post on the new map

You can find where to watch here and tune in at 8:30PM EST, or use this post to find out exactly when it goes live for you

Edit: The reveal has been shown! PC launch is December 20th, 2017!

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This European dude high asf on coke LMAO

That live action trailer needed someone yelling in the plane and CHINA NUMBER1!!!!!

Would be awesome if they had a new ghille suit like the one from MW2!

People wanna complain but Death Stranding looks cool as shit. I would have never seen it if not for them placing PUBG most likely last.

Really hoping they announce when the map will arrive on test servers, and hopefully a release date for 1.0!

Best part until the map is shown

Is the actual map gameplay occurring when this goes live, or will there be several presentations leading up to it?

50v50 mode just released for Fortnite. Take notice PUBG

Hopefully they will release the new map on the test server right away.

And hopefully this will be more than a short 1 minute trailer... HYYYYYYPE

Waiting for the map, but fuck the Oscars!

"this award requires a micro transaction to unlock....... it's kinda stupid" truer words haven't been spoken on this show.

Has there been any mention of it being at the start of the stream? From the looks of it it just seems like a part of the stream, not necessarily at the start - might have a few hours of pre-game before we actually see anything.

if this is a trailer we riot

This dude is going crazy on stage. My goodness.


My first thought. Dude is jacked up.

next test server will be the new map. Hopefully next week.

60 30 seconds of gameplay CGI followed by a few seconds of talking with Brendan Greene a snapchat from Brendan Greene


... I'm actually going to download just for that.

I'm really hoping that when you shoot the slot machines they make casino noises and coins fall out.

Cocaine is a powerful drug.

would be so dope if at the end they went "and the test servers are live, right now!"



This dude is fucked up right now lmao

wtf is all this shit? Guess i'll wait till tomorrow to see a recap.

That looks sick!

Can you imagine the shitstorm that this subreddit would be in if it were only a 30 second clip?

Edit: Okay, it was like 2 minutes, and only 30 seconds were from the desert map. I mean, the rest of the video was cool, but ffs Bluehole.

EDIT 2: Return of the Edit- The desert map will be available on the test servers as soon as the game awards are over! :D Nevermind Bluehole, you guys are alright.

"we've got a lot more from the Game Awards Orchestra tonight"

For fucks sake

This show is super cringey. the new map better go live tonight and be amazing to be worth this torture


Official release is 12/20


Test servers up tonight in about 3 4 hours from this comment!

You can sit/shoot out of the back of the truck!

0:42 of the trailer when it first switches to the desert looks like a sandstorm.

Maybe a few cowboy-ish clothes like western boots and jackets

probably gonna cuck us with presentations

people expecting a full gameplay session on the vga premier LuL


Judging by the show so far it will be 60 seconds of gameplay followed by a few seconds of talking with Brendan Greene,

I mean... It's not like game awards is specifically a PuBG thing. It is a shame we couldn't have gotten some kind of schedule or idea of when it was going on though.

Synyster Gates was neat, always fun seeing the guitar I spent too much on

Lmao this coked up Italian guy

Would be a great easter egg, and great position giver-awayer

i'm not digging this honeydicking, but that Death Stranding trailer was pretty sick

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Hype for Miramar

"Guy shooting west by the giant cheesecake."

I feel like it took 5 dudes to drag that guy off stage while his trailer rolled

This is going to cause a lot of people to get sand in their vaginas.

they arent stalling, it is not a PUBG show

My hopes are up way too high for test server tonight. Have alcohol so ready to drown my disappointments if necessary xD

Wait half off 99.99 isn’t 59.99...

asking the real question

fuck the oscars you know. :(