Desert Colors

Desert Colors

This is a wallpaper that comes with the Google Launcher for Android.


Edit: apparently I'm hilarious

Without colour 'correction'

While I agree that OP's photo is way oversaturated, I wouldn't say this is any better – it's desaturated below what is actually realistic.

Literally laughed out loud.

Here is the source of this image. Credit to the photographer, Inge Johnsson, who took this on March 5, 2015 and provided the following caption:

Big Bend Evening

Big Bend National Park in the U.S. state of Texas has national significance as the largest protected area of Chihuahuan Desert topography and ecology in the United States. It contains more than 1,200 species of plants, more than 450 species of birds, 56 species of reptiles, and 75 species of mammals. The national park covers 801,163 acres. A variety of Cretaceous and Cenozoic fossil organisms exist in abundance, and the park has artifacts estimated to be 9,000 years old. Historic buildings and landscapes offer graphic illustration of life along the international border in the 19th century. For more than 1,000 miles, the Rio Grande/Río Bravo forms the international boundary between Mexico and the United States, and Big Bend National Park administers approximately 118 miles along that boundary. The park was named after the area, which is bounded by a large bend in the river and Texas-Mexico border.

Here it is on Google Maps.

Yeah, I live in Utah and I see more scenes like the one OP posted than the one in the comments.

Like bruh, this has been my wallpaper since May 2017. You can't fool me.


Wow what a beautiful picture. You're an amazing photogra... reposter.

Karma ho

I live in Arizona and OP's picture is certainly more realistic than this. Deserts are actually quite beautiful and have plenty of color and life you just need to know where to look. Especially in places like these you'll see loads of contrast between the green of plants, blue of water, and the color of the rocks. Plus the sunsets are gorgeous.

Chat disabled for 3 seconds.

Big Bend National Park, though possibly on the Mexican side (Maderas del Carmen). Whole area is on my figurative bucket list.

It's downtown LA digitally altered. Obviously.

Still pretty nonetheless

I was just about to say thanks for the new desktop background... but your comment leaves me confused about what to do. On one hand it is quite literally a background/wallpaper, but on the other hand, there's no need for me to bring up /u/Simmo5150's sexual orientation.


We get it Anakin, you hate sand.

No problem

So did I hit the golden mean?

Garfield hates Mondays.

Stop with the reposts please

This is bullshit cynicism.

Go drive to the desert. Be there for sunrise. It really does get fantastically purple and orange. Sunset often does too.

You can tell the sun is just at the horizon by the color banding on the far cliffs, by the way.

OP's photo is a little saturated but is actually quite realistic to what you will remember seeing.

Yours is wrong. The desert simply does not look like that at sunrise or sunset with that weather. It may look drab when the sun is fully up, or heavily overcast, but not when OP took the photo.

If you've never been, guys, and you think this guy's callout is fair - seriously, go. Utah is gorgeous. Nevada. Arizona. New Mexico. Southern California. Texas. Etc. All very accessible. See the amazing views and don't be cynical.

(OP being the original photographer; the original poster is reposting).

I probably have a dozen desert photos similarly colorful and I guarantee they look very close to how the eye saw the scenes at the time.

What year do you think it is?

That appears to be way undersaturated. Almost like they took an AdobeRGB image and displayed it as sRGB without remapping.

This image is just wow, can I ask the name of the place?

Yes, it's a real place.  However, someone didn't treat the colors properly when editing it, so the cast is wrong and the colors are overdone.  This is what it really looks like.

Arizona Texas really is beautiful, though.

Yes, it's a real place. However, someone didn't treat the colors properly when editing it, so the cast is wrong and the colors are overdone. .

Arizona Texas really is beautiful, though.

Yeah your picture is even more disingenuous than OPs.

I went in April. Check the calendar and try and go with no moon and see if there's an meteor showers happening. It's life changing.

I mean, that depends on how many peyote buttons you‘ve eaten...

By that logic, even unedited, those arent desert colors. They're camera colors.

Which is the point of using Photoshop to make it more actual to what was viewed by the photographer with their eyes. While this example is over saturated the underlying principal is the same.

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Wtf kinda question? Its 2018 years eve alcohol doesnt drink itself.

Photograph is about trying to reproduce what you saw, not only physically, but also emotionally. OP's picture looks great, not even getting all into the oversaturated territory.

Depending on the light, these colors definitely are in the desert. Arizona native here...

Some people like it so who cares


I don't know. Being a desert resident, any photo one takes never captures the richness of the colors we see. Especially the sunsets. This picture feels realistic, as opposed to an unedited photo were it seems washed out.

Lived in Arizona ~25 years. This photo is too undersaturated. OP's is too oversaturated. Yes you have to adjust the raw photo to make it more realistic, but this looks like it's slightly carried away.

In the default wallpapers of a stock Android phone...

try Arizona....

Take a photography class where you develop film in a dark room. It'll change your philosophy on what is "fake".

I hope one day you get a chance to see desert sunsets, it looks way closer to the OP than this bland and overly desaturated butchery. The greens are unrealistic in low light but the rest isn't that far off some nights.

Here it is on Google Maps.

Love how on 3D view river flows on the side of the mountain :-)


So I found a new background image...

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Yeah - I'm studying Conservation Biology and Ecology and we were having a discussion on the impacts of the wall. It's actually horrible for wildlife and biologists are horrified. Jeff Corwin actually spoke out against the wall from a purely ecological standpoint.

So, what can you do? The key law in the US that has established a precedent for the US is NEPA (national environmental policy act). Because of this law, the government MUST tell citizens what it’s going to do to the environment and examine the potential impacts in the light of day- known as an environmental impact assessment (EIA) AND then publish an environmental impact statement (EIS). There is a period called scoping in which citizens can suggest that the government look into specific environmental implications (e.g. how would the bright lights on top of the wall impact migratory hawks?) and the government MUST respond. If the government does not respond, or if they respond and simply say no without giving a reason, you have legal recourse (i.e. you can sue the government. God bless America). There is public input at every stage. After the EIA (with public input) has been conducted, then there's a draft EIS with public input. Then, a final EIS will be released. After the EIS is released, a final decision will be made (such as, should we build the wall?) and this decision includes public input.

Where can you contribute?

Watch the federal and state registers.

The EIA listing will be found in the federal register with a trigger for public comment.

That's more realistic.

/sub/shittyhdr and a repost. Woohoo

I literally pasted one at fifty percent transparency on top of the other one.

Results aside, it was shit work I did.

It is a pic, though.

High Desert Range, or HDR

Saturation bend.

Same. Arizona absolutely has these colors, and at the right like or early time in the morning it can look similarly bright and beautiful.

But did someone originally take this picture? I mean, is this a real place? Or digitally-altered and edited within an inch of its life?

Make it your background if you like the view. Be reminded of the bundle of sticks that is the OP.

The desert most certainly has these colors and all at once.

I mainly work in video, but it's standard practice to shoot 'flat' so that you can have more control over colours later in the edit.

every time

Too bad its not natural and OPs is closer to reality

The dessert and the sky in AZ is more beautiful than anywhere else I've been. Even the storms are amazing. Nature really is unreal sometimes.

No it's my house, that cactus is really my cat.

I'm Canadian and Utah is my favorite state. Just stunning natural beauty.

Hate to be a dick, but color correction could actually give you more natural colours, the sensor from the camera doesn't resolve colour like your eye does, but then again, everyone's eyes are different, I do colour correction for movies, and one of my eyes has a different colour value than the other (one of my eyes sees things warmer than the other). Just and FYI!

Yes that's my point. The OP while slightly over saturated is much much closer to what youd see with your bare eyes.

Dodge and burn, baby!