Depotted and organized my KVD Saint and Sinner palette :)

Depotted and organized my KVD Saint and Sinner palette :)

wtf i love this palette now?

lol seriously though. i didn't realize how comprehensive of a rainbow the colors made. i actually like mixed up palette layouts because i think it makes you more creative with color combos, but i definitely didn't appreciate the shade range when i saw pictures of it before.

I didn't want to buy this palette mostly because of how it is arranged. If they had laid it out more like how you have it would have been more tempting for me.

I know that it's supposed to be arranged to "mimic stained glass" but I hate the way the palette is arranged and it's the ENTIRE reason why I haven't wanted it. I can't imagine destroying the beautiful packaging just to fix the order, but I'm so glad you did. It's so pleasing to look at when you can really tell what all you're getting. Now I low key want it. Haha!

I really like the way your have arranged the depots! Makes me look at the palette in a whole new way :-)

I find it so interesting when people say that this palette layout makes no sense to them!

When I look at the palette I see four mini palettes that work really well with each other.

Not sure what other people are seeing :-)

pics of what I’m talking about

Yeah, in the packaging I had no idea what to do with it!! And it was impossible to travel with. Now I feel like I have 2 palettes: one neutral, and another rainbow so it's like the best of both worlds :)

This actually helps the palette make a lot more sense to me, so thank you! I was getting hung up on the general look of the palette and its size and didn't really like it. But I'm actually really intrigued by seeing it as four little individual palettes that I would like individually packaged as one.

my dream is to depot saint and sinner, mi vida loca and metal matte into one huge z palette. how easy was this to do?

I was at first so hesitant for the same reason but once I got it and organized the swatches I was happy. I'm glad I pulled the trigger on this one because I missed out on her other rainbow palette (mi vida loca) and regretted it so bad.

It was supposed to mimic stained glass? I just thought it looked like a coffin 😂

This is exactly how I feel about it right now.

I love the look of the packaging- I freely admit the over the top gothy gloriousness, combined with Christine/Temptalia’s utterly gorgeous purple eye look, was what parted me and my money.

It is a really, really nice palette for the price. And looks extremely cool (in my particular world, where I have a taxidermy bat on my counter too) but the layout sucks. And the mirrors are just useless.

There are SO few duds in terms of formula in this palette. Highly recommend! It is surprisingly versatile too- it’s not like some where you end up pulling it out and making the same damn look every. Single. Time. Lots of variety of finish, color, etc but there are enough colors in each family to pull off a lot of different things without pulling other colors in from other palettes.

Basically, don’t let the apparent jumble of color turn you off. It is a lot more interesting in person! (I even like the acid green which I didn’t think I would at all).

The only other thing I would say is that Juvia’s Place Saharan palette has a TON of dupes of this palette. More than you’d think. If you have that one, like 7 colors will be redundant. (I posted this before but here it is):

Vestment= Kia






I swatched the KVD Sinner side on the left (in order, top to bottom L to R) and applied a Juvia’s dupe next to on the right, if there was one. ETA- sorry, rushed this. Missed two on the Saint side:

Sacred Heart=Zoya


Now this is what I come to this sub for 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

I like it better in the packaging

Top row (left to right): Cathedral Heaven Absolution Baptism Amen Martyr Revelation Chalice Ashes Sanctuary Crucifix Sabbath

Bottom row (left to right): Stigmata Devil Relic Exodus Immaculate Vestment Ministry Exorcism Worship Rosary Rapture Sacred heart

I’d definitely fuck this up

Omgggg I'm so sad I missed out on mi vida loca. It was actually really easy to do this and you can do it heat free.

Get as much cardboard packaging off as you can Use something very thin (I used the blade on a mini pair of tweezerman scissors) to sneak it between the side of the pan and the plastic tray Slowly and carefully push the pan up from the edge (you should feel the adhesive giving) and pop it out

**if you use a straighter it will warm the adhesive and make it easier to pop them out but it isn't necessary. However, the plastic is way too strong to use a similar method (like melting and poking from bottom) that you would use for something like an UD single.

And this has further solidified my decision not to get this palette, because the rainbow colours look so similar to Mi Vida Loca (which I have)!

It looks like a Catholic tabernacle to me!

I wonder if there's a way to Depot the shadows while salvaging the packaging and making it magnetic? (Like the Kylie peach Palette or the ABH glow kits) then you could rearrange the pans AND keep the artistic packaging. I've never tried deporting so I'm not familiar with how much cardboard carnage is usually involved

I think people just like to see similar colors together for the purpose of blending. I had a problem with the packaging only because I like to stay in my comfort zone and rarely put a red and green together etc. but I'm happy that you were able to make sense of it!!!

Dude what the heck it looks great like this

Oh, wow. I'd actually want it if it came like that

This is what coffins are shaped like... 😳

is what coffins are shaped like... 😳

You all are serious about depotting on this sub!! I want to try it soon.