[Demolition-D] What's the deal with Me!Me!Me!?

[Demolition-D] What's the deal with Me!Me!Me!?

I wish more people would look up the lyrics translation before analyzing the music video.

It makes so much more sense.


I love how this video is about as long as ME!ME!ME! itself. Interesting analysis

I agree with Demo that's it a really nice and unconventional way of sending a message. The imagery and music (and looping) worked together really well to convey the idea of being trapped in one's own head. He also went into a good analysis of what the video is actually trying to say without going overboard.

It's just too bad that the sexual imagery makes it kinda hard to suggest this to most people. They'd likely get turned off by it and dismissing it as more trash before letting it have its chance to say something.

But it's not like it can really do without the ecchiness, since that's part of the point, so...

I agree. We should spend the next 15 years developing theories, uncovering hidden meanings, and finding what it symbolizes.

At least for me, translation of lyrics didn't really unveil anything new - the visual message is pretty much self explanatory.

dunno is it me being extra good at uncovering hidden meanings and sensitive or am I extra dense and just take the front message at face value.

We all are afraid to loose those, that are dear to us. When it inevitably happens we blame them, then our surroundings, finally ourselves and what's within us. We wonder what could've been done better, we obsess over moments where we think we screwed up, when we could do better. It eats us inside-out. In the end though, it is exercise in futility: unless we move on we're stuck in endless loop of guilt-tripping.

In that way, the message is pretty much universal. I never suffered heartbreak personally, but I've seen it enough in media, read enough in books to put together semi-coherent picture :)

Aaand I fucked the title and put a dash between demolition and D.

This one is in a weird place.

On the one hand, it clearly does have a message with its overuse of symbolism, artistic decisions (such as the video looping), and interesting subject matter.

On the other hand, being mired in breasts, ass, and lots of visible skin (ecchi but for most people, "porn"), the vast majority of people would and probably do easily dismiss this short as nothing but "more anime crap."

I agree with Demo that the message is there even if it is trying to shove it down your throat. No one can deny that the video is erotic or arousing, but those elements are placed throughout in order to invoke and establish that message as best as it can.

His joke about people not watching because they have no taste (and the following gif is one of my favorites) was hilarious, and sadly true. It's something that anime viewers like us can appreciate, filmography students can dissect, but little in between. Until the stigma against anime can be broken down further.

(And yea, she is definitely vomiting back up the cum she "received" from him during their relationship!)

Very interesting analysis from Demo. I feel like the presentation of the female form in the video was kinda glossed over, though. Most of what I see people talking about this video is kind've ignoring the nudity as smut, or using it as a representation of smut to criticize it.

My own thoughts about this (specifically on the presentation of the female form):

The beginning is essentially bait. People watching these videos for the first time often see kinky/cutesy/sexy/whatever videos of dancing girls. It's usual and so starting off the video this way puts the viewer at ease. It's what he/she expected. There's some great imagery here with the use of the "cliche" blue and white striped panties for the thongs on the girls and as the triangle image. Everything's bright colors, upbeat music and erotic dancing girls. I thought the morphing of the heart into a thong was delightfully twisted.

It's exactly what the otaku came to watch.

Then we get into the second piece of the video. Everything goes red and black. The music gets foreboding. There's a transformation from the girls in skimpy underwear to wearing nothing except some jewelry. Sexuality here is explicit and primal. 'This is what you really want, you filthy piece of shit', is the impression I'm getting. It's like the video is slapping the viewer in the face, shouting at them that they aren't really here to watch cute girls doing cute things. They're here to pop a squat and rub one out, let's be honest.

The sexuality of this segment is so overbearing as to seem borderline disgusting. Everything is threatening. Then they even have the squirting thing, which I thought really drove the point home:

Otaku, especially the obsessive ones who live their lives around anime, have heavily sexualized anime, but in a peculiar way. Cute girls doing cute things is less about having a fun time and relaxing, but more fap material. The video is dispensing with the illusions of innocence and cuteness that anime maintains. It is fully disinterested in letting you lie about why you do this, about why you watch this shit.

Edit: Forgot to stick in here one of my biggest thoughts on this segment: Women are presented in a way that implies that the main character/viewer/take your pick is afraid of them. They are threatening, powerful and don't give a fuck about you and what you want. Rather than reflect what you want from your anime, I feel like this is targeted at the otaku who have difficulty starting and maintaining relationships with women. To them, women, especially women in a sexual situation, can be absolutely horrifying.

After this point, there's that transition scene where the girl hops out of the TV and the music gets more thoughtful. It's heavy in a different way, and the presentation of women changes along with it. It's all heavily esoteric and weird now. I feel like there isn't some "correct" way of trying to see what they're doing here. The artistic deconstruction of the female form doesn't really seem to have a point, but is rather shifting you out of viewing its presentation as a purely sexual object.

It's here that we start getting into the heavier themes of the video, like demo said, with the main characters regrets and all that. I won't get into that.

I'm not sure how to interpret the grotesque "final form" of the main antagonist or the portrayal of women in the second half. Much of it is more of the same, and some seems arbitrary (like the bouncing, shooting titties).

Once he transforms and starts fighting, like demo said, it's pretty much more of the same themes.

Overall, I'm much more enthralled by the first half of the flick. Specifically before he shouts and transforms. I dunno. The second half really doesn't do it for me the way the first half does. It doesn't introduce new ideas and the music feels less inspired. The imagery and presentation of the central visual aspect of the film, that of the female body, is just not as interesting in the second half.

Anyway, that's my two cents. It's just an interpretation and nobody asked for it, but I felt like sharing my thoughts.

EDIT: The final battle looks disturbingly like a concert hall, where the main antagonist is the "idol". I feel like that's a jab at the idol obsession that we see so often among anime fans. Instead of glamour and cuteness, we get a dark and fleshy concert hall with fucking weird shit going on. They probably stuck that in there to poke at fans of Love Live and similar shows.

I'd like to be able to suggest it to people on the premise that it's art (which I genuinely do think it is) or that it's "tasteful" nudity, but I'm not delusional enough to call that first half "tasteful."

Hadn't seen this before, thanks for sharing it.

In the context of the short, it most certainly does.

If you take what happened as being "fact," that he and his presumed girlfriend broke up for whatever reason, then the only thing she was "left with" from him were two things: a broken heart and a stomach-full of semen.

She could only give one of those two back to him.

ha, haha, shoving it down your throat

i'm sorry

I think a distinction has to be made though. If you're watching things for their artistic value, which is how I watch anime, you have to be able to tell the difference between titillation and meaningful nudity. In the case of ME!ME!ME! it serves a purpose in the story and actually works as a valuable element. In other shows, such as God knows how many harems, the nudity is just there to be there, and it feels like it's in the way.

Nudity is not bad. Meaningless nudity is.

I liked the idea that her vomit/drool is her sexual desire. But that goes with a whole 'nother interpretation.

And then it gets into the can of worms argument of why nudity is an issue. I honestly have gotten past it being a serious thing a long time ago. Like Elfen Lied was my first anime I actually remember having opinions on, and that was actual anime, and I was like 14 so it was all BOOBIES AND SHES NAKED AND SHIT AND BOOBS. And now, well yeah, I've said my thoughts on it just now.

I had to upvote your post for visibility then ;p, you filthy cazuaal, l2reddit pl0x.

Just a bit off topic but Damn I loved the music, especially the second half. Where can I get more?

There was another analysis that i really liked in his YouTube comment section so i'm gonna post it here! Creds goes to CombatDurable!!!

The video is not really a critic of the otaku lifestyle, even though it's linked. It's a critic of oversexualization in media. Syuchan (the hero) has a wall between his sexual fantasies and his sex life in real life created by the overabundance of sex in said media. At the opposite, Hanachan (the girl) tries to be as sexy as possible to please Syuchan because it's how she is told by the media, but it makes Syuchan uncomfortable because of this wall, which eventually leads to the break-up. It causes HANA Transformation (the slutty side of Hanachan with the mask and the ponytail) to become a true persona and not only a mean to satisfy Syuchan. Syuchan regrets the break-up, tries to save Hanachan, but ends up being manipulated by HANA and his lust, both hurting him immensely. Now, if you want to know how I came to this conclusion, here is the full analysis :

First, the different names, Syuchan, Hanachan, HANA Transformation, The Final Transformed Style (Hanachan's slutty side, with or without mask) and the memes Mass Production (the blue-haired girls) are all official names given on the official website. It clearly implies two things, that HANA is an evolution of Hanachan and not a distinct girl whom Syuchan cheated with for example, and that the blue-haired girls are likely idols or some kind of ideal girl created by media. Second, it's important to note that the original video is endlessly repeated (the first and the last frame are the same). So, the story repeats itself as well.

When the video begins, Syuchan is clearly depressed, because of his recent break-up with Hanachan if it's the first time this story occurs, but not only if it's one of the other times. The poster on his wall with the memes clearly shows that they're an object of his fantasies. They symbolize both his lust and the implemented idea of ideal women he received from the media. We're talking about girls he never met and he will never meet in real life, so in his mind there is a clear distinction between their sexual aspect and the sexual aspect of someone he knows. Moving on. At this point, the mental image begins and we're not in reality anymore. He see the memes through the screen of his tablet. It enables an identification of the viewer, since he also watches a video, and it could imply that Syuchan is basically watching porn on it. His stupid smile despite his previous depressed state could also imply that he is just masturbating, he feels good but he is not really an intelligent being anymore. However, as the scene with the memes goes on and becomes more extreme, HANA appears and observes him in the back. Since she is his ex-girlfriend, it's normal he ends thinking about her if he faps, though her appearance is strange at that moment. At the end, she comes closer and closer and crushes him between her breasts. The sound made by the blood spurting could also be similar to the one an ejaculation makes. It's a painful ejaculation, filled with regrets. Just before, there was a brief flash where we saw Syuchan and Hanachan as a couple, which makes it even more painful for him. After that, HANA invades his reality, terrifying Syuchan. That's important, he is really attracted by the girls with blue hair who are not part of his reality, but the sexual side of his ex-girlfriend scares him. The figurines of Evangelion come to life (important, we'll see that later), then HANA removes her mask and spit into Syuchan's mouth what looks like genital fluids. It could be semen, since the last pose of HANA suggested a blowjob. In all cases, HANA seem to almost poison him, which is almost the case since Syuchan is obsessed by her. Then, the next scene begins. This scene is very important, because it shows the different layers Hanachan is made of. First, we see her normal appearance (Hanachan), then the camera goes inside her skull. We first see HANA and Syuchan lost on her body, then Hanachan crying BEFORE the break-up, which will occur a few seconds later. That means that Hanachan created a slutty persona (HANA) in order to please Syuchan, this persona being put before her true self. However, Syuchan seems lost in the sense that he doesn 't know what he is doing here, he doesn't know how to react in this situation. To Hanachan, he seems unhappy. Look at how HANA is displayed in an exagerated sexual way. Because Syuchan is unhappy, Hanachan tried to make him happy by doing what she was told by the media : becoming even more sexy and slutty. But deep inside her, she is crying because she doesn't know what to do to please Syuchan and is sad of failing at it and having to become someone she isn't. The three frames with the breasts, the eye and the memes are a bit strange but it could mean exactly that : there are breasts displayed on screen, Hanachan see them, and concludes that she has to become like the memes that Syuchan likes, even though they attract him sexually but are not what he seeks in a relationship. Then there is a switch on Syuchan's point of view, the picture of him and Hanachan remplacing the memes, showing that it is what he truly wanted. Then, he sees himsef breaking-up with Hanachan, presumably because of the way she acted, in a sexual way that was too much for him. That's only with an external point of view (when he see the whole situation as it is) that he realizes the true nature of Hanachan, the gentle girl she has always been, hidden by this slutty behaviour coming from the media. At that point, there is a clear distinction between Hanachan and HANA, which didn't exist until now in past events. HANA is shown as bestial (naked, eating the guts of Syuchan) and filled with hatred for Syuchan. Since she doesn't understand why she has been rejected, especially since she did exactly what was supposed to make Syuchan happy, she feels hate for him and want to hurt him and use him for revenge, which is pretty clear when we see how HANA devours his lower body. On the other side, we can see that a part of Hanachan still loves him and forgives him, when we see her gentle behaviour and how she kisses him. This makes Syuchan realize her true nature. However, the scene where Hanachan changes into HANA Transformation implies that the time before Hanachan totally disappears is limited. Also, it's important to notice that the mask of HANA (the four eyes showing her two personas by the way) can have a heavy Evangelion influence. Syuchan is an Evangelion fan and HANA devoured his lower body metaphorically speaking, which means that Syuchan contributed to the creation of HANA, who has characteristics owned by Syuchan. That's also why his figurines react to HANA's presence. The next scene ends the mental image of Syuchan. The armor shows that he becomes the knight in shining armour he should have been, and that he takes action. The rest of the scenes is a symbolic way to represent what happened after he left his room. Syuchan is surrounded by the memes, representing his lust, but this time fights it intensively. He also almost catches the hand of Hanachan, meaning that she still exists, even though the flashes showing HANA's face implies that there is not much time left, and that her influence is growing. Hanachan still wishes somewhere to love Syuchan and to be loved, and to forgive him, but another part (HANA) is filled with anger and instead wants to hurt him. The last scene on the ship (which oddly looks like like a vagina) is filled with memes, indicating that Syuchan must have been lured by HANA (slutty Hanachan IRL) and must fight his own lust to act wisely and try to save Hanachan. However, as Hanachan is swallowed by HANA and the picture of the couple disappears, we understand that HANA has totally won. Syuchan, overcome by his sadness and his lust (the memes firing at him) gives up the fight. HANA uses the gentle behaviour of Hanachan to seduce him and devour him, which IRL equals to giving him hopes of having her back (through sex probably) only to dump him afterwards.

Since the video repeats itself, it means that Syuchan is devastated not only by the regrets of having left Hanachan, but also to what she has become because of him, and his rejection. On the other side, Hanachan still exists somewhere and wishes to love Syuchan, to forgive him and to be saved, but each time HANA takes control of her and hurts Syuchan a bit more when he tries to save her.

So yeah. This situation happened because Syuchan has exaggerated fantasies and because Hanachan tried to imitate these fantasies, becoming something even Syuchan didn't want, and was even afraid of. Fantasies dictated by the media.?

My analysis: (maybe easier to adjust times on vimeo?)

1) Emptiness; Numbness; Meaningless Otaku clutter.

0:00 - 0:22

2) Excitement from moderated lust, packaged in superficial allusions to love (pop kawaii culture), viewed as a fantasy -- passively from a distance.

0:23 - 1:08

3) Quick spiral towards uncomfortable carnal lust from a distance; Exciting but darker. Ends with climax breaking fantasy into reality.


4) Post climax self-reflection.


5) Active and then passive fear of actual physical sexual contact in the real world.


6) Spiral back into exciting carnal lust without any genuine care for the objects of lust. In a trance. Avoidance of self-reflection.


7) Memories of love (mixed with hints of lust). Love of another.


8) Reflection on destructiveness of love lost -- genuine empathy, and pain. Passive self-destruction.


9) Reflection on good/creativity of love.


10) Regret over love lost. Loneliness.


11) Self-reflection.


12) Resolve to change.


13) Successful attempts at taking steps towards clearing oneself of carnal lust. Active self-destruction of negative desires.


14) Struggle with new self; Failed attempt to reconnect with love.


15) Heartbreak. Return to carnal lust but without excitement -- instead only pain and discomfort. Lethargy to fighting it.



I think this is one of the few times where the hypersexualization/"fan-service" in an anime video really can't be avoided while still getting the narrative across effectively. It's not arbitrarily inserted into the storyline. It's a pretty crucial part of what's being discussed and demonstrated. It's a relatively well designed and well executed work of art that takes the audience on an uncomfortable journey. Unfortunately, I think because of the hypersexual nature of the video, it's likely to be dismissed by people as just another example of anime being unnecessarily sexually exploitative.

Sure. Why not .

"You are reading too much into it, it's a fun animation".

That's a moot point though, death of an author. The moment piece is experienced by others, the moment others formulate opinions on the piece, the moment anyone starts to feel anything... Author's intent and opinion don't matter. There's as many truths and interpretations as there are viewers and every single one is important and valid.

For some it's just a fun, colorful animation. Good.

For some it's deep piece about loss and regret. Good.

For some, it's yet something else. Good.

Why the fuck did you watch HSOTD then?

I guess this goes for people who say "You are reading too much into it, it's a fun animation".

The lyrics are the icing in the cake. At least for me, that had to look them up.

Oh no, looks like the video was taken down. Lost forever, never to be seen again...

Seriously, how is this copyright infringement

EDIT: Mirror, for you Ctrl-F'ers

Opinions. We all have them.

I want that EDM track at the end. Left me begging for more.

God damn it, I want that whole song from ME!ME!ME! it's pretty nifty.

We already did that for Neon Genesis Evangelion

I kinda agree with Demo. The message is pretty heavy-handed and it's not really that deep (there's nothing wrong with not being super deep).

The guy is an otaku and has ridiculous expectations of reality (his girlfriend) and when she can't live up to his anime fantasies turns away from reality (dumps gf) and chooses to live through anime. He regrets that decision and has internal conflicts about it (the FPS scenes), but ultimately fails to do anything about it (the unsigned-assembled armor on his desk) so the cycle continues.

The over-sexuality is probably just the director being frustrated that fanservice has gotten out of hand to the point that there's pretty much a fanservice arms race.

Literally, she's his former girlfriend.

Figuratively, I'd say it's his troubled past, the part of his life he regrets giving up. It's clear that he feels this way, due to the small snippet we see of the two of them crying/walking away from one another (which contrasts with the happiness we see in some of their pictures together).

Looking at it this way, it's possible to interpret what is going on when she comes out of the screen and vomits into his mouth as his past being "shoved down his throat." In other words, making him accept the fact that he made this choice. It's a choice that is ultimately hard to stomach and makes him question whether what he did was right or wrong.

Well, the only point of HSOTD was guns, tits and explosions. Once you accept how brazenly it flaunts that, it's very enjoyable. I normally hate token fanservice, but something about the way HSOTD overkilled it made it okay for some reason.


There's a difference between the death of an author and "reading too much into it". The death of an author is basically that a work can have meaning and context outside of the author's original.

That's completely different from people who hand-wave any sort of analysis or interpretation as "reading too much into it".