Democrats Win in Landslides All Over Country! [Cenk Uygur 4:24]

Democrats Win in Landslides All Over Country! [Cenk Uygur 4:24]

Not only that, but we actually did do well in many important rural New York counties (like Westchester)

If the eastern half of Niagara County and the Sheriff of Erie County are the only concerns, then I think it's safe to say, "all over the country."

Also, Democrats did fine in Erie Country and Niagara County - especially since Trump did well in that area of the state.

.. how big do you think upstate new york is? that's maybe 1% of the land area of the usa..

How did I not hear about any of this until today? Are there any elections going on in California that I missed?

Okay, that's not my district so I guess I'm good to go until midterms

What are you talking about? Democrats took control of the Erie County Hall for the first time since 2013, a monumental victory, with a Democratic challenger knocking off incumbent Republican.

Democrats also took over several towns that Trump won in Niagara and Erie County.

YAY! I loved seeing Cenk so happy! He said 2018 will be big and that 2020 will be crazy! He said we will take over 43 states in 2020! He loved how Lee Carter would not get help from the DNC and he beat a republican!

Keep an ear to the ground. Democracy allows for our efforts 365 days a year.

All over the country is a massive overstatement. We got completely rolled over in upstate New York.