Democrats Flip a Pennsylvania Seat, Making 41 Since Trump’s Inauguration

Democrats Flip a Pennsylvania Seat, Making 41 Since Trump’s Inauguration

Meanwhile Fox News has on their front page: TRUMP SUPPORTER TRIUMPHS! "Barletta wins Pennsylvania GOP Senate race as House battles roil state." They have decided to run a misleading headline (he only won the Republican nomination to run and you can't tell from the headline that the Democrat won the actual House race) to create a narrative that fits with how they want their viewers to think things are going

Let them think they're winning. Maybe they'll get as complacent as we got in 2016.

Voting works.

Had to go searching for the percentages, looks like Tai won by a 96 vote margin with a 50.4-49.6 win. Romney won 56-43 and Trump 50-47 so not the huge 15+ shift seen in many other races but still better than 2016.

That's why they'll scream about rigged elections. It's fucking tedious, like dealing with a bratty child. Their behavior is perfectly predictable and massively annoying.

I've got a co-worker that thinks the Republicans are rolling the Democrats because of the Fake News that he listens to.

Boy, are they going to be surprised this fall/January.

but but... all the "conservative" "news" sites kept saying all week the blue wave was over.

Apparently, this district has been red for 35 years. Flipping it, regardless of margin, is pretty significant.

Every vote counts.

This. It’s the only silver lining of Clinton’s loss. They still harp on her but could you imagine the flow of whining if she’d won? Rigged elections! Pay-to-play! Corruption!

Yet none of those things matter when Trump actually commits them.

Well this is usually what happens in the midterms after a presidential election. but hopefully their propaganda works super well and we can swing all that gerrymandering

Trump's approval rating goes up a percentage point, and suddenly that means they won.

No, that's nationwide. I think Republicans have flipped 4-6 seats from D to R, but Dems have flipped 41 seats from R to D.

So no, we're winning by a crap ton.

I was going through channels at the gym today and flipped past Fox during Hannity and their banner said "Mueller Witch Hunt Falling Apart."

This was after the story about Manafort's objections being thrown out by the Federal court broke today.

Its stuff like that that sends my brain thinking about Reagan's "Evil Empire" schtick. Shit, we ended up with one or two of those INSIDE the US. They built a wall through the airwaves to separate objective reality from the one they make.

"Yo Murdoch, tear down THIS wall!"

Whatever keeps them sedated.

And having a man of endless negative superlatives in the White House is a powerful motivator. The wave grows.

“When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression."

Many Trump-supporting conservatives remember the "good old days" when they could be sexist, racist, etc. without repercussions because they were the overwhelming majority and they want to go back to the way things were. At the same time, they see the changing demographic in the US; the younger generations are more diverse, women and minorities are gaining a voice and finally becoming truly equal, and more religions than just Christianity are represented. They perceive this as their way of life being taken away and them being "oppressed". You can't just assume everyone is Christian and post the ten commandments and pray in school, so they are "under attack". Acknowledging that other religions exist and not everyone celebrates Christmas is somehow a personal attack against them. They're "losing their freedom" of speech because they used to be able to rant about minorities and now when they do that they are told that it's offensive. Men used to be able to hit on women at work but now it's sexual harassment. So, basically to them it's a zero sum game and they perceive a more egalitarian society as a loss to them. Because, in a way it is - they have to give up their "privileged" status and have to acknowledge that they are sharing the country with other people that are different from themselves (different races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, etc).

I think that's pretty much the main source of the conservative "true American majority that is also somehow an oppressed minority" paradox

For comparison, how many have flipped the other way?

This is a State House seat, not US Congress.

That doesn't mean your question isn't relevant, but this result doesn't change anything at the Federal level.

Scroll down to the D -> R and R - > D tabs.

I’m taking this so seriously that I’m checking out every single race and some I usually just pencil-whip or pick based on the occupation. Tonight when I was filling out my ballot I was checking for races like Assessor and school superintendent.

As a Golden State Warriors fan, I can make an analogy to basketball here. This is very similar to the Warriors losing the Finals to LeBron. It hurt at the time, but without the loss, we never would have gotten KD.

Now we got KD and we’re vying for greatness as one of the best teams of all time. If we can flip the house and senate and put a Democrat in the White House in 2020, we can hopefully repeal all the dumb shit Trump has done and actually make America great again.

And then Clinton went ahead and got millions more votes anyway. I am no Clinton fan but she won the nomination fair and square.

45 will be the magic number. I can to see orange tan on the walls when his mind explodes.

Uninspiring? She was the most qualified, experienced candidate in history who would have made an excellent President. Instead we got an actual dictator who is destroying the country.

Anyone stupid enough not to vote for Clinton because they viewed her as "uninspiring" is just as guilty as the moron Trump cult for getting us in this mess.

Ironic how the Republicans went "Tear down this wall!" to "We have to build a wall!".

1) Always? 2) The civil war? 3) Nixon sabotages peace talks to win an election, later illegally wiretaps the DNC? 4) Newt Gingrich declares party over country, tells Republican reps to go home and not live in Washington (where they'd have hung out with Democrat reps and made friends) etc. 5) Clintons are buried in an endless stream of investigations over alleged financial dealings with no evidence until Ken Starr finally finds something completely else to pin on Bill Clinton - a blowjob. 6) Mitch McConnell declares his goal to make Obama a one-term president, blocks supreme court nomination


Wow, I never really thought about how qualified she really is...

Experience in the private sector as a lawyer Board Director of Jimmy Carter's "Legal Services Corporation" Board Director at Walmart First lady of Arkansas First lady of the United States New York Senator (during 9/11) Secretary of state

I mean... she may be the most qualified candidate since the founding fathers. I would love to hear if there is someone equally or more qualified, yet I fear I am only going to get a barrage of troll attacks..

Edit: Her Wikipedia page is basically a novel.

And they let their bitterness get in the way and as a result, the Orange Anti-Christ won the election instead.

Bernie would have had a heck of a lot more power had Clinton won than he does now. I get being mad about what they perceived as unfair, but voting against Clinton was still cutting off their nose to spite their face.

It isn’t just Trump it is the corrupt party that supports him and the looting of the country

Whereas normally, a 41% approval rating would be seen as garbage. But it is somehow good to Trump supporters.

You can watch the video where Bernie explains the process of the nomination here, but it was all over pretty much every network during the election cycle.

He endorsed Clinton willingly, and not accepting that's just stirring up malice for no reason.

It's pretty much a Republican propaganda tactic to blame Clinton for everything at this point, how about thinking of something else to seethe over that's moderately productive?

4-6 I think.

Im almost getting sick of all the winning

Where do you get these facts from? Clinton won twice as many open primaries as Sanders did. Sanders did better at caucuses.

Why do you think the Republican propaganda machine has been pressing the blue wave over narrative all week. They're trying to break our spirit.

people being pissed about SJWs are my annoying than SJWs.

I did vote for the municipal elections in my town back in October. Unfortunately, one of the people I rooted for did not make it. But I did vote, and that's what matters.

This worldview has always baffled me as a contradiction. Part of the Trump supporter/republican mythos involves being a part of the finally unsilenced majority, bucking the 'insane overbearing SJWs,' 'political correctness police,' and of course, 'the corrupt leftist politicians.' This election was a referendum on all that, and liberals need to realize that true America has spoken, and true American has rejected all that.

Another part of it is that of an oppressed minority, whose basic rights are being stripped away by the day. They're losing their freedom of speech, their right to bear arms, and their god-given right to their own property, because liberals have brainwashed the masses into being government suckling sycophants.

There may be an explanation that makes these two seemingly disparate views cohere, but it's not obvious to me.

We need 23 seats to flip the House in November.

I run into a lot more people who bitch about PC than I do people who care I use words like bitch

I think there is a distinction between getting the role and what one DOES in the role. She was very active in Bill Clinton's campaigns and she drove big initiatives such as healthcare reform (although it was not successful) while she was the first lady.

I would say the same for Nancy Reagan - she was very active as a first lady.

Edit: I do not support everything she did (war on drugs) but she was certainly active and influential.

Bucks county is pretty suburban rural too

She won the popular vote by millions. The majority of Americans liked her better than Trump.

She’s gotten farther than any woman in history.

Your statement was meant to discredit her but it really demonstrates how much sexism is out there. Clinton paved the way for women in politics.

You think Bill was the only person who helped get himself elected? You don't think Hillary, a sharp political mind and his partner, was involved in the process?

Based on their statements, they often worked on policy together when he was president. These two worked as a duo as much as either worked solo.

stay lean and hungry. let them get fat and complacent. blunami

There was complacency from people who saw Trump as a joke candidate and Hillary as a lock.

Here's Umberto Eco on Ur-Fascism:

The followers must feel besieged. The easiest way to solve the plot is the appeal to xenophobia. But the plot must also come from the inside: Jews are usually the best target because they have the advantage of being at the same time inside and outside.


However, the followers must be convinced that they can overwhelm the enemies. Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.

This includes newly aligned PA districts that will be much more competitive. Hopefully that will give the democrats a few more seats.

When racists and religious fanatics were invited into the GOP in the '60's and they declared war on everyone.

People who couldn’t “bring themselves to vote for Clinton” can fuck off. I hope they enjoy watching out country fall to pieces.

Does anyone know how many more seats we need to flip to gain control of the House?

Well Captain Orange is keeping his promise.

And got more votes than any presidential candidate not named Obama.

So uninspiring.

Let them keep thinking that. Hopefully they'll get complacent. It'll help relief some pressure from the whole "Fire Muller" shtick.

This is a great explanation. Archie Bunkerism has deep roots.

She got the questions from Donna Brazille who is her friend. The other debates she didn’t have that type of relationship nor rapport with the debate organizations.

Not excusing her but “everything” was in not in her favor. That’s rubbish. Fox News anchor ran one of the debates as well and they were not soft or aligned with her.

Ah, I misread the article. I was confused, too, because General Elections are in November and I thought this might just be a special election or something.

Not now it doesn’t. But the more politicians we get at local and state levels now increases the odds but by bit that there might be an amazing candidate that may successfully campaign and rise up to the federal level in the next few election cycles.

Every. Vote. Counts.

Bernie would never have won.

Simple. Some Americans aren't really American in their eyes. They're the unsilenced majority of "real Americans", being oppressed by all the "fake Americans" like liberals, blacks, Hispanics, gays, etc.

We've already seen that a couple of times and the Democrat winner has prevailed.

is this PA alone? or total and that's 4 dem - 6 gop aka we are losing overall?

All true. They'll fucking bitch about something no matter what happens.

It's the paradox of fascism. "We should be in charge because we're smarter and stronger and more popular than everyone else" but also "we're in constant danger of being wiped out by our sneaky, powerful enemies who surround us."

If you actually believe this you'll eventually be swallowing Fox News style propaganda as well.

Grievance is more important to you than facts.

Have fun finding out where that takes you.

But propaganda sure does, huh?

So true.

True America did not vote for that. Trump lost the popular vote by 4 million.