Democrats are unhinged.

Democrats are unhinged.

Mass hysteria caused by the establishment/msm.

I honestly just don’t get the hate for Trump. It’s one election. If u don’t like the outcome, go vote him out in 4 years.

Yep. Sheep doing what their plantation masters are shouting at them from the porch (MSM).

Didn't you hear, he's sending blacks, gays, trannies and anyone else he doesn't like to gulags, he's worse than Hitler

Sheep = democrats


Plantation masters = democrats

So the analogy is spot on.

Lol bail? You can kill a president and be allowed bail?

I've had many, many, MANY arguments with one friend in particular--who works in the LGBTQ media--about this specific point. She keeps bringing up how bad he is for gay rights, how he's against the trans population (ps: most lesbians HATE the trans pop), and how he's like Hitler. I try to ask her in what way he is, since he's the first pro-gay president we've ever had, and she keeps bringing up states rights' issues. When I say those are up to the states (about gay equality, etc.), she says he's anti-gay and states with Republican bases will follow his lead. The trans stuff? She says anyone that wants to serve should be allowed. I reply that they were allowed in the army only 6 months before Trump took office, and besides that, just because someone WANTS to serve their country, not everyone makes it into the army for a number of reasons--psychological and physical ones included. I also argue that most trans people have severe mental problems, and she debates that it's because of society that they have mental problems.

Long story short: I just avoid further discussions with her about these topics because it's just one long, winding argument that leads nowhere except that it's ultimately all of society's faults, and society's the problem.

You act as if critical thinking is a trait common with the alt left...

SO STUPID, the whole country, really, cause like half the country voted for him asshole, so typical of libs, "everyone must think as i do" and lets accept the premise, and everyone chips in for bail, which would be denied, because yo uknow fucking murder of the potus is serious, are you going to stand in for them during execution

Also if you get your information from a source outside the sphere of their control it is immediately discredited.

i.e.: "You're just repeating what some random guy on the internet said."

Um...and you're just repeating what some random guy on the TV said. The disconnect is amazing.

Sadly, most people that hate Trump do so because they have been told to. Their political masters are worried.

Our friends & family have been brainwashed. They were placed into a highly controlled isolation room, traumatized, then fed new programming.

Our friends & family have been brainwashed. They were placed into a , traumatized, then fed new programming.

They can't even tell you why they hate him besides Hilliary's "Racist, misogynist , islamaphobic, bigot - but they can never give you an example.