Democratic rep.: Trump 'deliberately set up Jim Acosta' with 'staged' incident

Democratic rep.: Trump 'deliberately set up Jim Acosta' with 'staged' incident

House Oversight needs to subpoena Sarah Sanders on this in January. Public hearing under oath.

Let's see if she's willing to lie under oath for Trump.

Not the shit she tweeted about or her public statements.

Not the video she uploaded.

Not the press conference itself.

Probably high fived her vag

What's the likelihood that Trump, after the press conference, congratulated that female intern and gave her a wink

I'm no expert, but wouldn't a lot of what she would be asked to testify about fall under executive privilege?

"Low V"

I don't know... I think it's simpler to assume she was directed to take the mic from anyone who the president didn't want to talk to anymore and they just got "lucky" with the rest.

Obvious there was no assault but we now live in the world where Trump could hold up a picture of a penguin and say it's a panda without any of his followers saying otherwise.

Sure would be nice to see all that doublespeak and back talk come bite her in the ass. At the end of the day, she is saying the words, she is defending lies. She knows and should be held accountable too.

Seems obvious that the intern just inexplicably stood up and started getting her arms in the way, hoping that they could get something that Alex Jones could speed up in post.

Nah. Trump seemed to reactionary to me. He has a completely different demeanor when he is staging things.

Yeah, I was listening, not watching, and he sounded defensive and hounded by a simple question.

Then they looked at the footage supplied by InfoWars, and decided to make something out of nothing. Presumably to cover up the Wednesday Afternoon Massacre.

Couldn't they have simply...turned the wireless microphone off? Someone in that room was sitting behind a sound board.

The only reason to sic an intern on Jim is to create a scene.

"bait." being called out for being a deliberate asshole doesn't mean the asshole "wins." trolls nowadays fucking suck, they're obvious as the damn sunrise and think getting a response to their stupidity equals some sort of "win." delusion 100%

Perhaps. Will she claim it on everything regardless if true? Absolutely

They absolutely could have done that. I agree that they were throng to cause a scene.

If you remember that was Schrodinger's Privilege. Sessions never actually invoked it or not but instead refused to answer questions because they may invoke it in the future.

Irrelevant. Her deliberate deception is the issue, not the size of her ass.

This is straight out of the alt-right playbook. They see Democrats present legitimate grievances about sexual harassment and think to themselves "Oh, so now literally anything can be construed as assault", and then say "Well I guess we just get to call anything whatsoever assault since that's what the Dems are doing". Obviously that's not what the Dems are doing, but it's how the alt-right views it, and it's what leads them to think that this sort of thing is just part of 'fair play'.

I guarantee you that none of them really believe that Acosta assaulted her, but I also guarantee you that they see this is equally legitimate (or illegitimate) as accusations of sexual harassment against people like Trump and Kavanaugh.

relevant proof the smirk on kushner & sanders, clearly they know whats coming already

The midterm massacre. Sounds much better.

There's a reason why a lot of the women in his sphere all have a certain "look".

Thin, attractive, young or young-looking

Given what we know about old white men in power, I'd say there are salacious things going on with just about any woman within Trumps sphere of influence.

I know that's not nice. But it's still true.

Like we're supposed to believe that Trump doesn't behave lecherously just because he's in the white house. Fucking spare me.

Makes more sense than the damn fool who insisted that Acosta set it up to stage a confrontation that would make trump look bad.

She didn't inexplicably. She either got a cue from Trump or somebody on the stage behind Trump. She keeps looking in the direction of Trump/the stage and back to Acosta before she jumps up. She was looking at Trump/the stage right before she jumped up to grab the mike.

She wasn't trying to hit him. She was trying to take the microphone away. She's still a piece of shit.

Why was she trying to hit Jim to begin with?

They all look like his daughter who he has incestual feelings towards.

Fake outrage from Trump and Co.