Dee Gordon, last 3 years: 382 GP, .309/.340/.384, 7 HR, 148/43 SB/CS. Chone Figgins in the 3 years before moving to Seattle: 389 GP, .301/.386/.382, 9 HR, 117/42 SB/CS.

Dee Gordon, last 3 years: 382 GP, .309/.340/.384, 7 HR, 148/43 SB/CS. Chone Figgins in the 3 years before moving to Seattle: 389 GP, .301/.386/.382, 9 HR, 117/42 SB/CS.

EDIT: But don't worry, Chone Figgins was signed for $36 million over 4 years, whereas Dee is only owed $38 million for 3 years.

I can't believe you've done this.

This is likely to be deleted, but I got a hell of a cackle from it.

Yeah and cruz will definitely not be hitting 40 hrs at safeco. He'll be more of a .270/25-30 hr hitter

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I'm very upset right now.

oh no bb wat is u doin

Damn Figgins had a .386 obp with us? That's pretty high

I'm a simple man. I see "Chone Figgins" and I drink profusely.

Mariners fans rn

That's funny, I had the same reaction when I saw him in a Mariners uniform

We should compare every teams worst FA signing everytime they sign someone

You mean the Mariners Trench?

.363 overall in Anaheim, .386 the last 3 years. He was sneaky good at taking walks.

You shut your whore mouth!

The problem with Chone was he was a light hitting, high obp, speedster who hit at the top of the lineup. Which would've been great, if we didn't already have that premier version of that player in Ichiro. Figgins turned into the #2 hitter, and his weak contact and Ichiro often already on, he just did terrible. He lost his batters eye because the pitch selection he received was no longer "Bases empty" but "Runner on". His walks evaporated, his confidence cratered, and there was no where to put him. Even as a pinch runner he couldn't steal a base.

And they forced him to start over and over and over, because they were paying him so much, not because he was the best player available. Just an awful tenure, and he's earned more money than I ever will.

deservedly so.

This is bitter sweet. I loved Figgins growing up, I died a little when I saw him in something other than Angel red.

I want you to die

That's not very nice

Remember Chone‘s 2009 season? Damn what happened to him in Sog Town.

Especially not 3 seasons in row. Totes not happening

I’m sorry. I mean that in the nicest most real way possible.


the sog infects everyone after awhile.


You don't get 262 hits by being patient. You do it by swinging at everything, making an insane amount of contact, and being fast enough to beat out a routine grounder.

How can someone whiff so badly at a gimme joke?

implying this doesn't already happen

ichiro wasn't very patient either though. great player but dude loved to swing at the first pitch he saw.

6% BB rate throughout his career.

In 2009 he was straight ballin‘

Who is this Vernon Wells of which you speak? I don't know that name, nor do I recognize names such as these:

Gary Matthews, Jr. Josh Hamilton Etc.

We're actually going to have Dee and Jean bat at the same time. The first Duo-leadoff hitter so take that meanie.


Good luck choosing!

Ah fuck.

Same chugs