Dedicated fan waited over a decade for this moment

I don’t know what is happening but every one seems happy, have an upvote.

The pride those kids felt at that moment, real life dad goals.

Kevin Garnett was drafted by the Timberwolves and had a great career with them for 12 years. He was a fan favorite and the star. He was traded to the Celtics in a huge trade and won a Championship. He bounced to another team for a short time and was ultimately traded back to the Timberwolves to presumably retire with them.

The chubby guy really likes KG or he’s a paid actor to really like KG.

Lol the look on the security guards faces as they walk slowly towards him

“Sorry man, we don’t wanna do our job either”

That dad created his own backup dancers just for this moment and those new moves were simply phenomenal. I only hope I too can have such a dedicated fan one day.

That little back pat they gave him. “You tried buddy”

Why’d he get a security escort in 2003?

(Sorry, I’m not a sports person)

Is it against the rules to rock out like that at a game? Is it because he took off his shirt? Is it because they didn’t like his sweet, sweet moves?

The sheer amount of panties dropping proved a risk to the structural stability of the arena. He had to leave.

Many lives saved that day.

Am security, can confirm I hate removing certain people who are just having fun.

He's a plant. If security wanted to escort him out, the camera would have cut away awkwardly and security would be running down the stairs. That's why he had KG painted on his stomach ten years later, they planned for him to be there.

. . . His chest was painted. He wanted to do it.

Thanks for the context for us non-sports folks.

Can we get clarification whether it's permanent marker or partially tattoos?

All Minnesotans love KG

Looks like it’s just body paint

Yeah that dude may not have wanted to take off his shirt and look like an idiot in front of 20 thousand people. But he was willing to look like an idiot for his sons. And that might be the best reason there is to look like an idiot.

Notice the women who got pissed at him in 2003 is not in the second video. Ha. KG loved it so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

I'm going to go with the shirt

I've seen plenty of people use body paint and no shirt at sporting events. This seems suuuper weird that they hauled him out just for taking his shirt off. Especially since this means that the shirt rule was changed randomly before 2015

Even better with sound.

I think they're actors, this sort of NBA wacky fan stuff is almost always scripted entertainment for the crowd. They just don't really present themselves like event security staff do, I don't know. Feels off. I'm not sure if basketball teams have been staging stuff as far back as a decade though, I just know it's rampant nowadays.

Edit: Interestingly it seems like sometimes they dont even plant actors in the crowd, they just recycle.... Just wanted to add an example in case I'm bursting anyone's bubble about this practice. There's nothing wrong with it, just some fun for the fans.

Yeah, that's 1st degree. Straight premeditated

10/10 back up dancers.

12/10 dad bod.

All basketball fans love KG.

Fun sponge.

Plus the floor was getting more slippery than opening night of Magic Mike.

I can't believe a fat guy on a dance cam just made me tear the fuck up. What is wrong with me.

I going to greet my wife like this everytime she gets home from work.

KG was so damn happy to see this happen. He was truly giving the dude mad props.

One of my favorite things from that season.

Any stories? Who makes the call to do these things anyway? Especially like in this instance. I don’t understand why he was removed.

I didn't even think about the camera panning away. Although you could argue this was before they implemented that policy. They used to show field runners all the time back in the day. Security also could have just been taking him to get a new shirt, since most pro basketball arenas do not allow people to go shirtless (it opens them up to discrimination lawsuits from women). I'd say there's still a 90% chance it was fake

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For further clarification, that man is a comedian and owns a comedy club theatre in town and both the 2003 and the 2015 events shown were "skits" put on by the timberwolves.

theyre probably just told to remove everyone that starts stripping.

I got you fam

Here's the full version of the gif....I prefer this one! :D

You've got a point. But the shirt is the only logical thing I can think of.

Maybe it's just the fact he was "stripping in seductive fashion" I don't know, some times event security really over reacts. I think this guy is fucking awesome.

that's telekinesis, Kyle

But all he did was go shirtless to reveal a message. It happens all the time at NFL and college games...

To be fair, I'm completely covered in body paint just in case I wind up running from the cops on COPS.

The whole thing was staged.

I crie evri tiem.

Dude looks pretty good for over a decade later

Sorry... If I've learned 1 thing on Reddit, it's that nothing interesting happens during these crowd shots at a sporting event. The good ones are always a set up.

From a fan’s perspective, this is probably one of the coolest games in NBA history. Minnesota pulled all the stops for his welcoming, and KG was visibly moved the entire game.

The front office may sometimes abandon their players, but the fans don’t.

I'm willing to bet those were her kids with him. She's embarrassed of her dad; they're loving grandpa's antics.

IIRC KG mentioned he remembered him from before he was a season ticket holder or was a common appearance on the big board.

He has been rehearsing. He's been waiting for this moment for a decade. I'd be in front of my mirror everyday, shirt off beer gut flopping around. Getting those moves down. Knowing that eventually Kevin would get traded back to the Timberwolves.

Or he heard about it a week ahead and cemented some moves over the week, I mean the dude probably tells that story every BBQ.

He’s got that Alex jones bod

Geez, I got all teary. What the hell is wrong with me?!

My dad can most likely do more meth than yours.

"My dad is way cooler than your dad!"

Anything is possible.

You can easily see him mouth "crazy ass mother fucker"

Fucking love it

Dude the kids are owning it too by being premium back up dancers. You want to dance well, but don't outshine the star. They did an amazing job.

Not the first time around.

I always keep a bag of meth and three teeth in my pocket exactly for that reason.

He's causing a distraction and if you want to get technical he's violating a firecode by blocking a fireexit.

Unless you're a table. - Mitch Hedberg

Even though it's completely staged (at least the second time around) it's still hilarious.

How 'bout the power to move you?

You think he's paid? Hell Id do that shit for free out of passion for a player

Dude looked like he was trying to resist, but once Usher came on he got up like "This is my SONG!"

If it involves Minnesota chances are Minnesota is a fan of it

This was planned by the Twolves. The whole video is of some people dancing but they keep going back to him after he "refuses". Finally he "gives in", This was Kevin Garnett's first home game back for the Twolves.

idk about that lol...i respect him but he pissed a lot of people off as well

I actually know this guy really well. He is one of the nicest, funniest people I've ever met. I am close friends with both of his kids as well. They are both great kids too. This man was nice enough to let me go out on his boat with my friends multiple times this summer, without a second thought about it, that's the type of guy he is. I don't think I've ever seen him treat anyone with even the slightest bit of disrespect.

Eh, 2003 is kinda around when they started even escorting these people out in the first place.

Janet Jackson was in 2004. I feel like that's really when they started changing policies on this type of thing (at least in terms of showing it on TV).

Thank you!

I was wondering why he'd have the paint on and pretend to not want to...

Now I’m sitting at my desk crying. Not even mad. This is beautiful

hey man, anything is possible.

Security also could have just been taking him to get a new shirt, since most pro basketball arenas do not allow people to go shirtless (it opens them up to discrimination lawsuits from women).

Bingo! Its hard to imagine it now, but back in 2003 the FCC was really super strict with what you could put on television. Broadcasters tended to be incredibly cautious.

I know there are still plenty of restrictions today but it is way better than it used to be.

Minnesotans are funny


Not a chance!

Those are just your "eatin' teeth".


The first time he was a crazed fan but I think the second appearance was paid. If you watch the video it looks rehearsed.

sick KG guitar riff

Kevin Garnett. Watch some basketball, you might enjoy it.

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Are you completely incapable of understanding things?

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If it was a genuine inquiry out of concern for /u/Artvandelay1, I'd suggest different wording.

Minnesota missed you KG, now we just gotta retire that jersey.