Death Stranding Trailer

Death Stranding Trailer

Oh, ok, now everything makes sense.

And also the rest of the trailer.

when the camera went into his stomach and the baby was looking back at you.


When you give Kojima full creative freedom, it's either going to be the best or worse idea ever by Sony.

Reedus got the fetus

Okay, so this trailer does actually give some idea to some bits of it, or so I speculate. Note the guy under the car ages ridiculously fast, this could be most likely due to the invisible creatures. In this universe these creatures must be common place to some degree. The characters are aware of them and how not to be spotted by them. Which means they've also developed countermeasures. There is something that ages them fast, presumably this black goo from the creatures. This can be a double edged sword. They know they can die real easy to these machines. So they clone themselves. With these baby makers they've got attached to them. The baby reedus' character Sam has is his friend. Hence the thumbs up the baby does as his friend does it when he thinks they're all clear. Hence the willingness for suicide and reedus' lack of shock. Him remembering the thumbs up also clues us in that memories are retained. But now he's a baby, but that's sure nothing a little black goo won't fix and age him back to normal or even a younger age than we saw him.

I reckon this will be a key part to how we play. This could be a life/death mechanic, it's okay to die but only if your clone baby has grown.

Obviously speculation but there's enough to go on. Still no idea what the creatures are. Potentially the dead. As in the original trailer we saw baby hand prints on Sam. This could be a dead clone etc. They turn into the black goo and cross over into the goo realm and become a creature. This would explain why in the first trailer the baby turns into goo.

Still so many unknowns. Like what is Mads role in all this. What caused this etc..But I feel we're getting somewhere.

I’m just here so you guys can tell me what the fuck any of that means.

At this point this game could turn out to be 80% weird ass cutscenes and I would still play the shit out of it just because I’ve got unresolved anger over silent hills.

It'll definitely be interesting

Now with 100% more baby vore

I mean, if you just nailed the death mechanic for the game i'm gonna be super impressed, since it makes SOME sense.


Sanity is relative. The baby in the stomach made the rest of the trailer seem 96% less WTF by being several orders of magnitude more WTF.


This looks so wtf, I love it. God bless.

Why he swallow the baby

A game to surpass Metal Gear

Missed opportunity to call this game ‘Norman Fetus’

It is a metaphor, in fact most of the playable part of the game is a metaphor. The protagonist is actually is extremely schizophrenic with many multiple personalities. He lives in a future where there is a cure. The part of the game you see in the video is a visual representation of what he is going through. The medication as it travels throughout his brain pulling away his personalities/friends. The medication sort of works in tandem with the doctor, and as the personalities become "hunts" them down. They come out of nowhere unseen and the personalities try to "not even breath" so they don't become active as the medication nears them.

It is the "big bang" or events that helped create each personalities into being. The explosion "that will be our last" is the medication and treatment. The baby is the representation of his original personality...his younger self before all the others. The personality being in the middle of being "exploded", swallowed the one personality that was not to be eased, to try and preserve itself. Which is why he was able to return and see the damage the medication has caused to the world he knew.

Or you know...something else entirely. I mean, why the hell would I know? That shit be crazy, son. I also hope it is crazy good.

Edit: /u/LetTheWarBeginNow and /u/HORRIPIG both corrected me and taught me that schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder are not the same thing. I wrote this out of ignorance, and if I happened to offend anyone...I apologize.

Basically, a couple of aliens who were up to no good started fucking eating the neighborhood.

Or something along the lines of that.

There were also a lot people there reigning his insanity in. This is kinda like if you took a crazy person off their meds and said "go," who knows if what comes out of it will be good or bad but it'll be interesting at the very least

That’s how the babby is formed

I'm pretty sure that baby gave a thumbs up...

There's a baby inside Norman Reedus. I saw it. We all saw it.

Where is Sony again?

Someone mentioned that that might indicate that the baby is a clone of the guy who was originally carrying it. He gave the same thumbs up when the entities left. The theory is that everyone carries a clone of themselves that you can transfer your memories too, which is why they kill themselves rather than be taken. The black goo causing rapid aging could be used to age themselves once the transfer is complete.

There has to be a reason why that baby is in an artificial incubator instead of inside the womb of a woman. Yet to see a female character as well so maybe thats the first thing the death strand attacked so humans couldn't reproduce? (yea, i totally pulled this out my ***)

From 100 to 1000 to 10000 real quick. What the fuck

It does because it is and it was.

Kojima has never missed... So

Scary invisible monsters, guys with back flashlights, anti gravity men, and now Norm is preggers. Kojima at his greatest.

We do?

A hind D?

I prefer "Norman Reedus and the Funky Fetus".

I love the direction they're going. There are things in the trailer that are so fucking weird, I didn't know I needed them in my life until today. Thanks Kojima!

I was just talking to a friend about this tonight. Some geniuses need the freedom to explore and the space to create really amazing things. Some geniuses need to be constrained and limitations to push against or else they will get lost in the weeds. We’re really going to find out where he stands here. Personally I think we’re going to get an Evangelion here, where it is artistically amazing, but we’ll see a descent into madness.

Considering the creatures has five fingers with their hands/feet and the giant human being constructed, it makes me wonder if this is some kind of a forced second evolution of humanity. Kind of like Evangelion's 2nd (and 3rd) Impact.

I feel like I just watched Norman Reedus go through a bad LSD trip.

You should never go F U L L K O J I M A


You're that ninja.

Stranger Things.

Japan Edition.

Wtf did I just watch lol

At least now we know what Death Stranding is.

And really, that's all they need it to be.

I mean, I don't think it needed to be spelled out quite so much that Reedus is a seahorse reincarnated into a human form as humanity ascended into a higher state of being, but I suppose it had to be made clear for the children in the audience.

(yes, /s)

Hey, it’s the theory that makes the most sense so fucking far.

One more trailer. One more bizarre trailer to try to understand

But it do.

I'm reading it as a purgatory for people who destroyed the environment. The rain aging you is symbolic of acid rain, the constant oil motifs, the silent figures in the backround enacting judgement. The ocean and sea life, with what looks like an amalgamation of dead sea creatures hunting on land. And the babies, representing mankinds future used as symbolic power sources.

The baby in the Reedus thing I don't quite get, but I assume the explosions thing to mankind nuking ourselves or something

I ate one small baby and my mom got scared

AKA Normal Things.

laughs in pachinko

So is it his experience leaving Konami? Things sucking the life out of people, keeping the child inside alive, and Reedus kinda looks like him. I’m gonna be completely honest I need a new fix since Twin Peaks ended.

And that's just this trailer.

The last trailer featured weird hybrid organic/mechanical military vehicles.

What is this game 🙃

You're pretty good.

Too late, Norman Reedus just swallowed a baby

I think I actually have less of an idea of what Death Stranding is before I even knew it was going to be a thing.



I am wondering if he was just dreaming that part, and when he saw the baby, that sort of jolted him awake. But there's no telling here.

She said "Now go write games with your auntie and uncle at Square."

The baby looked at you?

One of my theories is that something killed all women on earth and now men are forced to do weird shit with their bodies to carry children otherwise bye bye hoomans. Idk.


That baby thumbs up tho

I'm not even sure if Kojima knows at this point...

It's almost like you are, I don't know, stranding death, because it has no way for it to reach you since you aren't really dying in this game.

I can't tell you, however I'm fully erect now.

Ya it's what this video game is called

Maybe Sony is the baby?


-Chapter 2-

Norman Reedus's Fetus - Death Breeds Us



-Chapter 2-

Norman Reedus's Fetus - Death Breeds Us



It looks like the baby helps activate the flappy 4 armed detection system. When the other guy drops it you see his droops down, and when Reedus' character picks it up is when his activates.

Edit: They could also just be universal power sources.

Haven't thought of that, my idea was way weirder, the babies are actually the clones of them selves and have to be connected to prevent rapid ageing. And the reason why norman has a baby inside himself is because he chose to swallow it whole instead of keeping it exposed in a jar on his chest. Like I said weird but hey not out of the realm for this game imo.

Did he just swallow the baby, what am i seeing

Norman Things

And Metal Gear Solid.

I think it was actually the rain that was ageing the guy, and given the plethora of environmental imaging I'm betting it is an analogue for acid rain

The giant figures are avatars of Mother Nature. They appeared to have cables coming from their front to the ground, which I assume are umbilical cords given the other major theme of children. The figures apoear to be decapitated, because tying again into the Mother Nature theme, she is dead, and we have killed her.

The babies are representations of mankinds future. As seen in this trailer, they act as power sources. I believe the entire game takes place after an environmental or nuclear (the last explosion) apocalypse. These people were all people majorly involved in the oil industry, and are in a form of purgatory. They use the babies as power like how they used up mankinds future selfishly. The floating figures in the end scene are the judges of this purgatory.

The ocean segment is full of aquatic life in the pristine ocean, but above water what appears to be an amalgamation of sea creatures, likely killed by pollution, possibly an oil spill, stalks above.

The name Death Stranding has two meanings. Those strands and umbilical cord symbolism, as well as how Reedus and the others are "stranded in death", purgatory.

The baby inside Reedus is happy, and tying back into our baby=future of mankind, Reedus carries the hope of mankind inside him.

The door under the water had a "Bridges if the United States of America" thing on it. Bridges ultimately bring people together, or let people "cross over"

If there's anything else, let me know and I'll try to puzzle it out

That is because of how it is, due to which that happened and resulted in this. Yes.

I mean I'm feeling some heavy Eva vibes from the floating characters at the end.

Confirmed: Death Stranding is the rebirth of Sony as Kojima takes over all game design across their internal IPs.

I took it that the baby was somehow powering that spinning device that seems to detect the creatures. Notice how Norman Reedus' character doesn't seem to have one (or at least one active), but once he picks up the fetus pack, one pops up and starts spinning.


I secretly hope Konami is crying their eyes out right now for cancelling Silent Hills.

I'm so happy he has his freedom now <3 this game is going to be amazing, no doubt.

Implying it is a game

Metal Gear!?

Yeah, I mean he went from above ground to breathing under water with a baby in his throat to above ground again. There is clearly some amount of "dreaming" going on.

Okay let's figure this out.

Aliens, or other dimension... Their presence sucks life on contact. Getting sucked into them is worse than death, people would rather die than experience it...

Appears Norman go sucked into their dimension... Some kind of alternate dream state... So he (we) are in for the SUCK.

And there is a baby...

Hoooly shit

Is it even a game, or is Kojima just going to release a new trailer for the next 2 years forcing us to question all our beliefs and sensibilities.

Before finally dropping the daddy vore dating simulator that he warmed us up to.

which makes it the least likely to be correct!

did you say "nerd" ?

Sony is there.

I noticed his backpack detector thing activated when he held the baby. Maybe some kinda symbiotic relationship, the baby can sense the invisible things?

This is actually amazing, Kojima is such a gem.

It looks like abstract cosmic horror...horror game , but extremely high budget. If this was a movie it would never get greenlit, there may be nothing else like this in entertainment

Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh imagine if this releases as a "VR-Only-Experience" and you just get strapped down and have to take it.