Death Stranding | The Game Awards 2017

Death Stranding | The Game Awards 2017

I'm starting to think Konami fired Kojima because they saw the early footage of Death Stranding and thought he was going insane.

On the list of things I expected to see today, a vored baby giving a thumbs up inside of Norman Reedus was just... it wasn't one of them. Kojima, what the fuck, but please never change.

I like to think he showed up to a board room meeting with a ton of concept art of naked Norman Reedus on a beach and they just told him to get the fuck out

My current guess is it's a future military vs lovecraftian forces story.

I'm thinking future military progressed, explored tech manipulating forces beyond man's understanding, culminated in an explosion that brought them to earth.

Lovecraftian/supernatural forces might serve as an allegory for the unpredictable and incomprehensible nature of war and its consequences, or how much a war is beyond the scale of individual men.

I cannot begin to guess about the babies.

Seems like this video is still pushing the environmentalism vibe with the oil motif, sea creatures, etc. "Death stranding" is when whales beach themselves, so the message of the game might be that we are intentionally "beaching" ourselves (humanity) by not caring for our planet. Using the babies for power/energy might symbolize adults mortgaging their children's and grandchildren's future by pillaging the earth for power and profit.

Edit: Or possibly that the innocence of children lets them see things that adults plainly miss (plugging in the sensor).

The babies are clones of the person that holds the tank. Like a failsafe. A clone is needed, because the shadowy entities distort time and space. Maybe the necklace usb things are genetic code to imprint on the baby?

Complete with diagrams, measurements, what he'd look like dressed as big boss...

I believe the quote that pushed them too far was, "The baby he's holding is actually a geneticist's rendition of what our child would look like, if he and I could bear one. Del Toro said he'd be the godfather".

i loved how before that, everything was pretty tame.

looks like the babies might be used for power (like in the matrix), notice how norman's sensor thing didn't work until he plugged the baby in

So......Third Impact?

Kojima is so goddamn weird... and I love every second of it. I have zero idea what this game is about or what the gameplay will be like, but I still really want it.

If this is what insanity looks like then we need a lot more AAA developers to go insane. So tired of the lowest common denominator content that only takes minor risks to assure customers they're trying something new, when in reality it's still meant to appeal to everyone.

Seriously man everything started pretty normal in a weird Kojima way but it got more and more ridiculous as the trailer went on, i cant even imagine what the actual game will be like. My body may or may not be ready.

So he cried when the baby died because that was the real end of his friend. I dig this theory.

I still have no idea what this game is about. Every trailer leaves me more and more confused, like what's with the tentacles, the vomiting oil, the baby thumbs up. It's like a massive fever dream... and that just makes me more excited.

I'm so confused, excited, but confused. I still have no idea what this game is about, and that's good atleast.

The trailer definitely alludes to the entities being brung from an asteroid, the baby is still a really confusing area for me.

I found the moment when the they had to hold their breaths really tense, and that moment when the guy that caught was desperate to kill himself raises some questions for me, such as what do they do with the bodies that death is such a better alternative?

It seems like the entities have been around for quite a while if they have technology to detect their presence and know how to evade them. I wonder how long they have been around, and if they were hostile from the beginning.

Part of me wonders how they are manipulating gravity so easily that it makes me question if they are even on Earth? What if the humans are the aliens?

The thing is, his work is always insane and then you get it and are like whoa how the fuck did that work

Remember when the trailer for mgsv was nothing but a ptsd ridden man tripping over stuff and a firey man and a flaming whale?

I think it's possible that Norman's character has a baby inside of him, which may explain why he has no need for the baby tank that the other guy and Del Toro's character in the past trailer had.

i know right? me and a buddy was like, "ok, expedition mission going bad, baby is important, physic mantis ish character, invisible demon and evil old juice", the sonic dream collection reference threw us off

It still doesn't make sense.

He also told them he had a plan B in case they didn't like Death Strading. He then presented a science-based dragon MMORPG

I have zero idea what this game is about or what the gameplay will be like, but I still really want it.

Honestly, I could take a 10 hour walking simulator of just crazy shit like this with no explanations and I'd be good. This is so incredibly creative.

"Sir he's carrying a dead fetus around the office and his friend Norman Reedus is running around naked crying"

Shit last trailer we had ww2 themes with skeleton soldiers.

"So Akio what's our man Kojima working on, lay it on me baby"

"Yeah ,baby....listen we gotta fire him"


"S...s..sir we gotta fire him, like.... like right now"

Oh I like this

Literally powering their generation off their future

"Humans found a god, and, in their joy, tried to make it theirs."

The first reveal of the floating humanoids already had given me an Evangelion vibe. This trailer only serves to reinforce that.

We need more auteur gaming, when you let directors realize their vision and control it you get really unique stuff.

Nanomachines, son.

Loved the synthwave music at the end. With the other visuals going on in the trailer, Kojima could've slapped a Stranger Things title at the end and that would've made some sense.

Weren't there skeleton soldiers in a previous trailer? Maybe that's what happens to them. Definitely looked like his body was decaying while being sucked up.

Man what the fuck am I even supposed to work out how to play this game yet or do I just buckle in for the ride

But the baby was in him though. I feel like you would notice that sort of thing.

The weird thing is there's lots of old technology in the previous trailer, like ww2 rifles/planes while the lobotomized (or just a bigass scar) dude runs around with a jar baby. There was also a dude with an m4 and NVG standing next to guys with m-1 garands in the sewer.

I have no fuckin idea what's going on. Whatever it is, it seems to rip apart time as well as gravity.

I mean from just playing the opening level of The Phantom Pain it was pretty obvious.

previous trailer

That was my first thought too. The showed extensive usage of undead Skeleton soldiers, implying there were whole armies consisting of them.

If this is what that desperation for suicide was meant to avoid, it must really suck being one of these things.

I am looking forward to 40 minutes long video, that will explain everything that happened, made a few hundred theories and find every single one biblical reference.

Jokes aside, it looked pretty cool tbh

Edit: typo

Getting Children of Men vibes from the trailer

now there's a fucking deep cut

You, know, I was thinking ' hey, this looks cool, solid concept for the monsters.' AND THEN THERE'S A BABY IN NORMAN REEDUS???

Its The End Of Evangelion: The Videogame.

It wasn't hid speeches, or the pictures, or the insistence of the entire board meeting staff being naked as well. It wasn't even Kojima's insistence of performing the speech entirely in his own version of sign language.

No, what drew the line was the fact that they were told to all hold hands first.

Or as Penny Arcade put it, You're gonna be jacking off sharks for fifty hours. You're gonna marry a huge tooth. You're gonna live in a castle made out of hands. And your mom is some kinda fuckin' ghost orangutan. I mean, does that sound like something you want?

Opening level to that game still wows me. Like that has to be my favorite gaming intro.

Turns out Death Stranding was Eva 4.0 the whole time.

Whoa, that's a good point, we might have gameplay taking place in different time periods.

Lol who am I kidding we'd probably have gameplay taking place in different time periods, planets, universe, planes of existence.

I want the opposite, I’m tired of games that with either straight forward plots or try to explain everything. I want to see surrealism, full-on Lynch-ian weirdness.

I'm so fucked up.

Were going full Trigun with this shit and I've never been happier

Death Stranding is probably one of the only games I've ever seen thats had multiple trailers and left me in a wtf state everytime.

would explain the c-section scar i suppose

That baby is clearly down to party.

The baby probably isn't even human, maybe it's close to what their hiding from, and is able to detect it's own kind?

Look, man, I don't know shit about the gameplay or the setting for that matter, it's all super surreal. But holy FUCK, I was terrorized, amazing atmosphere!

If Kojima manages to put in the quality gameplay he usually did for Metal Gear on such a different looking game, we will have a gem in our hands.

Why do the threads keep getting removed?? Let me express my pure confusion damnit!

A regular AAA developer would have set this to a little girl doing a spooky piano rendition of "I Will Survive" and the second half would be Norman Reedus driving an ATV through the mud shotgunning giant witch-ghosts

and then norman reedus were like to the audience "did you like it?"

and then the audience is like "we have no fucking clue what we just watched but we trust kojima this one time to give him the benefit of the doubt"

Surrealism has been pretty much left out of games for the most part, and it's one of my favorite genres, so it will be really interesting to see how it turns out. With the help of Del Toro I think Kojima can really make something special.

I think the beings are breaking down time and reality. The first “explosion” probably refers to the Big Bang, which created our laws of physics, so the second explosion could refer to another Big Bang, in another dimension, that has merged with ours.

The trailer gave me some major Stranger Things vibes.

Could be the supernatural forces pull things through time. Could be an alternate history setting and this craziness is their version of the Manhattan project. Best speculation I can come up without having the game.

This just confirms my theory that Norman Reedus is really a baby piloting a biomechsuit.

Not in the game, I mean IRL.

At this point I’d buy the game just for the story alone.

I still have no idea what this game could possibly be about and have no clue what the hell I just saw, but my god I have never been this hyped for a game before in my life.

Other than the last of us part 2 trailer, this was one of the only trailers that actually had me feeling helpless and terrified. I’m extremely curious as to what Hideo has to offer in terms of story and gameplay and excited that he has the opportunity to show us his vision.

The odd thing is the time periods are different. The skeleton soldiers are WW2 era, while the Hannibal actor is garbed in modern tech.

But Norman Reedus is in the future.

I'd love this but games still aren't considered on the level of films while game production and marketing budgets have spiraled wildly out of control to Hollywood levels.

So you have suits who don't see Game Directors in parallel to Film Directors while doing everything they can to make as much money as possible off every release.

Damn shame. Imagine how many auteur level talents have been trampled over and had their artistic souls crushed by the game industry.

I can't even think of more than one or two other dudes on Hideo's level in terms of ambition, storytelling and execution.

Final scene is gonna be everyone's inner fetus turning into crosses and floating into the mouth of the massive Rei monster.

All the way down the rabbit hole. All. The. Way.

In the last trailer, there was a guy with modern nvgs and an m4 leading the soldiers with WW2 equipment, ww2 planes were flying overhead while what looked like a modern tank crossed the bridge.

It seems like whatever is going on, it's fucking with time as well as gravity.

I don't think it's alternate history, it seems like possibly all of history in one timeline (including the future), or at least back to WW2.

A-bomb connection maybe? Whatever it is, I'm still confused and going to play it.

I wish the game ended with another one of those. That intro was god-tier traditional Metal Gear, and then it has the tenacity and gall to become one of the best open world games of all time.

Here’s some major themes from the trailers we’ve seen.

Birth/new life: umbilical cords, babies, and new life. We see this with the baby being used as some kind of power source (or device) now twice.

Renewal and new beginnings: water. Water water water. By itself this is nothing but add in the oil showing up alongside the ‘evil’ and it’s pretty clear cut. The water washes away Norman’s character at the end of the video.

Death and destruction: mainly seen in the oil/sludge that accompanied the evil we’ve seen, but the theme itself is also apparent in the skelly soldiers (and the dead body in this trailer) as well as heavy militarization. Plus the games name itself coincides with this.

Unforeseeable evil: the viewer is supposed to be confused while watching. Almost like it’s saying that ‘there are forces at work beyond your understanding that are inconceivably more powerful than you’.

Really cool looking game. I’m already so interested to see how it plays out. At first I thought it was just a simple Nukes are bad type message but there appears to be quite a bit going on.

I'm a little concerned if I'm being honest. Of course, not everything has to be explained to us, but we're just getting more questions and still less answers. I'm hoping Kojima actually has a good plan for this that's more than "Let's add as many mindfucks as we can"

Looks like SCP with, maybe, Lovecraft mood. Looks cool, but sad there's still no info about the actual game.

From what it looks like that little light pulse radar-esque thing is powered by the baby (pure speculation). So I figure they keep a baby around in every party as a means of detection (guessing again that they're sensitive to paranormal shit or something).

The baby inside of him gave a thumbs up similar to the one his friend gave after the footsteps moved away from them.

Opposite of Kirby, you go inside the enemy

This looks awesome and insane, and the visuals are super fucking cool but I was really hoping for some gameplay this time around

It was a patch on Del Toro's jacket IIRC

Yeah definitely, looked like they were desperate to protect the baby in all the trailers.

To add on, the appearance of that random cloaked guy pointing into the distance seems to indicate that even the humans themselves are scattered through time itself, possibly as a result of the second "explosion"

My theory is, as a player, you are able to perform actions in the past to assist your future encounters, by projecting your past selves further down the timeline to your future selves. Or different players playing the same character across different timelines leaving messages for each other ala Dark Souls style, but with physical interaction involved.

Bridges logo was in there , can't remember if it was in previous trailers or not nor do I know what it means but I do remember it being a topic of conversation.

Much like the previous trailers it looks interesting. This one gave more insight into what it's about and that sounds pretty cool.

I mean, it's obvious Kojima is doing this to screw with us until he's ready to show off the actual game. He is being purposely cryptic

This was my theory.

my friend actually told me that the bug puking was like from the finale of st1

I mean, technically the end did have another thing... Exactly like the intro...

So many things seem to be going for a Lovecraftian edge nowadays, but don't really hit their mark IMO. This looks really good though. The mystery, vague appearance, and scope of the monsters are really nailing it IMO.

He hangs out with the director of A Way Out.

You were warned.


Nah, it looks like there is only one baby and they pass it around like a token of some sort.

Uh...he was just under water. That's how water works. Things float to the top of the water.

And a couple embryos in containers.

I imagine 12 salary men who worked their ass off their entire life to make it into the board room staring at Kojima in utter silence their jaws dropped.

To hazard a guess, unofficial uploads.

I've seen the breath holding thing in a few Asian games about the supernatural. Best I've been able to find is this wiki entry on Jiangshi, a Chinese vampire of sorts.

Two oral accounts of transporting corpses are included in Liao Yiwu's The Corpse Walker. One account describes how corpses would be transported by a two-man team. One would carry the corpse on his back with a large robe covering both of them and a mourning mask on top. The other man would walk ahead with a lantern and warn his companion about obstacles ahead of him.

Seriously though, tell me this,0,630,1200_AL_.jpg didn't look like that one shot in the trailer?

What if the baby is the playable character? Was probably hard to mocap the little fella.

an RTS dating sim fusion

I don't know man I'd play that

You go inside and impregnegate babies

ESRB: "No. No you don't."