Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

I learned nothing. And now I want it more than ever. OOHHH YEAHHH

Those giants remind me a lot of something Junji Ito would do.

It's going to take a team of historians a century to figure out what the game is even about

>a big ass meteor crater

(Komm Süsser Tod intensifies)

It's the real child of Reedus and Kojima. this trailer doubles as a pregnancy announcement

Same here, also the whole floating upwards thing reminded me of something, but I cannot remember which story it was.

Even though I'm excited I still really wish they'd show any amount of gameplay

Guys, the babies may be acting as some kind of a sensor device. The machine on their back is to pinpoint the location of the invisible things. Also when that mysterious dude drops in and points, he has a baby strapped to his chest as well and his sensor is picking up something. I think the mysterious dude is Mads Mikkelson's character.

The guy that gets taken away tries to kill himself before the giant monster eats him... Maybe they know that it's head will exlode when that happens... plus it's head is like two grasping hands... so freaky

If you pause it and look at the fish after the bang... they're ALL swimming upside down, as well as the whale.

Here's the timeline in order, based on the three trailers thus far (speculation of course)

Trailer 2 Mads was given the baby, in trailer 3 mads shows up to sort of warn them about creatures, and then trailer 1 Norman (Sam) wakes up on the beach dead.

Pause at 4:14. Kojima spooky monster confirmed.

Oil monsters? Better kill myself quickly.

The baby must have something to do with the untraditional game over/extra lives Koji talked about.