Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

Death Stranding - Game Awards 2017 Trailer

I didn't think Kojima could top the weirdness of his previous trailers. But man, was I mistaken. What the actual fuck haha?

I'm starting to suspect this game is an elaborate ruse to convert audiences to Kojima's vore and man pregnancy kinks.

All this trailer told me is I'm probably going to need someone to explain what in the blue fuck that was.

After watching this trailer I️ somehow know less about this game then before. I️ couldn’t be happier.

The overthinking eagle-eyed analysts better get on this shit asap because I love what I saw and now I just need to understand what I saw.

All I absolutely know for certain is that whatever that thing would rather repeatedly stab themselves to death with a small knife than be captured by it. Death by stabbing (by oneself, no less) in such a way, I'd imagine, is painful as fuck. And that scientist preferred that over that... behemoth

Also, I may have misinterpreted this, but it seems like he gave that guy a mercy killing AND gave away their position. That may be why he took so long to fire. He probably figured they were dead anyway. Guy just had rotten luck.

Was that Mads on top of the truck for a second? He gave a similar gesture.

What I find interesting, is that whatever is killing them actually makes them age a lot quicker. At 1:32 you'll notice the guy pinned by the vehicle to rapidly become old. Also, why did the guy with the gun abandon the baby? maybe it's an "eject" button for his mind maybe that's why he tries killing himself, so he can move on into the body of the baby.

Only thing I noticed was that the dude's wrist thing dropped like a health meter as he stabbed himself. There's my contribution lol.

I don't think it's an eject button for his mind. The way he stabs himself while being carried off makes it seem like a quick death is infinitely better than whatever might happen to people that get taken away.

Looks like the "baby" is what lets the machines detect those things, so they must be valuable. Norman's doesn't turn on until he picks the baby up.



Edit: The second big bang created another universe?

The smartest thing Sony has done in years is snag Kojima!

It could also be that "denying the kill" so to speak prevents...something with the creatures. Maybe they don't add to their number, don't get sustenance, or something else if they aren't the ones to kill the target/the target dies before they do what they do.

Looks like the "baby" is what lets the machines detect those things, so they must be valuable.

The babies might also keep them at bay. New life driving away death.

If the two guys in orange had a baby with them, then the one beneath the car lost his when he was pinned. This means that he is at the whims of death, and thus ages rapidly. His injuries or his nearness to death probably alerts the monsters as well.

Some other things to note:

Norman's character seems completely unfazed through all of this. Almost like it's routine and nothing new. He's also designated a "Porter" and has minimal protective gear, whereas the others seem to be the equivalent of red-shirts.

The body they're transporting is adorned with a golden mask. This is reminiscent of ancient Greek burial traditions.

The fact that "Bridges" is an established US Gov't operation.

My theory is that "Death" has taken up residence somewhere in the material world, and bodies no longer decay for the rest of the planet - this phenomenon causes significant ecological problems. ("Death Stranding")

As such, "Bridges" is formed to bear the dead into this new "Underworld". The corpses are given golden masks as per tradition and are eagerly taken by the other side, perhaps as a form of appeasement.

My guess is that Porters can traverse the space between here and the "Underworld" just fine. For example, perhaps Norman's character is cancer-stricken or terminally ill. Since he's caught between life and death, he can't be as easily harassed by the monsters as those who are healthy. He's essentially Charon, ferrying people across the Styx.

By the end of this trailer, his first mission is complete... The body has been delivered safely. Now, because the rest of the mission has gone south, he's tasked with bringing the baby back to the world of the living, and the baby is the one at risk rather than him.

No it’s confirmed for PS4 only

Am I the only one who feels like they know MORE now? Everyone just keeps saying what you said.

The big bang event is said to be responsible for all the natural laws of the universe.

So... a second bang might really... uh... change things.

Seems to reflect that. Heh.

That's the sensation I had. Same hand movement, although that be a command specific to that military/team

My idea: that thing can capture and control living organisms, possibly feed off of the weak ones and utilize the strongest. Would explain Mads' position in the last trailer as the possible protagonist.

Edit: it also seems that it can use humans to incubate their unborn. World wide version of 80s Alien?

Lol i know. We literally know the conflict of the story now (the explosion ), the enemies and some gameplay mechanics (the beeping light, invisible enemies). I think by now the "i know nothing" is a meme.

He was aiming to kill the baby inside of him.

Images like that of a man floating away in zero gravity while stabbing himself in the chest with no hesitation is the kind of shit you can only get from Kojima

I think this trailer alone destroys everything about that old 4Chan "leak" lol. Not that it wasn't already.

Very cool stuff, lot to think on!

My bet is that if you are taken by it you become one of its minions. You could see black humanoid beings grabbing the second guy so maybe you're turned into one of those if taken alive

Might as well be YouTube only for me.

Ok I just had a thought while watching this trailer. Every person has a literal baby inside them. That is why when the dude is getting sucked up into the void he uses a knife on his chest. He is aiming to kill the baby not himself. He would have used the knife to the eye for a more instant death. The baby is almost like a parasite in many ways. It needs a host to survive. The other baby in the tank is on a form of life support because it was extracted from another human host. The void also needs the babies as sustenance but needs them alive. Maybe the strands are a form of umbilical cord. Quick thoughts of this really unique game.

Just had a very wacky idea that sounds pretty crazy:

What if that concept is true. The babies can sort of reach a different plane or wavelength than those who are born. They're on par with these "things" which were created after this second big bang. They're both being "created" or "incubated" at the same time, able to detect each other in subconscious ways that we can't. Kind of reminds me of the whole Carl Jung idea and the collective unconscious. Something deeper than what we can see or witness and cease to understand

I think I'm going to go to sleep. Kojima is certainly a mastermind in our time.

"and nothing will stop us this time" "ooohhhh yeaaaahhhh"

Kojima's Sci-Fi Eldritch Horror ride sure looks interesting.

Holy fuck I can't even imagine how this plays.

Would explain the skellie boys from the last trailer. Very cool theory.

I think the armored guy is Mads character after all because he made the same gesture with his finger that Mads character did.

I'm more confused than ever before wtf



I hope this is the end of the DS is SH theories and the ruse in general.


The only problem with this theory is that we see him try to shoot himself in the head before stabbing himself in the chest.

Yeah. We definitely know more. But it also brings about more questions than it provides answers.

In the best way possible.


Yeah I was thinking its probably about the next stage of the 'evolution' of the universe, and therefore the next evolution of life, life beyond that which we can comprehend. I'm so fucking psyched omg

That baby seems so much more than just a human baby though. It powers that flashing detector on his back and it's eyes aren't human. It also gets super excited right before everything goes to hell, so my money's on us needing the baby more than it needs us.

pretty much!

Kojima is a MASTER. Truly deserving of the word, genius.

Is it future or is it past?

He dropped the container with the baby before he was lifted, though. But, you may be right because I'm not gonna pretend to know anything of what happened in that trailer.

Starring Kyle McClachlan

That would also explain why the other guy was intent on killing himself and the other guy.

If so, the guy stabbing himself in the stomach rather than in the neck might be hinting towards that.

I had another comment that was more in depth. That baby that he was holding in the tank was another persons baby on life support. The strands need the infant alive. The baby is a parasite and bonds to a host.

My guess would be that if you're taken, you can't die. That's why he couldn't kill himself after being captured and, just maybe, would also help explain the skeletons with WW2 outift on the second trailer.

It probably destroyed the ecology of the Earth, creating something very anti-life. Kojima said ecology will be a big theme and the black stuff feels like some kind of oil

I know this has been straight up refuted before but honestly, it gave me huge "Rakka" and "Firebase" vibes from Oats Studios. Also wasn't the armored guy on top of the spaceship thing shown before as a drawing somewhere?

He tries to shoot himself in the head first though...

Yeah, he had this look in his eyes. Some kind of stoic peace that lacked the right kind of fear for their situation. Maybe they know they're on a suicide mission and that this particular end may occur so he's not "surprised", but it's still a bit unsettling on how swiftly he acted on it


At the beginning of the trailer as well, the camera pans across plants that sprout, grow out of the ground, flower, and then die all within seconds. It seems the accelerated aging isn't only in humans.

I'm just super creeped out by the way the baby gets so excited and active as the behemoth approaches. There was a research project where they studied what happens when a newborn hears it's mom and

The heart rate accelerated among those who heard their own mother's voice, and decelerated among those who heard a voice other than their mother's.

Which kind of fits what we're seeing. God I'm so hyped up for this story.

Wow nice find. That makes me think that whiskey-monk is right. The main guy has scars on his stomach from cutting out the alien fetus, they may be bringing it to a location for research on how to fight back. The aliens may be hunting them down trying to stop them. He may be cutting his stomach to prevent the same cycle. When the puddle forms and his legs are grabbed, he seems to know its over. The giant's head is a hand that grasps the corpse (assuming he's dead) of the guy who was lifted by his foot triggering the explosion/implosion. The dog tags are USB drives (probably holding scientific data corresponding to the equations etched on their cases) The handcuffs are life meters dead space style. The light harness is a detector of sorts. It goes wack when super close making me think they(aliens) have electro-magnetic interaction. The advanced aging with plants and pinned dude is neat.

one could even say....Snatched ;)

Is this going to be on PC?

here's a screenshot of the armored guy who might be Mads

More than apparent now the floating figures aren't "Ludens". In fact they are closer to kaiju or Angels (from Evangelion).

And Norman is definitely not named "Adam" lol.

More than apparent now the floating figures aren't "Ludens". In fact they are closer to kaiju or Angels (from Evangelion).

And Norman is definitely not named "Adam" lol.

United Cities of ***? Man pinned under truck ages as the specter gets closer. Baby is ejected, and the man's shoulder machine turns off. Once Reedus has the baby, his machine turns on.


In one of the city zones in the first game, there were some little invisible canister-things (that might have had babies in them?!) that you had to find by looking for their glowing outline in the air. Boys... We've got some work to do

Copy/pasted from the thread.

Doot doot.

Oh yeah!

It claims the floating figures are Ludens, when they clearly only vaguely human shape, not people in suits. The leak also claims the game is an origin story of their mascot which would be the suited figure we know. Ludens does appear as a keychain in the current trailer though.

And it doesn't say at all that "Adam" is a code name, but his actual name in the game. He makes it clear everytime after that that Norman's character name is Adam by putting it in parenthesis upon each mention.

Now we know the little picture Kojima tweeted of the guy trapped under the vehicle was a model of this scene. And we can finally call Norman Reedus Sam! If I'm not tripping off of hype and that was his name.

You just reminded me kojima tweeted an image of this exact scene in Lego!

Since there seem to be some religious allusions in the Death Stranding trailers, I thought I'd look up the bible verses of those numbers just in case. Probably don't mean anything, but I thought they felt vaguely related.

(These are the only two notable passages which have the numbers on his suit, 0914-317, if you're wondering how I chose the books/chapter)

Hebrews 9:14 - How much more, then, will the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!


John 3:17 - For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

What's interesting is that the passages themselves are pretty related. They're both about Jesus cleansing the world of its sin.

The context of Hebrews 9:14 is basically about Jesus's sacrificial death and our own inevitable deaths, and that through his sacrifice we will be cleansed of our only deadly acts.

John 3:17, I think is pretty straight forward.

There's also Matthew 3:17 I guess which is probably less notable but it reads:

Behold, a voice out of the heavens said, "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased."

This is right after Jesus was just baptized and God speaks up to tell them that Jesus is is son. But I don't think this is a notable enough passage that anyone would actually reference it.

That's actually what I instantly thought when he stabbed himself. The torso seems to be an odd place to stab yourself to commit suicide. I thought, "He'll be lucky if he bleeds to death before getting up there" then remembered the babies from the last few trailers. Super interesting.

Even the POLICE would NAUT see what you did there.


Deletes comment.

Exactly my thoughts. Sounds like Evangelion.

Don't forget Sam coughed out 'oil' and bugs; I wonder what that was supposed to mean.

I start hearing the Psycho Mantis theme in my head with the way he appeared.

I have no idea what’s going on. Can’t wait for kojima to blow my mind

It's Kojima, lol.

But yeah. "I now have additional questions."

I like that these trailers get progressively more mystifying as they go on, instead of showing too much.

What the fuck did I just watch?

Interesting, but he seems to continue to have his mind after he ejects the baby. How and why would he be stabbing himself if his mind has already left his body?

Norman has a small Ludens figure hanging from his baby carrier! Confirmed to be in the game imo.


That makes me wonder why he didnt just slit his own throat. Seems like it would have been a faster, less painfull death. Or, perhaps he was being controlled. Would make for some interesting game mechanics and story telling if it were the latter.

So full on Sci Fi Horror now?

I love ST but that's an insult to Kojima, dude is waaaaay above that stuff. Think about looking at this game with an empty and open mind, there's a good chance it's something we have never seen before.

The same happens with the guy that has the futuristic car on it when he becomes old. But i dont know if it was from health drop or age.

But it does look like there is an accident and Reedus is trying to figure out where he is or ended up...the 4chan leak said this much at least that matches the trailer.

What if the players are the babies, and being inside of the character you see on screen (as we inside Reedus' character, or simply connected as we see with GDT and the other character in this clip) means that they are controlling the on screen avatar. Perhaps the player's perspective could shift via who has control of the baby/fetus.

I laughed pretty hard at that point.

The whales and fish were upside down

Norman didn't have his dog tags

What the hell was that?

The second impact thing reminded me to Evangelion.

Holy shit, this is going to be amazing. My hands are shaking so bad right now.

I feel like him stabbing his chest was just a way to show the health bar system lol. Cause around his wrist you saw it go yellow to flashing red as he does. I am utterly confused by the baby stuck in normals throat though. Who put that baby in there? Is this junior the movie?

i actually thought it was going to answer some questions, lol

Or maybe you can breath in whatever those things were, that'd explain why they covered their mouths too.

It was confirmed to be a timed exclusive

My guess is that being captured by the spoopy soup monsters "strands death", so you're unable to die (and are likely doomed to suffer forever as a result). That would explain his desperate haste in trying to make sure he dies before being absorbed.

If he's pregnant in this trailer but in the other he has a c section scar and is crying, I wonder did they take his baby? D:

age a lot quicker

That would probably explain the oil. Oil is fossil fuel, means that it was once a living creature.

"Solid" Sam

same,clearly there was nothing common between them!

They're both heavily influenced by lovecraft obviously but kojima is world's beyond ST.

Very Odd.....I'll be keeping my eye on it for sure.