Dear white people

Dear white people

I hear white people talk shit about Trump 1000% more than I hear them talk about Beyoncé at all.

Yup, Beyonce didn't sell out American democracy to Russia just to become president

As a representative of the white delegation we do not claim trump, his oompa loompa body and 80s movie villain antics do not represent us.

"Your own"...thats wrong. White people don't see ourselves as the "white community". So it's not one of "our own" ...its just some random stupid bitch.

She rented out a whole wing before hand. A service offered by the hospital. A couple's baby then ended up in that wing to be seen by a specialist. The parents then could not get to them.

It's not like Beyonce walked into a hospital and said "everyone out! I'm Beyonce!" She had an induced labor and paid for a service the hospital offered. The hopsital were the ones at fault. Not Beyonce.

Didn't she like rent out that whole maternity wing and stop people from seeing their new kids?

Beyonce faked her pregnancy never forget!!!!

It's not creative

I don't even understand the "white people" "black people" "Hispanic people" identities that the US has created.... there's so many different kinds of Hispanics or Blacks from different cultures and backgrounds, same with white people. It seems like the white people everyone makes fun of are just Americanized Anglo-Saxons.

Idk I just think it's dumb that we focus on race rather than culture like the rest of the world, it's mainly our fault historically for making everything ab race

Edits for posterity, in response to the person saying Swedish, Russian cultures are the same:

It absolutely is different, and the fact that you're judging culture simply off of stereotypical foods shows how little you know of the subject.

Any high school history or cultural course will teach you that, indeed, Ireland, Sweden, Russia, and any other nation have entirely different histories and customs.

Every Asian culture eats noodles and rice, right? Therefore they're all the same?

In response to the one agreeing:

If we all thought of each other by our cultural backgrounds or upbringings (what actually influences us personally) rather than our race (which matters in terms of everyone is different and we should respect that, and what region of the world they're from) everyone would most likely get along better, and identity politics would go away.

there's no comraddery between me and some other white dumbfuck. I'm retarded enough, don't try to make me responsible for some other idiot.

I think hate is the right word.

Seconded. Fuck Trump

When you Virtue signal with a megaphone so "Those black folk" will think you're cool.

You would too if you had their level of fame and nonexistent level of privacy from the media. That was probably one of the few moments they could share together without papparazzi and worldstar bothering them.

I don't think you understand the paparazzi.

Ended yall?... That makes her sound stupid as fuck.

The irony here is that we probably could have prevented trump from being elected if we had half the voter turnout from the black community that we did in 2008. Or even 2012.

Still shit

If I were a richer man I'd give you gold for that one. I've been screaming this for years.

i must have missed the last white people meeting, we all hate beyoncé now?

In before the lock

Hate is most certainly, undeniably, the right word.

What a bold stance

Well when you put it that way...

How do I know why other people vote how they do? Wouldn't this be like me saying "why didn't enough black people help us vote against this piece of shit?" How the fuck would you know?

Yeah, my Irish heritage and culture is so different from Russian culture or Swedish culture that it's a bit strange we're all just lumped together... That being said, I'll take the vodka and meatballs if offered!

As a white dude I hear both. Some people don't like how others call Beyoncé "Queen B" and shit, I don't know. Like yeah, of course a pop star is going to be a little full of themselves, no one wants to buy pop music from some person who acts like they don't like themselves.

But we hate Trump too. Maybe hate is a strong word, don't want him in the Oval Office though.

Taking up a whole wing of a hospital is shitty. If you care that much about privacy do it at home and or something.

Yes because having a child birth at home where if a complications arise and immediate surgery is required is 100% the place best to be.

Fucking dumbass.

I mean but its not racist to blame white people all the time right? Racism is only against blacks apparently

Yea people are missing the point. Even tho the hospital offered it as a service, Jay and Bey with their wealth could easily have a whole state of the art medical room prepared in one of their many properties. Not saying they should/could have but why shut down an entire public hospitals natal ward just for some privacy when you have so much resources at hand.

Yea I've never understood it either, it seems to just promote racism.

I can't believe I got to one of these before it got locked.

I have a bunch of family that I like to refer to as preexisting racist. You don't realize they're racist until they feel it's justified by something "targeted" at them. Beys Superbowl performance was one of these times. I literally could not comprehend how it offended them, nor could they explain it. They're just racists waiting for an excuse any excuse to feel like they're right.

I'll just bypass that absurd pile of shit which you tried to form into an analogy.

Famous people are followed everywhere by fans and paparazzi. The only way to stop a huge problem for the family and to have any privacy would be to buy out the entire wing.

And no. That guy who was blocked from seeing his kid wasn't thrown out by Beyonce or Jay Z. He had an issue with the hospital staff who wouldn't overrule the body guards whose only job is to keep out people. If you didn't realize... people lie all the time to try and get access to famous people.

Shitty post. This lady doesn't speak for a whole race. Plenty of people from all races hate the president.

He is of the Cheeto race.

It's not like she kicked out people from the wing-- she rented it out beforehand. She paid for a service the hospital offered. If I rent a DVD am I robbing the rest of the world from the experience of that movie?

Did it actually effect anyone else? I feel like the hospital wouldn't have allowed it if it would.

Personally with that kind of money I'd shell out the cash for a midwife and all that shit and have a private home birth.

Same. Would bang Beyonce. Would not bang Trump.

worst generation in American history

Idk man some generations enslaved people

I mean...where is the lie?

looking at all these deleted comments like

looking at all these deleted comments

Of course, i didnt think i needed a /s

Renting out a DVD is taking up a hospital bed like everyone else. Taking up an entire natal ward for yourself is going into Blockbusters (RIP) and renting out every DVD they have, then only watching one.

What's up with all these "dear white people" posts? Who gives a shit

Well, that escalated quickly...

Except it's the internet, and you can't hear sarcasm through reading.

I think "mega-hate" is actually the word you're looking for.

other whites do not represent me. No one else represents me. only i represent me

Lmao white people am I right, goyim?

Use of word hate has never been more appropriate.

Even folks in the military, with rank, talk shit about the dude. He's very unpopular, because when Obama was president, even though the majority of the armed forces is right-leaning, you never really heard people say negative things about him. This policy and that policy, sure, because people differ on things. But several people in uniform straight don't like this guy.



"Your own people", lol. Let's not even try to pretend we are a nation.

Im sure there is a way to have an intimate moment without taking away the intimate moment from other families

I've noticed it only on reddit that people find it cool or whatever to trash talk Beyonce, but never really anywhere else. No one really bothers that much compared to Trump.

Because those aren't enough to get him impeached.

Yup. My mom was embarrassing to take anywhere for a week or two after that.

Old people fucking suck. When I was a kid, old people were full of knowledge and a joy to be around.

Now they are bitter, racist, and annoying.

"Why don't you own your house? I did when I was your age?"

Probably because you crashed the housing market while I was still a student, and crashed the economy, so houses are too expensive, and I make shit wages at the only job in the area because all the fracking jobs are leaving now that we are depleted, and you voted for shitheads that shipped all the factory/steel jobs overseas!

Fuck Baby Boomers is what I'm trying to say. Worst generation of humans in American history. They fucked everything up for their kids and grandkids, and then have the nerve to act like it's our fault.

The disconnect from reality is insane.

Yeah I would too so many freaks out there.

Oh I know. I had the Tropic Thunder quote in mind and went with it.

Anyone that believes in God thinks anything that makes them happy and successful... comes from God. It's called religion

White guy here to confirm... Beyonce is a goddess, Trump is flaming bag of fecal matter.

Who are these "white people" y'all keep referring to? Everybody makes it sound like they are some real bad hombres

Idk man you gotta get used to it, trumps gonna fuck us whether we want it or not

Whats white capitalism? Neber heard that one before. I think i get what you mean but its the internet and you can probably explain it well.

Really nigga?

The mountain of evidence supporting collusion. If the Republicans in congress weren't soulless there would be impeachment proceedings already going through

Ya, I mean at the end of the day, they were allowed to. They didn't break any laws. Doesn't really change anything. People get mad when they can't get a new console and see someone who bought 20 of them. Except in this case it's actually worse because we're talking about human life and not some trendy product.

Bottom line is, just because someone can do something doesn't mean they should.

People have been born at home for thousands of years. Yes It is dangerous, but not as crazy as you may think.

That's what makes it bad

People who have problems with it are people who have never done security or some form of access job in their lives. The amount of BS people come up with to bypass you to get to places they shouldn't be is incredible.

Definitely on the hospital staff to not sort that out.

Yeah, seriously, we get to partake history, people.

Surprisehanging was here!!!

Man this is like vandalizing the pyramid.

like that dad and son whipping themselves in a park lol apologists and virtue whores are trendy rn

You'd have to rent all the dvds for that analogy to fit, in which case, yes you would be preventing others from the experience.

Instead of dvds though, let's imagine they're concert tickets and you bought them all...

Like this:

Man I just don't like her music. Can't we just go back to judging people on their professional standing and not be so petty?

Not so sure about that. I think the Smiths sold some records

Latent racism

Kaepernick's kneeling brought out that same dormant racism in a lot of people too from what I have seen.

I'm not saying this about Beyonce, but couldn't both be arrogant? This doesn't make sense.

This is the dumbest thought process we can have as minority's. If half of white people voted for trump (which is fairly true) that means that half did not. Shocking, but stay with me. Half of white people is WAY more than every single black person in America.

I suggest looking up the numbers from election night and stop shitting on white people for no good reason. They did their part this time.

It is absolutely nothing like the birth certificate nonsense. They have already been caught lying dozens of times, why are they lying? And their wasnt a federal prosecutor investigating the birth certificate... Why are they lying?

While unfair, if the venue allows someone to buy all the tickets....


I'm not sure hate is a strong enough word.