Dealing with a homophobic coworker

Jack ass. Clever.

Even more subtle: Hiking through the Grand Canyon.

Even more subtle: .


I never thought a donkey could be so cute


I didn't think that donkeys were anything but cute.

Getting to the end and realizing I missed all the clues... Hilarious.

Is it behind the gifs?

With color this time! I haven't used gimp in a while so I am rather rusty, sorry. I need to try and draw every day or something to get more practice in.

Took me too long to realize the shirt and mug didn't stand for Bi, Trans and Gay.

That's some kinky hiking there.

Coworker specifically says he doesn't care if he's gay. Couch guy just happens to be in love with a male donkey so he tries to act like people are upset because of the male aspect, not the donkey aspect.

Really? What does a donkey's were look like?


I like that he takes his shoes off before you see his socks in the gif. Nice attention to detail.


You should xpost this to /sub/unexpected