Deaf grandmother teaches 9 week old deaf baby sign language

Never really thought about how deaf people talk to their babies. Guess it's pretty much the same stuff they're talking about

Deaf babies babble in sign language too

"I'm Grandma, I'm funny? Funny? What do you want to talk to Grandma about?" Then makes baby sign "Grandma". High School sign language from about 15 years ago, but that's the jist. Sooo adorable.


This GIF misses the best part of the original video, the baby trying to imitate her grandmother.

I think my phone is broken, I can't hear anything.

They look so happy together!

omg my heart

Have you tried turning your ears off and on again?

Hadn't read this article before. Super interesting. Thank you for sharing it!

They completely get each other!

Oh my goodness that is just the sweetest thing!! Thanks for this extra link!!

I think she says "I'm grandma. Do you think I'm funny? No, you're funny. Grandma will teach you to sign grandma. Beautiful!"

The "about" word you saw is her saying "sign", I think.

Adorable as fuck

I wonder if you communicated with each other in front of babies in no way other than writing, would they begin attempting to write around 10 months as well? 🤔

Unfortunately that's not how it works. We have an area in our Brain that is meant for speech called Broca's Area. This is the "main speech center." It is located in the temporal lobe, which is generally responsible for hearing. Since that part of the brain is getting little to zero "sound" because the ears don't work, the brain does this wonderful thing where it will repurpose that section.

So instead the Broca's area will grab info from where it can (like visual information). When a signing person uses their signs, their Broca's area lights up like any other person who speaks.

Now writing is totally different. Writing requires several high functioning areas of the brain to work together in order to write. Firstly, your motor skills have to be up to par to manipulate a writing object. Also, your memory has to be capable of storing explicit information like the alphabet. Then, you have to be able to visually take in the words, and interpret the words. Just too much for a baby's brain to handle.

There is a reason cavemen could communicate for hundreds of years before written language took form. It is a very complicated process that requires a good, highly functioning brain.

You can see the language gears turning in the baby's head. He's very engaged and learning, which is an amazing skill at this age.

That baby isn’t 9 weeks old.

Turn on captions. It tells what they're signing.

I tried to reboot them, but that option only seems to affect my feet after I take my boots off and I need to go somewhere.