Deadline: Kevin Feige "is said to be eager to get his hands on the X-Men universe."

Deadline: Kevin Feige "is said to be eager to get his hands on the X-Men universe."
Deadline: Kevin Feige "is said to be eager to get his hands on the X-Men universe."

Of course he is! I think it’ll be at least 2-3 years before we see the X-Men in the MCU. Hopefully the Fantastic Four come first because their really isn’t any FF projects about to be filmed.

Destiny still arrives.

Along with the Disney-Fox deal, please announce an extension of contract, Lord Feige.

Yeah, the FF is a damaged brand. Introducing them in another MCU movie is wise before giving them their own movie. Baby steps!

Announce it already!

That’s inevitable.

This is his Star Wars.

They'd probably introduce FF in another film. It'd likely be considered risky with the declining box office, dramatically so with the most recent one.

It's okay, they'll put Iron Man on the poster.

Disney still arrives.

The more I think about it, the more I can't believe how fast this thing is moving along. A few months ago, we all figured it was going to be 10+ years before the X-Men are anywhere near the MCU. Now, characters related to the X-Men and Fantastic Four could very well start popping up or at least being referenced in MCU films starting as early as 2019. It's insane, and I love it!

Negotiations have progressed, with a deal expected to be announced as early as next Wednesday.

1 week from now

I don't think this is the case. A large amount of movie goers don't follow news around the MCU etc. They'll likely see a new Fantastic Four and think Fox is trying to reboot it yet again not even knowing it's part of the MCU and thus avoid it because of previous outings.

I hope he get's the Fantastic 4 as well. That company that owns the Fantastic 4 will have a hard time finding anywhere else that is willing to give them as good of a deal as Disney would be willing to if Fox sells to Disney.

I'm fairly confident they're going to get both Fantastic 4 and X-Men with all these reports coming out.

Wednesday, my dudes!

Let's hope he gets it.

"What? Reed? Haha"

Disagree. Most people didn't see 2015 FF and don't know about it. The general public will think it's just a reboot of the original franchise.

People will flock to an MCU Fantastic Four movie. There is zero reason to wait.

Next week according to this article.

Skip the origin, and introduce Doom in a Black Panther sequel as a geopolitical rival.

Oh shit. What if the project that brings them their powers is funded by Tonys donation at the start of Civil War. Show a flashback with them sitting in the crowd.

PHASE 4 BABY, doctor doom, x-men vs avengers, silver surfer, glactus, the possibilities r endless

Tony carries newcomer confirmed good.

This does put a smile on my face.

I hope when the deal is done Marvel Studios confirms that the Fantastic Four and X-men are finally with Marvel Studios.

It's not because they never got it right. They either make the characters too old or make it too serious. It should really be 4 idiots from MIT with big ideas and little in the way of common sense because let's face it, that would be the mcu pitch.

slaps someones forehead WHO DOESN'T!!!!!

A certain contingent of X-MEN fans who think the MCU will kiddify the X-MEN. And are in deep denial over the FoxMen's faults.

Muh deep and edgy story lines!!!!!

He's not the only eager one.

I can't sit through another getting powers and fighting doctor doom movie.

It's like poetry. It rhymes.

bring on an elderly Jackman for an Old Man Logan story or something.

We've already had that with Logan. That was a perfect send off. Let him ride off on top.

But Wolverine in the MCU deserves more than one appearance. Jackman at 50 would be a poor casting choice

Holy shit

Erect if correct.

Is an end credits scene on Avengers 4 teasing the FF too much to ask?


You say that but the general audience is becoming more and more knowledgeable on these things. Worst case scenario they would market the shit out of it being in the MCU like with Homecoming.

The Avengers Tower becoming the Baxter Building is one way to show it off a bit for example (although I want it to be Oscorp).

Normal Osborn.

With the powers of waking up un the morning and taking care of his only son.

Why wouldn't he be? Honestly marvel would have been fine without this deal with the other storylines they could do in future phases. But they can literally apply almost all of the marvel storylines with this deal.

That's the idea. And with the whole Alien Tech stuff going on and studying the effects of the infinity stones as they affect the world, they start to get weird ideas about dimensional travel and warping stuff, essentially using science to get into the chaos dimension.

I’d rather all the movies be good than a handful

I'm pretty sure he bowed out himself because he feels like he's getting too old for the part. He might just be tired of the role, it's been forever after all.

EDIT: And I have to admit, I'm glad he's branching out a bit more. His presence in "The Greatest Showman" has made me want to see that film, and although Chappie didn't do amazing, he was a passable villain.

And? It's still a year and a half out. They can do exactly what they did with Spidey and reshoot scenes or add something small in the end to hint to it

My dream is for the guardians to find the FF floating around in space

I mean that company was stupid enough to do a movie with fox instead of going to Disney like Sony did with Spider-Man so I wouldn't put it past them to go to Universal or Warner Brothers or some other studio instead of "hiring" Marvel studios and joining their brand.

Why they're so insistent on not profiting on the ip they have will remain a mystery.

Feige rn

They went to tv because it's is a really good format for those characters.

The BEST idea I’ve read here on how to integrate the FF into the MCU, was to have them be from the 60’s and have gotten lost in space and then come back to present time. To have them come back with the Silver Surfer to warn of Galactus would be awesome!

And they keet it as secret until surprise galactus reveal in avengers 4

They hire fox for each individual movie. Though they are contracted to have to develop a movie every x years or they lose the rights. So the Corman film and the three fox ones. So either they'll fail to make a movie with no fox to partner with or they'll find another studio or do another awful straight to home video movie like the first one to keep the rights. Why they wouldn't just sell to Disney is anyone's guess. They like losing money and pissing off audiences I suppose.