Deadass fr

Deadass fr

Actually, the loudest sound ever is REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

How to trigger black people. Walk through a group of black women and say, "I'm just going to WEAVE through here."

what about getting food from the fridge at night?

I legitimately want to know why people don't have volume control or inside/outside voices

"White bitches be stealin our swag all the time" Has white people hair sewn onto head entire life.

My mom yelling at me when I start masturbating to the little mermaid my sister is watching.

Then stepping onto a piece of lego

Then dropping a bottle of shampoo in the shower

Is your sister watching the little mermaid or is she watching you masturbate ?

It's how they were raised probably. Loud households with yelling (not necessarily the bad kind of yelling)

And WHHAAAAT did I tell ya? Exactly this! And WHEEEEEEN did I tell ya? A LOOOOONG time ago!

My parents walking into my room when I'm sleeping.


At that point the whole family is watching me.

What about an Asian bitch getting fucked

Then fucking your sister

If my limited knowledge is correct, most of the hair for weaves come from Asia, specifically India and a few of it's neighbors.

They want to seem large and in charge

Middle-eastern people talking on their phone while riding the bus

We owe them that hair as reparations

You mean that deafening noise that makes your ears bleed?

Then your sister yelling about her surprise pregnancy


Just multiple people screaming at each other. Not sure how they even know what the other one is talking about


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