DBS writers be like

DBS writers be like

So? He's not harming anyone. A man's gotta work the land he's given. OP, work that land.

Goku fights Freiza .... :(

Goku fights Golden Frieza .... :D

I feel like I'm in a delicious circle jerk just reading that 👌

A valid criticism, though I can explain. I first posted in Dragonball subreddit and only the n discovered that there's a DBS subreddit, so I posted it there as well. But I figured that's no reason to delete the first one and would let moderation decide if it's fair game or not. No malicious intention, friend.

Karma farmer, you reposted the exacts same shit on dbs subreddit

I just think it's kind of dirty, like linking your YouTube channel and advertising it on a some random person video on YouTube, it's just dirty