Dazed Rank S Game Winning Ace

Dazed Rank S Game Winning Ace
Dazed Rank S Game Winning Ace

Steel would be the one dazed kills with random BS timing.

Steel's reaction

oh hell yeah

oh hell yeah is that a lady

Nope. Closing the video. No more for me. That's fuckin it

"Dazed, buy an AWp win the round"-moe

Link to those who want some fine neckbeard cringe

How to AWP like DaZeD on Mirage

The classic timing..

his shreik when dazed peeked him with his flash out was hysterical

That look on his face at the end.

Feelin' like the king of CounterStrike.

I pretty much believe there is a cosmic conspiracy to fuck over steel with ridiculous timings and bullshit luck. All the better for us though because he makes his own misery really entertaining.


Hector Rodriguez, lawyer up and get this man unbanned and added to the roster please.

reminds me of the cringy Overwatch guy

Please unban valve thx

oh hell yeah is that a lady

The way DaZeD AWPs makes kajur b's life way easier

Couldn't last longer when I heard "what socks are you wearing?"

its probably regret

Except it was just bullshit luck

hell yeah i love me some ladies

Holy fuck this guy is good, he should go pro imo

oh hell yeah

"The court will hear that, while guilty of leading a match fixing operation to scam fans of thousands of dollars, he is really good at CS and that should make it ok."

Oh yeah... I knew I picked up the habit of screaming like a little girl when killed with a nade somewhere... At least my team knows I'm dead

Even if steel had no clue he was there, he still peeked him in that one second window where steel had a nade out. Literally any other moment would likely have yielded a better result for steel.

So it was smart from dazed, still unlucky for steel.

hell yeah

dazed's lawyer: Your honor, I would argue that my client is a compulsive winner who is psychologically incapable of losing on purpose. He would not matchfix for 11 AWP Asiimovs. judge: (to the side) What the fuck is an awp assimov?

"Leading an operation" is kind of a stretch. If it pleases the court can we refer to it as "participating in."

more like gla1ve could've been the eu DaZed :)

It's so nice to see him happy

JasonR has no idea what the fuck he's doing. Two guys dead from underpass 10 sec before and he's running with his dick out straight to his ass

this dude was pretty clearly hamming it up. it's not that cringey if he's self-aware.

It gets worse

I would rather say that dazed proofs his point here about scoping early so they don't hear you and know you're close. It's more outplayed than bs.

People still mad over the throw?

Yep it is

He'll never be happy playing rank S though, especially him

Dazed has been playing nutty all night

"that's a thumbnail right there" YOUTUBE BOYS, THINK YOUTUBE!

That is fucking hillarious


Well I'm happy that I only get kicked when they hear that I'm a lady.

I lost a safari mesh ak 47 3 years ago REEEEEE

Oh God, everything about that is awful

He looked unstoppable that round

Shazam was leaving the room to go plant on A site. Dazed heard his run steps and sprayed at the door and got him.

mfw people actually get mad at this guy for meming around

Ha ha


Oh hell yeah

White, fluffy socks

Guaranteed that when this guy has sex for the first time, after he finishes, he's 100% going to lay down next to her, look her deeply in the eyes, and mutter "oh hell yeah."


Yeah the video creator didn't pick up on the fact that the dude was doing it because he thought it was funny.

"Sorry for not stepping in" come on... lol

"I need to take care of something"

How can people believe he's serious after that one? lmao

What kind of socks are you wearing right now?

That doesn't make any sense. Dazed had nowhere to hide and couldn't leave + Shahzam was coming on the flank. The flash was a good idea.

It's actually pretty funny. I'm not 13, so I know this is a joke.

it was so bittersweet watching this. when he raised his arms like pros do at stages it just made me think, why did he have to throw? he couldve been so happy and been such a big factor in NA teams. #FeelsExtremelyBadMan

Trying not to smile so hard his mouth is shaking.

Oh yeah

he definitely was trolling but it's still kinda shitty to the girl if she's not in on it, which it sounded like she wasn't

Phew, I turn the volume of my headphones.

Yeah hell oh


Not this is podracing.