David Moyes is keen to speak to the @ScottishFA about succeeding Gordon Strachan as Scotland boss, @SkySportsNews understands

David Moyes is keen to speak to the @ScottishFA about succeeding Gordon Strachan as Scotland boss...

He'll put them in a relegation battle somehow

I'm keen for David Moyes to fuck off

He knows Jagielka is English right?

relegated from Earth

Steven Naismith though...

I think I just heard /u/wonderfuladventure scream into the ether

Oh jeez, Moyes will be so erect when he realises that

It won't be his fault, he's one of the best managers around & anyone would've failed to keep them up.

Funnily enough the Uefa Nations League has promotion and relegation. So this might actually happen

So should he go to Scotland then?

No one could've succeeded after Gordon Strachan

I'm not sure anymore, starting to wonder whether he's past his prime. Then again he hasn't had a great shot at his last clubs, at United he was on a hiding to nowhere with an aging club (although did badly at it), at Sociedad he didn't do awfully and then Sunderland was an awful choice to come back to England with, they'd been fighting against the inevitable for a long time and were rotten from within.

I think you'll find Ancelotti resigned from Bayern specifically because he knew the Scotland job would be available soon after. He's always wanted to work with players of Barry Bannan's calibre

Not often that you can say that it'd be an unambitious move for both parties.

Oh well, another twenty years of not qualifying for tournaments.

Not only that but Scotland start in Division C, one relegation and they're on the same playing field as San Marino, Gibraltar, etc....

he keeps taking shit jobs that 95% of managers would fail in so everyone thinks its due to him and not systemic issues with these clubs

His reputation has really slumped since Everton, but there is an excellent manager still in there somewhere.

We were, but under Moyes we were on a whole other level.

There really aren't many good options, Strachan was just so bad we NEEDED someone different

The best Scottish option (aside from Alex Ferguson who surely won't want it) is probably Derek McInnes at Aberdeen, but the SFA would have to pay to get him out his contract. Not to mention taking the Scotland job is probably not a wise move for a decent young manager. Hence why we're linked with old unemployed shiters like Moyes.

Go baws out and get a foreigner in

He never used Steven Naismith properly.

Poor buggers, the Scots have had it hard enough over the years

Moyes heading on another suicide mission.

I'm convinced he's a masochist

You're hired.

They should aspire to be more like England.

the long con

He never takes any blame, so some people believe what he says. He's still adamant that his time at United wasn't his fault, same for Sociedad & Sunderland.

On the surface of his job at Sunderland, it may look like we were doomed from the beginning, but I disagree with that. We had started to build a decent spine of the team, and under Big Sam, we were actually playing some really great football - but Sunderland had built up that "shit which won't flush" reputation, so once we were relegated, most people thought it was a long time coming, and there wasn't much Moyes could do. I disagree with that, there was a lot he could have done, which he didn't.

We had a deal in place for Yann M'Vila, which Moyes didn't go for. He sold Van Aanholt for Gibson and Oviedo(I rate Oviedo to be fair), and he let Kaboul go to Watford. Now, Van Aanholt leaving wasn't actually a problem, but bringing Gibson in was - he's been shit, and before we got him, he looked shit.

He was more obsessed with getting the dressing room on his side by bringing in his old boys, rather than signing the players who would compliment the team. So, what else does he do to win the dressing room? Well, before the season starts, he says we lack quality, and we're going to be in a relegation battle.

Would we have got relegated under a different manager? Maybe - but it would have been a relegation battle, and we wouldn't have conceded defeat before the season started. Under Moyes it was just relegation, with no battle to him.

Moyes cared more about deflecting any blame before he even took the job, throwing out past success whenever anyone doubted him. He was our John Carver.

To be fair I'm keen to speak to the Scottish FA about succeeding Gordon Strachan as Scotland boss too

Love? Fucking Love! Seriously?

UEFA's real reason for the nations league a long winded David moyes joke