Das it boys...

Das it boys...

We've got the tracklist, we've got the cover, we've got the release date and 2 singles. Damn a few days ago even the title wasn't officially confirmed lmao. It all really went by so quick, and it was a fucking ride, once the album is out this sub will be really less active, so I wanna thank yall for all that fun I had while waiting for revival. All them Ls, this excitement, even the disappointments were part of the fun for me :) thanks /sub/eminem

But still fuck yall soon as I get revival i ain't never steppin foot in there again

See you in 4 years

Fuck you too ❤️

Be sure to stop by to discuss the album.

Yes man 😎

Let's pretend, Marshall Mathers never recorded Best Friend, let's pretend he did the last 10 years different, pretend he released Encore and never rapped again, pretend he never signed Slaughterhouse and got with Royce and all them, Yela you're never gonna make it, you'll never get signed to shady and rap with the man Eminem, pretend we never got relapse and bitched about the accents - pretend we had to give up on being slim shady fans! And we never got recovery and sober Eminem, he overdosed back in '05 off methodone & vicoden! And we never got so hyped up when he went blonde again, there was only one Stan, Matthew never got his revenge, it was tupac and biggie all over again! Pretend there's no bad meets evil or evil twin, and Skylar gray's career never begins! Pretend we don't get revival and we're all suicidal because we never saw him live and he never put out more songs to make us laugh or cry! Then be glad that we don't live in that realm, we got Slim back from Hell, and the future is swell! Can we pretend that...

Word !! 👌🏼


Here's to hoping for a 10th album to drop before 2020!

When new users think they taken many Ls ... smh , you know nothing

"new song and pre-order tonight"

2nd single being released today.

and it seems like yesterday it was just a dream but those days are gone they're just memories.

i too keep having the thought: "man as soon as this shit comes out i cannot WAIT to just peacefully enjoy it in silence without having to be bombarded with the opinions of every idiot on the internet" lmao

i feel ya

Idk man it all feels like yesterday lol

Hahahahaha. I admire your hope.