Dark fantasies

Dark fantasies


We’ll leave Australia cuz kangaroos mate

I for one welcome our new Polish overlords

Not enough swearing in polish. Reduced rations of cabbage soup for you. Pojebało cię?

Emus. Watch out for the emus.

The irony of their own sexism is delicious.

I couldn't get into Europa Universalis nearly as much as I did Crusader Kings. Probably because my male fantasy involves lots of Saracens and the silk road

Makes sense. You have to take Australia early or you're screwed.

The group this meme is making fun of contends that EVERYTHING in video games is misogyny because they heavily favor a male audience, who are ALL misogynists. So anything that is marketed to men, is by default, a misogynistic tool and should be illegal.

I somehow love and get infuriated by this meme all at the same time

Maybe now polandball can into space

Ja pierdole


Psi chuj

Siemka PL?