Dan Schneider looks like he's wearing Ariana' s lipstick...

Dan Schneider looks like he's wearing Ariana' s lipstick...

You know this guy is a diddler.

Oh, of course. He's had his hand in every Nick show. Rumor has it that he was the one who got Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant!

That smile she has is forced. She has money. Fame. And a rapper boyfriend. Hope she comes forth if he coerced her. I have a feeling this guy is one of the worst of all.

Dan "hold her tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider

Dan "Suck my dick and I'll put you on Nick" Schneider

Dan "If I'm beside her, I'm inside her" Schneider

Ariana Grande is pretty.

Sad to see the road she went down. Sadder still to see the company she was forced to keep.

Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. What's his name again?!

He's wearing her lipstick and she looks dead in the eyes.

Sadder still to see the company she was forced chose to keep.

C'mon now, she didn't HAVE to do anything, she choose to. I don't have to wake up every day and go to work, I choose to so that I can feed my family. If somebody at work assaulted me , I would file a police report and quit. Oh, and slap a huge lawsuit on the company that I quit.

Dan "The hymen collider" Schneider

I had a friend who almost made it in Hollywood. She got the part but had to suck the casting directors dick to get it. She said no and walked out and never auditioned again.

"Hand in". I see what you did there.

Not sure but I heard he likes his women how he likes his whiskey

12 years old and on coke

Squat cobbler

Dan "Wham Bam thank ya mam" Schneider

Good for her. Fuck these perverted scumbags who can't get laid unless they wield some power over some starlet in the making. These are not men...

Dan "Hold her down, until I see brown," Schneider.

Her eyes are calling for help. Wow.

Cover her mouth and look how sad she is.

Dan "Shoes Off In The Van" Schneider

Toddler Goblin

Dan Schneider is literally Ricky from Better Off Dead. He was a sick perv then and is an even sicker perv now.

Her eyes are screaming "help me."

Yeah, choice or not, making sexual favors a condition for getting a part is sexual coercion, and falls under sexual assault.