Damn white people...

Damn white people...

This is the kind of person who thinks they're pro-minority, but has no idea how to do it.

Even if this person wasn't white, god forbid we have integrated neighborhoods.

Eh, if only the neighborhoods stayed integrated. Often (middle class) white people moving into a lower class nonwhite neighborhood leads to gentrification, and the lower class people become priced out and have to move.

Not that this person isn't hypocritical for being a white person complaining about gentrification. But their sentiment makes sense to me. I'm a teaching at an all black high school. The students are 100% black, and there's only 4 white teachers. When I see a white person I don't know on campus, I'm like "who tf is this whitey". And I'm one of those 4 white teachers.

White people move out = white flight = BAD

White people movie in = gentrification = BAD

damn all these new white people moving in to the neighborhood where I , a white woman, grew up!

it's fine for my family, but these other families? NO!

self awareness level 0.

Do a little color-swap with this post and it would be ON FIRE for racism.

TIL upper class blacks don't increase living costs.

I think this is more of a rich white people than white people issue. Upper class whites join the neighborhood increase cost of living and price poor minorities out of it.

Any chance this refers to D.C.'s Trinidad?

There just aren't as many to make an impact.

As a white person to grow up as the only white family in my neighborhood, it is weird to come back now and see more white families there.

Or someone who identifies more with the black community than the white one since that's where they grew up in. Original statement was still racist though

This is a someone I've known since before I can remember and I can guarantee it's not a joke.

You're correct!

White flight


White people will be vilified regardless.

Thank you. The person wasn't saying it was a bad thing, just that it was weird. It was a racial observation that shouldn't be taken as racist at all imo

I'm so sad all these black people moved into my neighborhood 😭

Lol the white guilt is pathetic

They're upset there is white families living in their old neighborhood. So all the white people living in the neighborhood. Switch white to black and it's pretty obvious.

White flight and gentrification is a bit more complex than 'white people move in' or 'white people move out' but by all means use this opportunity to reduce a complicated topic to "golly gee us white people can't do anything without being chastised"

But you know they didn't get that shit from their neighbors.

They're just trying too hard, and not giving their neighborhood enough credit.

It could certainly be interpreted that way, but the crying emoji point to that not being the case.

Like people complaining about traffic jams or crowded places

That's nuts, that neighborhood was under martial law last time it was in the news. I want to say a couple years ago, but it was probably a decade ago. Can't believe it's gentrifying.

Well in that case, I send my condolences.

I can't wait for self driving cars to replace the stupid, slow reacting, had merging/lane changing drivers and end traffic jams.

My neighborhood is kinda sad. We have a main drag that runs through, and one side is all white upper class. The other side, from the main drag to the railroad tracks is considered poor. When we were looking to rent, the apartments on the other side were no less than $200 more for the apartment we're in now.

There's no difference other than class gap. The crime rate isn't any higher on the track side, but if you're black walking along that main drag after dark, I'll be damned if some of these cops don't slow down or question you. Yet the few times someone has caused trouble, guess who it is?

Hint: it's not the black teen.

wtf? that's a pretty messed up assumption...

They don't like that one race lives somewhere and thinks only other races should. How's that not racist?

White guilt is a hell of a drug.

Perfect example. Whatever you do, you lose. Go or stay, same result. Racist.

With the new complexes by the ballpark and everything, lots of D.C. is gentrifying like crazy.

What happened that you became "ex-white"?

You sound a lot like my brother-in-law. Kevin?

Right? She's got another comment complaining about dodging bullets daily when she was younger. What a shame that's going to go away apparently?

I wouldn't call that progressive

Probably just serve them in mason jars or some other stupid shit

For some reason reddit doesn't like to acknowledge that racism against minorities is an issue, so they try and seek out instances of "racism" against white people so they can feel like they have it just as bad.

Yeah that's definitely not what the guy meant. He mentioned nothing about gentrification, just resentment toward white people because he doesn't like them in his neighborhood. That's pretty damn racist. If white people said that about minority groups coming in, it would be totally condemned, but because the people moving in are white, racists get a free pass.

If OP wanted to talk about gentrification, then they would have mentioned the wealth of the families there, not race. That is why it's racist. Stop apologizing for prejudiced people.

I saw trinidad and thought it meant the country, so i was really confused

That isn't progressive though...

That's not progressive whatsoever

Here's a little game, swap every white/cis/straight/man with "Jew" and every black/trans/woman/gay/bi with "Nazi", and if the post looks like something straight out of Mein Kampf you should really think about your SJW posting habits.


As a ex-white teen I'll attest to that. Did my share of thievery and vandalism - never to houses people actually lived in, but we did break into abandoned houses and stole from construction sites. Never really worried about the consequences other than making sure my mother never found out.

My "crew" (I'd guess you'd call it) got busted when I was 16 because they - I was not involved - decided to burn down the old abandoned house to "see what would happen." Well, juvy happened. And because I wasn't there at the time (or had any knowledge they were doing that) I was thereby a "snitch." Makes it pretty easy to cut ties when both sides agree.

But it actually is a pretty big problem throughout history. Gentrification of wealthier (usually white) families moving into areas where poor (usually minorities) live and driving up rent and cost of living until the people that were there before can't afford to stay.

You can say that's a problem of economics and not race, but it has almost always been white families moving into minority neighborhoods.

Pointing that out is not racist.

They don't. Wealthy black neighborhoods aren't that pricey. Here in LA, for example, there are several neighborhoods (Ladera Heights, Windsor Hills) where the median incomes are significantly higher than average in the city and the homes are beautiful, but they're still less expensive than far less affluent white neighborhoods. Property values are in part determined by the race of the inhabitants.

So the best case scenario is one where everyone rents, doesn't own, and the neighborhood stays the same down-trodden slum where the cost of living never increases, neither does the standard of living. Otherwise, if people owned their homes then you'd want the costs of housing to increase because the value of your home would too.

Because white people don't shoot guns :3

White people leave black areas=white flight=bad

White people move to black areas=gentrification=bad

I have a person I know from high school who lives in Oakland and bitches about the influx of white people to the area, meanwhile she is a white Jewish girl with a very affluent upbringing from Boston who moved there herself.

Simplification of complex social issues = BAD.

Yeah, that was 2007 believe it or not. And now they have breweries and artisan fried chicken and craft biscuits and shit.

Yeah, not talking about Trinidad in my comment though. Just mentioning another part of town that's been gentrified.

Oh. I wish you had clarified, that puts this post in a whole new light.

The emoticon made all the difference here. Without it I'd have thought it was just a simple observation in demographics of that area.

My childhood neighborhood has become very gentrified. I always comment how it's weird that it's hip to live in such a former shit hole.

That fancy day care used to be a parking lot with very very couches. Never touch parking lot touches.

Your assuming a lot. Plenty of poor white people l out there, not all of them are well to do people gentrifying the neighborhood.

Trinidad.. as in NE DC? Yeah, that neighborhood is experiencing some intense gentrification right now, for sure.

Still though, why would it matter for white families to live in a place that is predominantly black in the first place? It's just as racist as getting annoyed by black people moving into white neighbourhoods


No. It wouldn't. The regressive mindset would.

Outside of schools that is. Like, good, civilized folk

He mentioned nothing about gentrification. He clearly has an issue with white people due to the emoji showing his disgust with white people moving into the neighborhood. It's racist, pure and simple. Don't give them a free pass because they aren't minorities.

As a southerner, I'm curious what the fuck artisan fried chicken and craft biscuits are. My comfort food curiosity has been sufficiently piqued.

Very very couches

I'm going to assume that's a lot of couches

How is "tumblr feminism" related to this post?

thank you

Being the only white person in the neighborhood is an experience worthy of surprise when seeing more white people move in.

Switch the colours around and ask yourself if it sounds racist.

I think it was the 😣 that made it bad.

Can't this just be an observation? I think people read into this one a bit much.