Damn that's cold.

Damn that's cold.

She really capitalized on that opportunity

I ended up getting her Snapchat so all in all not too bad imo.

Damn that's cold.

The chance was there and she cashed in

No not the title

What did you say at the bottom

Shoulda told her she hasn't got the assets. There, now you're both hurting.

Her efforts appreciated.

You used the wrong too and she still gave you her snap? RED FLAG

Yeah that's at the top, silly!

I keep my shit on battery saver from 100% charge.

full convo For those asking about blocked out lines they really aren't good lines, but I'll share. First one was "if you were a chicken I'd want to be your egg so I could get laid" and the second was "what winks and likes rough sex"

Going by OP's comment, it's good to see she didn't completely lose interest in him

Yeah but that's extra work

But what about the bottom ya goof?!

The absolute madman

Some people get fairly personal in their 'stories', so they might not want relative strangers on there

Ok, you have my loan. Now give me some interest.

There was a great depression after their first date

Damn that's cold.

I'm guessing OP wasn't able to make a deposit with her.

No not the title

Pshh, he was hurting looong before the message.


The important question here is: Who puts their phone on battery saver mode with 71% charge?

In six months we'll be saying I told ya so

Yeah. What an idiot. Everyone knows if you get Snapchat you'll never meet and nothing can happen. If you ask for her number instead it's basically a done deal like you say.

Yeah that's at the top, silly!

Not sharing my lines so they can become like the potato chip and rain drop ones haha.

But what about the bottom ya goof?!

Nice, I got Kylie Jenner's snapchat.

Is it weird a lot of girls don't have Snapchat or get offended when I ask for it? Snapchat is a great way to communicate and to actually show you for you.

The next comment is going to be a single word comment saying "Banks", or "Money"

About as great as the sex OP had.

Getting their Snapchat means nothing when 7000 dudes have it. It's the mother of all back burners

I feel like you're living in an alternative universe from me because I don't think I've met a girl on Tinder or otherwise who doesn't use Snapchat.

*Depreciating Asset

To save battery.


She must be a teller because you just got told.

I thought most people do that... only us? mkay

According to "Modern Romance" by Aziz Ansari, you're doing it right. Staying on the phone too long just leaves room for second guessing. You want to meet the person quickly because face to face bonding builds better rapport. Also, doing something more interesting like an activity rather than an interview-like scenario over coffee or dinner proves more successful. Also also, first dates are not a sure fire indicator for relationship success. Often people are shy or awkward the first time around, but the second or third is a better indicator as you get a bit more familiar and comfortable.

Thus, always try to meet sooner than later, do a fun activity, and try to have at least a second date before you make up your mind.

Sweet! What's mine say?

Deep sea fishing

It's age. Late 30s here. Not even sure most people my age know what snapchat is. I only installed it because of my daughter. I know like 3 people that actually use it, though more have dormant accounts.

Asking a woman my age about her snapchat - or any kind of social media, will get you laughed out of the room in my universe. It would be rightly seen as cowardly. We are from the generation where the phone number rules all. You want to date, man up and ask for the digits.

All that said, it's fascinating to observe the evolution of social norms. I have zero interest in casual exposure to the life of someone I am interested in dating. Either we go out or we don't. Until we actually establish some kind of relationship (even mere friendship or casual dating), I don't care to know about your life. But clearly a lot of (younger) folks feel differently. Which is fine.

Asking for a snapchat username is a classic fuckboy move though

You can hide your stories from whoever you want

Ah yes. Because of the implications

Reddit always playing the long game.

You just changed my life

I'm 27 and don't see the point of it. Just seems like another medium to keep me in constant contact with her and I like my free time.

I guess I'm just not with it anymore. I have 0 interest in following the day of a person I haven't met, haha. it's funny to me that my protocol is already outdated:

get number text. exchange maybe 10 texts in order to secure in-person meet her and decide if she's cool

shit, it's only been a couple years!

What was the sex like?

I haven't been fucked like that since '08.

you did it right, we just didn't care about your story


Oh yea, full conversation.

What's the name of the guy on first base?

If you don't I'll have to seize your assets.

Yeah if you go to settings - who can view my story - you can press "custom" and select people you don't want to be able to see it

What are those fire pick up lines?

Someone's bout to get super personal up in their story.

give us some credit

[ ]not rekt


I was shit at tinder. But yes I imagine some do.

But really, Snapchat is better because it's more fun, you can follow their day, and is more private as they can just block you and you don't have their phone number.

There are literally dozens of us.

That is still normal too. But adding on Snapchat is also normal. And a couple of years ago that would also have been normal???

Maybe you you never cool ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Age thing. My demographic doesn't use Snapchat at all.

By the way, you could always find a way to make your own money and then we wouldn't need to have this difficult conversation.

Call the burn unit

Way better for flirting. If you're sending snaps, not messages. And the pictures disappear, that was the whole point... which made it ideal for skin. At least a few years ago. Don't really go on it anymore.

you dont get followers or likes on Snapchat...


why not get her number and then fuck?

You have a lack of imagination

People complain if your battery's low and they complain if it's not.

Reddit ¯\(ツ)/¯


Yes, and don't call me Shirley.


I don't even own a gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I going to do, with a gun rack?

Can you?!?!

I'm having a hard time imagining Kylie Jenner screaming out puns while getting boned.

As a girl: dick pics.

I never give guys my snapchat, because half the time it end in gross sexual messages or pictures, even when it's just someone I thought was friendly.

Because people on /sub/tinder are pickup line leeches.


An unsolicited dick pick is creepy though.

What blank likes rough sex, me?

As someone that doesn't use snap - does asking for a snap eventually lead to dates?

I don't even ask for a phone nhmber half the time anymore. I just ask them out.

*edit - typo


Yeah, I "don't use Snapchat" either.

as an older guy who has never used snapchat and quit the tinder game a couple years ago, do girls from tinder send nudes on snapchat? like before meeting them? why else would someone want to switch to snapchat over text?

Edit: wow, so dating comes with previews now. Wouldn't that be like showing the shark at the beginning of jaws?

Somehow I had it so nobody could see my story by accident and I was always confused why body would view it.

So maybe extra, but just enough that it can be done accidentally.

I hate to break it to you man but all girls have snapchat....


Just collecting followers and likes, you'd get the digits if she was interested.

I've been checking on it and it seems everyone is savings that for another thread.

It was a great point of interest.

What do you mean get bored? If she's interested it doesn't really matter what medium you're talking over.

!remindme 6 months, i told you so?

Thank god I'm not the only one.