Daisy Ridley's ass is under-appreciated

I remember once she posted a workout video on her IG and she deleted it and got mad because people were commenting on her butt lol.

Sweet Christmas

Here you go this might be it

definitely would lick her butthole

Look up her swimsuit pics. It's oddly fat for a such a skinny person.

Commenting on her butt?

definitely would take her out for coffee :)

Probably not in a gentlemanly way

Verily thou hast magnificent buttocks.

Like that?

No argument here, that smile is amazing: https://i.imgur.com/pbzpeYx.jpg

No argument here, that smile is amazing:

Aside from the fact that Daisy is immensely attractive, she seems like such a wonderful person. I mean she happily and quickly rushed over to start giving autographs, and I think that's awesome of her

That is indeed, Fantastic Ass


there are just so many celebrity butt sites. which one are they on?

Here’s an imgur mirror

definitely would lick coffee off her butthole.

Not exactly odd imo, but definitely fat! ;)

I'm here waiting for the someone to reply with the gif

Not at all, I've jacked off to it many times.


Unfortunately she deleted her IG because of the comments. Not the workout video specifically but in general comments could be nasty and she didn't like it. Really sucks, I thought her IG was great


No, it was

Hmm didn’t realize she had it like that

Greatly so.

Kinda forgot the details, this was maybe a week or two after TFA came out.

A non-English speaker posted a quote from her with the wrong context basically.

This got Daisy mad and she posted the girls IG for everyone to see and this girl got a shit load of hate mail and all that.

Daisy then realized that it was a mistake and she tried to post to tell everyone to stop sending the girl messages.

She deleted her IG A few days later.

Do you have a link?

It's cause of the smile. It's hard to look at anything else.

Not by me it isn't.

would definitely lick her coffee hole

There are some levels to which I will not stoop to see a picture of Daisy Ridley's ass.

That URL though.

Honestly the whole time I watched that I was just impressed at her workout.

I don't know man, I "appreciate" it pretty fucking often.

add in a m'lady and we're set

I guess this is why she deleted it


why I love the beginning of this video


I want to know what this was supposed to be... I got a 404 error.

This made me laugh harder than I wanted it to and now I'm mad.

Would definitely pour coffee into her lick hole

....out of her butthole?

Yeah she couldn't wait to sign those autographs. I swooned in the manliest way possible.


She's got the Sweet Dee bod, but with more ass

Why is it 404'd

Star Wars need to showcase these assets fr

I think part of it was she felt bad for starting a witch hunt for a bit lol


Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.

/sub/fitandnatural would have liked that. Too bad she deleted it. :\

Tells a lot about her, she realized it's bad to be mean.

I'd settle with just drinking her bathwater.

it's no wonder people this this website

An illitterate jerks.

It’s called tongue punching her fart box. Let’s be classy, folks.


It was


Not phat, but WIDE. Girls got the front-ass.

If that is her music selection .... she has the playlist to my heart

gonna need to see this vid sir

she is also wearing rather baggy clothing as well for the role so the glutes don't show off as much.

Yahoo image search. Daisy Ridley swimsuit.

That has to be an optical illusion lol