Daily Quests and Contracts 16th December 2017

Daily Quests and Contracts 16th December 2017

Norn Thrund (Red) - DR - Bloodlust, Rupture, Mastercrafted

Bone Saw of the Barber Surgeon (Green) - 30% Faster Revive

Holy Fervour Repeater (Blue) - WH - Rupture, Regrowth

Another Cata contract - Horn of Magnus - NIGHTMARE - 20 Orange, 2 keys - Mission Complete

Wizard's Tower - Easy or Above - 1h Stagger - Mission Complete

Black Powder - Nightmare or Above - 30 orange, 1 key - 0/4 Deaths

Chain of Fire - Easy or Above - 1h Stamina - 0/4 Deaths

Supply and Demand - Normal or Above - 35 Green - 0/2 Grimoires

Horn of Magnus - Hard or Above - 30 Blue - 0/8 Damage Avoidance

The Fall - Champion or Above - 45 Orange - 0/20 Waves

Another Double key contract lower then Cata, and another Red for your collection.

Red looks awesome, can't say I have much experience with it but the traits look great.

Bonesaw isn't really worth it. Holy Fervour has good traits but I'd focus on the Handgun.

1/6 contracts behind DLC

Horn of Magnus is an obvious double up!

Enjoy Folks!

I have a feeling that these double key quests are fatsharks Christmas celebration instead of free loot this year.

Is it really a cata contract when you can do it in nm? /s

Maybe would be better to start calling it "double key" or wtv since it appears to be rolling out into lower difficulties latelly. Thx for the infos as usual.

Let's just hope they keep putting good stuff up on the board to get I guess!

Yeah that's what im thinking. Not sure about PC but when the free loot was handed out last year Q+C board wasn't on console.

Oh man this is unrelated but earlier this morning I won my first orange trinket from Ranald's bones, and its that orange bomb trinket from a couple days ago that I was literally just one key from unlocking FML

Yup, thanks for posting btw