Dad who's been trolling daughter by recreating her selfies now has twice as many followers as her

Dad who's been trolling daughter by recreating her selfies now has twice as many followers as her

Good to know they take their demon proofing seriously.

Oh my God, he even made the heart on the wall. 10/10

Solid misdirect. However doesn’t mention EA or rapey Alabama senators.

I just realized the ultimate karma is a prequel senator embracing an underaged EA with a loot box.

Damn that's hot. The girl is okay too.

She got her dad's eyes.

I have sacrificed everything, what have you given?

Dating apps: expectation vs reality

And his belly button.

And his tits

By the way, the two people in the pics are Cassie Martin and Burr Martin. If I remember correctly, Cassie is 22, and Burr is a comedian and actor. He trolls his daughter but it’s all in good fun. They have a pretty healthy family life.

The attention to detail here is really pretty impressive

And his axe.

This all seemed harmless until I read he pierced his belly button to match her look. That just seems a little.....over the top?


Seems like they have fun with it though so really who am I to judge.

Cassie is 22 and Burr is a comedian and actor.

This sounds like Cassie's job is being 22

And his nose.

An illusion!

You can't spell EA without rapey.

W8 wut.

But not his respect :(

I can see the resemblance in the belly button.

Yes? Go on. When your dad has bigger boobs then you do what?

What are you hiding?

But he got the boobs on point

When your dad has bigger boobs then you do

Someone needs to make a reverse snapchat filter app that shrinks the eyes, removes the dog nose/ears, adds the wrinkles/acne back, and makes the cheeks fatter again.

It's in the game

Something’s not quite right...

They're having fun .. I'd be more bothered by the tattoo but it's not really like he's got anything to lose being a dork

That's an interesting heart. Are they extreme Irish Unionists? They want all of Ireland to join the UK? lol

Wish I'd've thought of that. Humorously humiliating myself AND my daughter!!

I also had a part time gig as a 22 year old, one of the best times of my life. Even got promoted on my birthday.


Yes, like you take a screenshot of the girl's pic on the dating app. And then you pass it through the "reverse filter" app that will show you how she really looks like in real life before she put that dog filter on.

Fuck him to establish dominance.

Yeah, but no one likes you when you're 23

An insult to both of them!

in England you have to be self deprecating or you don't fit in

and his bandana.

This is the most outrageous part of the whole photo for me. Sent shivers down my spine

you can probably get the tattoo done in dark henna and it would work just fine and not be permanent. or pen, pen would work too lol

Phew. From the link photo I was guessing a decade younger.

The "we killed satan but now his cousin carl is here and hes even worse" shtick they do every season

I stopped around s7 or s8

This is at least 3 years old isn't it?

Who goes there?

so you mean no filter?

Matching tattoos that intricate to embarrass your child takes a real dedication we should all aspire to.

He didnt dye his hair though.

Theres only two tattoos id consider getting and that's one of 'em.

Im a like the show but Im not a fanatic.

Oooohhh shit

And knuckles

well that's not how daughters work, she could still totally be mad at him

/sub/wow leaking everywhere

On a somewhat related note: I reached a place in WoW that I thought was funny. I was farming herbs in Stormheim and using the World Quest Group Finder Addon to zone into different realms to farm the same nodes of herbs.

After a while, I decided to actually start doing some of the world quests since it was one of the emissary lines. lo-and-behold, I approach one of the quest objectives and my fellow faction mates (horde) are getting ganked by hunter. Being a Brewmaser, World PVP is stupid OP and you can pretty much permastun people on the opposing faction. I make a quick death of the hunter, and continue on my way farming herbs and completing quests.

Then an idea pops into my head: what if I just stay on the current realm, and ACT like I'm minding my own business, but really I have a vendetta against this ONE alliance hunter.

So I do it: I fly around, grab some herbs, but then go and hunt this alliance player down. I make a point of being sporadic and unpredictable as possible. I fly over to Valdisdal, turn in my emissary, then fly back, kill the hunter. Go pick up some herbs for a little bit, then fly back and kill the hunter. I continue in this line of thinking for the better part of 20 minutes. I try and ignore most other horde, and ONLY focus on this one hunter. I probably killed him 10+ times until I get a friend request... I knew what it was.

I marvel that I managed to make someone angry enough to add me on to chew me out and probably tell me all sorts of nasty things. At that point I decided it was enough; I went and killed him a few more times, then logged off for the day and ignored the friend request.

I came back online later that evening and accepted the friend request. I asked him if he was looking for a guild since I had recently put up a forum post for our guild. He said he wasn't, then asked if I had a Brewmaster. I primarily play discipline priest, so I happened to be on that character for the time being. I lied, and told him that I was leveling one, but that I had too many other alts I was focusing on.

Little does he know, I'm planning on zoning myself back into his realm. I will become the bane of his time on WoW - but only for short, random periods of time - and for no reason in the slightest.

I hate the show since the 5th season but I'd still get an anti-posession tattoo. It's a good design.

The hypersexualisation of youth is strong with this society.

Those aren’t permanent. He draws them on.

Yes, that's definitely the order you'd want to do it in.

He just wanted to make sure she had enough salt

His "tattoos" are drawn on.

Hundreds of hours of my life

for the Horde

You thought she looked like a 12 year old? And you thought a 12 year old has tattoos?

But not his followers


You either die a 22 year old or live long enough to see yourself become 23.

It's all about perspective. If you think about how it's basically American anime, your (valid) criticism stops being a bug and becomes a feature.

I don't blame you for stopping, though. 6&7 were the low points for me. It gets better in 9+ when the show has license to begin making fun of itself and has such a huge cast of characters that it feels like seeing old friends whenever they show up.

They raped The Game too?

Edit: The -> They

would smash

Daughter's cute too

Hello boys

Me too thanks

Pretty girls use those snapchat filters, too. It's confusing af. Pretty girls are insecure, too, apparently.

That's why I make sure all my work colleagues know I have a small willy.

I’m curious. Do people know where kek came from? It’s been years since I’ve played the game where I believe it originated from but I’m not sure.

If I’m right, it came from World of Warcraft when a horde player would say lol to an alliance character it would come out as kek because they aren’t supposed to speak the same language.

Or she'll take it even further just to see how far you'll go to copy her

Burr is an amazing name for comedian. Kek would be his partner in crime.

It's the lack of boobs, but she was 19 when this was new over a year ago.

Welp... username checks out.

That's a pretty cool idea

Supernatural. The first 5 seasons are really cohesive, but after that it gets a bit iffy. It's on Netflix and is well worth the journey. It can seem a bit repetitive at times and gets pretty ridiculous, but the main cast is great and the people they add to the roster continually impress me.

The anime angle is a bit of a joke (since the show is live action), but a lot of the narrative tropes the show uses are similar enough to long-running anime that it's an accurate comparison.

Or they just like these (annoying) filters, you know.

Years, years ago, when the main social thing to do online was AOL chat rooms, this guy showed up in one and started harrassing anyone with a username that implied they were female. Even sent his picture to them; a couple of these users forwarded it to me.

The picture was this kid, fifteen, maybe sixteen. In a basement, shirtless, doing one of those flex-your-muscles poses. Under his arms and on either side of his waist were these white bars -- he had edited the picture in Paint by deleting the spots that showed flab.

Once I quit laughing and could breathe again, I put the flab back, with some extra to make sure I didn't miss any, then sent it back to the girls who'd shared the original with me.

Loktar ogar! Yes, kek is from horde talking to alliance

I know this turned into a joke thread, but seriously the belly button similarity jumped out at me

until your skin falls off.

That's a pretty bad side effect. No thanks.

Yes, that too.

Goddamm, you just made me lose The Game.

It's possible she just looks super young. You have to be 18+ to get a tattoo done in the uk

It's a shame that this symbol is so well-known, otherwise it would be a wicked tattoo.

To be honest, it's hard to hate the show even past season 5. I'm a sucker for the characters though.

"We watching pornos with angels now?"

Or you just swipe left because if someone intentionally obscures their only profile pic they're probably an uggo.

I would rather my dad have bigger boobs than me then have to fuck him to establish dominance.

Kevin SpacEA?


Pretty old repost

Of course he has more followers. OC generally does less well than a repost

Goddamn that Hunter probably hates his life

There are also apparently semi permanent tattoos that use regular tattoo ink but only on the top layer of your skin, so they last a few weeks until your skin falls off.

I stopped midway through season 12 because without a main baddy the episodes weren't too entertaining. Though I do play to finish watching at some time.

What made you stop watching.

check out @therealburrmartin



just trying to credit the guy, but I removed it

Who wore it best?

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