Dad learns his daughters dance routine so he could help her if she forgot.

Nominating him for Dad of the Year

BBC smashed this with their Christmas Advert in 2017

And his daughter for wingman(wingwoman) of the year. If you know what I mean

I’m swooning at how cute this is!

Seriously, Reddit, shit like this makes me rethink my position on not having children. I felt myself starting to ovulate watching this.

Or you know.. it’s cute because of how caring this grown-ass man is and is willing to help his daughter by showing he cares for her in what could be an embarrassing situation if she forgot??

again with Reddit taking things too far.

EDIT: can’t tell if comment OP is serious or not due to strange profile.

EDIT 2: /u/qwep-mi has problems.

That was magical

He probably learned it so he could help her practice at home ffs.

And he'd be on side stage because she was probably too scared to do it without him there.

The dad waving off the somersault was the best.


Aww. That's really sweet. Such a dedicated father.

Exactly what I was thinking...

I've seen it several times before, but each and every time I get misty. It's so damn adorable.

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Yea, there's already someone doing it, hes making her look backward, and he spun the wrong way, good dad - bad coach.

Coolest dad ever.

This dude parents.


Reading this comment I bet her ovulation stopped dead in it's tracks. Halfway down the tubes and she said "nope, never mind"

No need to shout

Interesting to learn that it was made using a mixture of stop motion and CGI rather than being purely CGI.

He is in a bad position to help her

I'm genuinely sad for you. This is a sweet moment you've warped in your "braincel." My husband is super involved with all of our daughters' activities and it's not seen as creepy or inappropriate. Get some help. Life isn't so bad.

What the hell? Barely puts her arms up for any of the pileauxes, spins the wrong way on the chonkeuse, and looks like she's about to sit down on the lumpeau. And why does she keep staring off stage right? Where is her engagement with the audience? Where is the sensuality, dammit?

I'd ask for my money back. This is not the kind of performance I expect when I go see Giselle.

Omg this made me smile so hard

Go home Dad!

And within three generations you'll be forgotten.

Don't assign a child the task of giving your life meaning, dude....

Good dad. Cherish every bit of it.

Lol "let me."

That and when she throws something in the cart and he just puts it back on the shelf.

I definitely noticed that, and as a father I appreciated it.

Yeah dad is also hanging with leg teacher. I mean dance teacher.

grown ass-man

Bleep-bloop, I'm a bot. This comment was inspired by xkcd#37

there's a woman there that seems to got it covered. thanks tho pops.

Volenteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters or a similar charity in your area. You don't have to be a parent to helping a child out.

Haha, the lean on his knees and hand gesture when she does a flip

"Nah honey, I love you but I am NOT doing that."

You incels need to start sucking each other off as a release. For society's sake.

Which pixel is the dad?

1 DAD. She is definitely a daddy's girl. How I wish all dads love their daughters like her loves her.

I don't question his commitment to sparkle motion

Yeah right... he’s just trying to impress the teacher so he can bone

Exercise that restraint when your mean, butthurt opinions start to conga their way out of your mouth and you'll be in good shape.

Whew lad

You should, you sound like a sad, angry, unhappy old man. Its never too late for an attitude adjustment, if it stinks of shit everywhere you go, best check your shoe

His face is literally like 5 pixels, how is that good looking?

That's the funniest thing about this one, all the "awww that's so nice." You can also tell that he's single from a mile away, 'cause no wife would actually fall for that shit.

Nah. It's definitely because of the teacher

Daddy helped her dodge a ballet.

Actually you're right I am crying

Captain Holt? Is that you?

That is true, but as someone who has been to my share of dance recitals I'm pretty sure she probably wouldn't dance otherwise. Once little kids find their parents in the audience, they just to smile instead of doing the dance.

... What?


What the fuck


Nearly tearing up. And I don’t even have kids. YET!

The saddest thing is that he's probably like 17. Life hasn't even started and he's this miserable.

What is going on with Reddit today? All these posts making me tell all my coworkers I have non-existent allergies...

I think your projecting a lot, perhaps you in particular act really creepy and or rapey around kids and you seem to think all people are treated like that. Believe it or not if you don't offer them candy or do anything weird, you can be around kids, especially if it's your daughter. Half the audience and back stage was probably filled with dad's, many of whom are probably ugly. But being ugly and being creepy around kids aren't the same thing.

I'm not crying... YOU'RE crying.

Get someone to puke on you and you’ll remember.

Have you seen the Cece spin and kiss? It’s really cute.

Ahhh it's so cute that it was hard to get through. I really need to squish something right now.

found his hat

Yeah, wasn't it like unanimously decided that it's wrong for the woman in a relationship to get mad at the man for watching porn? So isn't it just a given that it goes both ways? Oh wait no, these incel freaks don't understand what a double standard is.

I took this journey.

ah. so you are a troll.

Glorious. What a great father.

Guy just wanted to dance.

In fairness, it's not your fault.

There are probably a ton of people considering reposting this to /sub/ladyboners*

Was this shot on a camcorder potato?

Overweight, somewhat unkempt, beta male father here. This has never been the case, if I try and parent my children like this everyone has been wonderfully receptive and supportive.

Some of us only have 4 pixels

This is so nice.

When I was working, in the mid '80s, people would tell me they have allergies but they actually had a cocaine hangover.

Times have changed for the better.


LOL! You wouldn’t be wrong. My user name is because I have a kitten who has lips! He’s posted on my page. Not sure why you got all the downvotes because of a joke on my username.

One day my fiancée is going to notice that I get teary eyed from things like this. I already get enough abuse for sneezing like a kitten. You can’t imagine how emasculating it is to sneeze and hear, "Aww," before, "Bless you."

I'm just sitting here thinking, is this all a ruse so the parents can all giggle with glee as they watch a bunch of cute toddlers fuck up their routine in the most adorable way possible?

Found the overweight balding uncle

Choreography seeks a bit complicated for such a young child no?


No, because Pam still does know how to use her phone. Choosing a phone call over her child...

Stop taking oestrogen dude

But it makes my boobies perky.

Oh miss ballet teacher I can't quite get the pirouette right, mind giving me some private lessons? 😏

To be fair, the audience is probably mostly filled with parents and relatives anyway.

Ugh, I have a kid and I work too much and this hit me right in the gut.

None of the above

My eyes are just a little sweaty today

I've seen someone else make a good point.

The little one might be too scared to do it on her own, and needs him there doing it with her.

And it still doesn't negate the fact that he learned the dance for the kiddo. 😊

And your “looking for a gf” post tells us all a lot about what kind of person you are. 😂😂

The assman is grown

Because the dad is good looking im guessing.

Yeah you're guessing, because you can barely make out that he even has facial hair. Good luck knowing what his eye colour is.

Theyre saying hes trying to bang the dance teacher

If the guy I’m dating doesn’t cry at Pixar movies, I don’t want to date him anymore. You keep doing you buddy. Your fiancée will probably find it sweet.

I always looks at like this even though it's probably dumb and you don't have to have kids to make it happen but I feel you live on through you're influence on other people. The way you influence others influences the way they influence others and so on and so on and even though you aren't remembered 150 years post death a little tiny piece of your influence continues on and on for generations. It helps me deal with death and make it okay for me. Even though I don't believe in heaven or an afterlife and nothing really matters when you're dead it's still nice knowing I was a good influence to people around me and that little piece of me will continue on long after I'm dead.

He's long way from home...

Pfft. Amateur. One of my kids puked in me - straight in my mouth without warning.

Also /sub/ladyboners is CLASSY. Lol lol

The Pussy in front of him though. Dem legs

Very Presidential of you sir