Some dude going to develop erectile dysfunction AND be locked out of his account and be mad as hell.

1990s: "By 2017 we'll have flying cars!"

2017: "Forgot your password? DICK PICS!"

They use their dicks like everyone else???

Then you have to answer security questions, and call your mom to ask what backwater ass street you were born on =/

Well shit my bad.

How would that work?

You're worse than the people that reply to somthing mildly funny with "XD"

It's 2017...women can have dicks too!!

Does lighting effect my password dick pic? Like I would take a picture of my dick in a dark area and it's like "nah, not accepted. Your dick is darker than it was before" like the fuck you mean?

Database of dicks saves your measurements

and for ladies?

No problem man. Hope the rest of the day goes well for you.

smh a simple 5 letter password with atleast one number just dont suffice no mo

So niggas like me can laugh 😂

"Can't login yet, too cold"

Why the fuck did I click that


I'm sorry, it's just Been a rough morning.

It's all fun and games until they have a security breach, and all of a sudden a database of dick pics leak with whatever details you use for the site conveniently attached.

Could be a good thing for some people though. Free advertising and shit.

That was beautiful, both of you.

If you didn't already know, how is it the answer to your security question?

Stupid autocorrect.

A different kind of print identification is necessary...

Let it all out.