Current state of the sub

Current state of the sub

It's gonna be a real hot take, but this sub was so much nicer pre-2015.

It’s gonna be ok ❤️


No, bc we let all our players walk while signing a kicker for too much money when we had a just as good, if not better, rookie at the start of the season. We spent money on an old reviever who was getting cut, and gave away a CB for it with no replacement. And thats just everything tied up in contract negotiations.

We still have to find an owner, trust that a GM who fucked us once wont wont do it again, AND grow into a new OC/DC/STC on top of the bajillion other holes that need filling.

Idgaf about signing these overpriced mother fuckers (Watkins, Sherman, etc) hell- im glad we didnt, but lets not act like there is a lot to get excited about when all we're doing is watching ppl take more money instead of wanting to win with us. Im hoping the draft changes my opinion.

Because we didn't use the entirety of our cap space to sign Sammy Watkins or Allen Robinson. -_-

Dude. Naw. 2015 saw an influx of people, and some serious lingering drama around Greg Hardy situation from 2014, but by now it's died down to pretty much how it was.

Not even. People are so spoiled now. It's ridiculous.

Thanks! I indeed did make it after that MNF game.

That's my dad

Still the hardest I've ever laughed at a negative-Panthers-related thing ever. I can't remember when I saw this posted but it was during the '16 season...possibly after that TB MNF game. I just remember feeling so dejected and seeing this and nearly crying laughing because it's so perfect.

Spot on

Hey I know that guy