Current state of the fandom

Current state of the fandom

And then once they're done, they go back to fighting each other when they realise they disagree.

Makes perfect sense.

You forgot the people who only disliked the last jedi, other than that this practically sums up the fandom right now

Based on history, even if you assassinate Kennedy, Johnson just takes over. And Vietnam still happens.

Someone needs to label snoke as people who only dislike the last jedi lol

I guess I’m Rose because I’m not going to fight what I hate but protect what I love(old EU)

Does the light saber represent Star Wars and the fans destroying it? Or at least sucking the fun out of it...

This already got 2meta4me.

The type of fans that get on the internet and insult the actors to such a degree that they drop off social media to avoid the harassment

Fucking hell, Andy Serkis absolutely nailed that performance.

He nails every performance. Disney should stop killing him half way through movies.

You must be new to Reddit. Go through the sub, toxic is an understatement.

You’re unnnnbalanced!

Guys like this fucker.

Best comment in this thread, cheers dad

I challenge you to show me one performance from him that wasn't great.

I am Kylo here.

Impossible, and I'm pretty sure the archives are complete in this case.

“If a bad Andy Serkis performance does not appear in our records, it does not exist.”

A fairly accurate representation of the Star Wars fandom right now.