This makes me feel better, because the whole Happy Birthday thing always made me sad. Every year.

We don't want Curiosity to come home; we want to bring home to Curiosity.

Don't forget, Curiosity is non-autonomous. It isn't singing on its own; Every year, someone presses the button to send the song to Curiosity so that it can hear what they are singing to it.

Hopefully when AI see this one day, they learn from the things that make us human and have mercy on us

^ Exactly This. ^ The story doesn't end when Curiosity has some fatal flaw that causes it to go offline.

Eventually, mankind will colonize mars. Some day, someone will walk out and collect Curiosity and bring him home to that colony.

This is why it will never be sad that it is not coming home and will die on an alien planet alone. It's better this way. Sometimes I wish we were the same way.

I hope I live long enough to get a selfie with Curiosity.

There's always a lot of misinformation about this:

Curiosity doesn't do it every year. It did it only once, on August 5th, 2013, for the one-year anniversary of its landing. It didn't complete the song. It played like two notes before going into safe mode. Safe mode is an automatic stop when the system notices operations getting dangerous, so it stops to prevent hardware damage.

I don't see why they would even begin to have those thoughts, unless we teach them wrong. If a true AI saw the world, it would see that we are all flawed and complicated, and I'm certain that ERADICATION wouldn't be the first thing on it's mind.

I want a by Curiosity selfie.

...wait. That came out wrong.

How do you know that for certain though? Mercy is a complicated subject. A sick dog being put down to spare it the suffering of dying a long death is considered merciful. Maybe that's what the AI would see.

At some point, there was a person who first thought of the birthday ceremony as depressing. Up until that point, everybody involved thought of it as uplifting. And after that person shared their thoughts with other people, it became such an invasive meme that it now needs to be debunked.

I think it's a good lesson about how important it is to keep a positive perspective as much as you can.

And curiosity will be on a museum where my great great great grandson will somehow fuck things up by breaking something.

I'd love a source for this, given all the misconceptions

His name will probably be hashtag or Dabb

Dabb Nificent Chickachic-aaaaahhh VI

Curio City

But that mercy also includes exploring treatment to prolong the dog's life, and even failing that to wait until the dog's suffering outweighs any life experience. An AI would have to have pretty twisted base definitions to consider us hopeless sufferers. Attending one good birthday party, watching a human bite into a simple meal, would put us beyond euthanasia if they held themselves to a standard anything like ours. And if we're the ones teaching them, maybe we can impart that standard to them :)

Video about it including the song.

My personal source for this is that I work on SAM, the instrument involved. /u/flamefoxx99 provided a source for the first bullet. I don't know if there's anything published noting the second.

Of all the things that

Have made me cry today, this

Is my favorite.


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There will one day be at least one major metropolitan Martian city named "Curiosity." Another named Ares. And another named Minerva.

Oh god it's so worst.

We tried to make him sing Happy Birthday to himself and he said: "No sorry I can't it hurts when I do"


Reminds me of this

(sorry, I couldn't find an imgur link)

Despite the name, the link isn't actually curiosity's page. It's another low quality science aggregator. The verified NASA run Twitter page confirms it was a one time event

I don't feel like this discussion belongs in this sub :p

Probably prolonged use in an inappropriate way that would've caused it to become injured in some way.

It can't die because it's never been alive. We just attribute human traits to something not human to be able to relate to it. That's why we so often think an animal is showing human behaviour. It's not: that's just that animal being itself. But we want to relate to it so badly that we try and give it meaning.

Our weird human drive to explore and learn gives me goosebumps sometimes. NASA is just so darn cool. Astronauts and engineers are space cowboys.

On the other hand, Curiosity has the self-confidence to know his limits and say no.


Everyone can interpret their own definition of something, if everything was as black and white as you say, everyone would share the same opinion.

It depends on what data you expose the AI to, since exposing it to 'all data' isn't necessarily viable, unleash it onto /sub/wholesomememes for a day and you'll probably end up with a bot that thinks humanity is all okay and wouldn't need improvement.

Expose it to several different environments all of varying importance and differing situations, and; just like mostly everyone else it will make it's own opinion based off of what it's seen and knows, as opposed to what's told to them.

Of course assuming that the AI in it's whole is fully autonomous and has the brain capacity of us.

You mean we identify the features we share with something when trying to relate to it? what a fucking horrible way to look at the world. /s

It's not about assigning meaning it's about finding common ground and the change in perspective which that common ground grants anyone willing to look from it.

Of all the things that have made me cry today, this is my favorite.

Your username is incredibly fun to say out loud.

I.e., Anthropomorphism

What about spirit

And opportunity? Can

We bring them home too?


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Related xkcd

This is such a sweet and hopeful sentiment that it is making my eyes leak happiness.

You do? Awesome. I recommend checking out, we need a mars rover like this hahah

What kind of dangers? Using too much power?

more appropriately put; negatives highlight WHY positives ARE positive

If Curiosity was alive, it would be so happy to be on Mars. Its whole life was spent in preparation for this. Every day it's doing what it was born to do, in the place it was meant to be. One day it will come to a stop and rest forever in the welcoming soil of its true home, knowing that it lived its best life and its creators are so proud of it.

I don't know what's worse. That name, or fact that there have been five others.

"Coming up after the break: We speak to Colonial Museum police about a young boy currently in custody, and why Curiosity.. really did.. kill the cat."

Don't anthropomorphize robots: they hate that.

Well, you gotta have a negative to see the positive.

This was the cherry on top of a lovely thread.

He's a strong independent 🤖

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Future Gay Capital of Mars :)


Hopefully we can teach the AI that it doesn't know everything. Somehow making the AI realize that's still inferior relative to something even hypothetical in nature. That would be some insane intelligence for a non human. Like he said it's true the AI only know the data available to it. It'd be hard to have a computer have true awareness in a machine. We don't even have true awareness ourselves.

That isn't the case at all, though. Curiosity hummed happy birthday to itself one single time in 2013. It isn't an every year thing. They even said so on the official Twitter/Facebook pages

The comment about the microphone was to make it clear, in case it wasn't, that the audio in that video is not from the SAM on Curiosity, but from the SAM testbed copy at GSFC.

The script written was intended to play the whole song. It did not run the whole way through, on Mars, because overrides kicked in, noticed something was going wrong, and stopped it.

I'd imagine it's power regulation, gyro sensors, weather sensors, all kinds of stuff. There's basically no shot at repairing it so they've probably got multiple of layers of fail-safe protocols and redundant systems, varying in intensity depending on how critical a given system is. If I were a gamblin' man, I'd say that performing too many operations probably triggered some breakpoint for a critical event, like a storm or high winds or something.

TL;DR all of the dangers, ask NASA for details.

Does anyone else think this sounds like a speech the Doctor would make?

Mars is my city

We didn't think the ceremony itself was sad, we thought that the ceremony being done alone was sad. This person is pointing out that it wasn't celebrated by the robot only but by a team of scientists too

With the animal example, we often get it wrong and this can even be harmful to the animal. We might think a smiling monkey is happy when it's actually scared, or a screaming parrot as malicious when it's actually trying to be social. This can lead to the mistreatment or neglect of pets because we don't know what they need.

Rather than assigning human attributes we would be trying to understand the animal's nature and mannerisms so we can accurately interpret their needs.

That's really great! Thanks for sharing!


It was certainly intended to do so. That's a recording from the testbed instrument at NASA GSFC. Curiosity doesn't have a microphone.

Surprisingly enough, an AI can be truly neutral with regards to humans and still most likely lead to human extinction. Read about the paperclip optimizer as one such example (TL;DR: an AI can have a seemingly benign goal like collecting as many paperclips as possible, and end up collecting ever more resources to create more paperclips, to the point of making humans unable to find enough resources to survive. All without any malice, just cold math guiding it to its otherwise benign goal)

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Reminds me of this relevant edited xkcd comic (original is less wholesome), even though it features Spirit.

Reminds me of relevant edited xkcd comic (original is less wholesome), even though it features Spirit.

Curiosity is a tool who's creators and owners respect highly and saw fit to humanize and anthropomorphize. You can't expect to respect the creators without respecting their obvious respect and love toward their creation.

Furthermore, Curiosity isn't a bomb-disposal robot. Curiosity is a science platform. I'd like to think that's why Curiosity was humanized and given a birthday and so much love while a bomb-disposal robot does not. We knew Curiosity wasn't coming back. There was a lot of emotional payload with Curiosity as well as the experimental payload.

Think of it this way: If a bomb-disposal robot does its job and is destroyed in an explosion, they get another bomb-disposal robot. If Curiosity had any major issues anywhere along its journey then not only would the fiscal loss be absurd but years of people's lives would be lost. All the experiments, all the excitement to retrieve data, all the hopes and dreams of people watching and waiting to hear the latest discovery. We wouldn't be able to just "Get another Curiosity." In many ways this is like some people's "professional child". They spent years of their lives designing, building, and planning and it has culminated in not only the creation and launch of Curiosity, but Curiosity's successful mission and operation. There's too much emotion put into it by the people who made Curiosity and her mission successful to just discount it. Their emotion is important and crucial to celebrate as a part of their accomplishments.

If Curiosity had fallen before she landed and did her job then space agencies would have grieved, scientists would have grieved, and we would have grieved. That makes her "alive" enough for me to accept her humanization/anthropomorphizing.

Just because it's a one time thing doesn't make it any less special. The fact that it didn't finish the song doesn't matter as well, it's about the scientist's intentions, and whether their plans actually worked out or not doesn't change any of that.

Why am I tearing up at this? It's such a great way to say it.

If you're actually trying to understand the animal's body language and interpret it accurately, you're not anthropomorphizing it. Saying, 'That parrot feels threatened, you can tell by the way its eyes are dilated,' is very different from, 'That bird just gave me the finger, how rude.'

Because you are a wonderful ridiculous human being that feels love.

I'm there.

What about spirit and opportunity? Can we bring them home too?

It isn't that we shouldn't try to relate to our world in the only ways we know how. It's that we should be careful to assume meaning to everything. An animal is smiling at you? Actually that's just what he looks like. That creature sounds upset? No no, that's how it purrs!

Things like that.

It played the whole song.

Speak for yourself. Personally, I get emotionally attached to things like microwaves, cellphones and guitars all the time. Then again, I'm a bit of an idiot, so that might explain that.

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They care about robots they make like Curiosity so by that logic... Shouldn't you, as well? They respect Curiosity enough to anthropomorphize it. It's doing something great for us, going where we can't right now and helping us learn more. So they gave Curiosity a birthday and it's an honourary human.

Good thing that our good friend Curiosity is on Mars, with an atmosphere.

.... I really needed to hear this today. It's been shitty and I feel like I can't get anything done effectively and I just can't win one today... and I really needed this written to me. Thank you. You're a wonderful person.

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I took a bunch of mushrooms and for some reason had the realization that your birthday is just the number of times you have swung around a star on some tiny ocean filled planet just aimlessly gliding through the universe. Makes me appreciate them more in a weird way.

I mean I feel you but thats just people who have no experiance with the breed. Everyone knows a dogs tail wagging generally means a happy dog and yet I dont see any humans wiggling their buts because they are happy unless there is a camera or booze around.

Human attributes are not always a bad thing to associate with others that may not have them. If my dog is doing 'guilty dog' behavour to appease me and settle a dispute instead of feeling bad emotionally about them causing a dispute it doesnt really matter. The goal is still to resolve the dispute. Its when you do it wrong that its a problem and you cant see past the limited perspective of animal socialisation you have had in your life. Ever seen a wild bird? They fly away. Rabbit? Freezes then runs away. Wild dog? Barks and stomps around.

The problem isnt that people try to find mutual ground with those around them who are not human, the problem is trying to find mutual ground while ignoring facts like personlised body language. I see no reason to refuse to allow any insertion of human emotions and complexity into animals because they are just animals. My supposidly timid pray hamster is a bossy little shit. Can a hamster be capable of the complex nature of bossyness, that I dont know. What I do know is he will protest until he gets his way or a time out, a hamster. Those human projections masked in his native language of body-language/behavour/noises mean I and he can form a complex relationship.

<rant/> sorry, I have had a lot of people scold me for applying human traits to an animal correctly because of some obscure reason like someone else might apply it wrong. My dog thinks he is a cat and my hamster gives me orders, mostly simple ones but you know. I get to use worlds like guilty and bossy, they serve the job better than any rant like this ever will and they use less words.

Isn't Mars a planet though?

I mean, we see attributes. And we created it, so shouldn't it share some of our attributes? We can see it's eyes and it's face, and we know that it was born and will die. And we can see it's journey from the Earth to Mars.

This is literally the best thing I've ever seen on reddit.

I feel like I need to apologize to Siri for using my phone while I poop.

im not crying, youre crying

It's unfortunately very disappointing.

That's not even true either. It played the whole song. Or at least about as much as I used to sing when I attended birthday parties as a kid.

We're supposed to sing Happy Birthday to Curiosity every year now. You haven't been?!

Did the good bot bot die :(

Wouldn't it be quite noble to eventually bring Curiosity home? Sure, its personification, but I could see the scientific community having a welcome home ceremony for Curiosity in the distant future. Something that appreciates what Curiosity gave us.

Pretty gay.

It would probably just be confusing to do it more often, really. Do you measure its birthday by the Earth calendar or the martian calendar? Better to do it once, have that be the official happy birthday, and leave it unsaid the rest of the time.

What's also really nice is that Happy Birthday is finally public domain, so a huge part of our culture can no longer be held hostage.

Fuck yeah it is

Remove the second paragraph, and then yes, I agree completely.

The fact that at some point in the distant future, there will be 7th?