CSS and SpaceX

CSS and SpaceX
display: flex; align-items: center; justify-content: center;

pls hire me elon musk

Sorry, we still support IE 6.

display: flex


Has Elon actually been involved in any of his projects. I assume he just hires a bunch of people to make his ideas reality

.musk { display: flex; };

But your page just redirects to about:blank


Yeah but in my defense I'm mentally retarded

I could launch things I'm space too, for money.

Image Transcription:

[A picture of the character Fry, from the show Futurama. He is sitting in a chair, holding one sandwich in his mouth, one in his hand, and one in his lap.]

When Elon Musk launches a fucking car into orbit and you still can't vertically align shit in CSS


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