Csgo in a nutshell.

Csgo in a nutshell.

For reference, "ублюдок" means bastard.

EDIT: Wow. My top comment is a Russian translation. Thanks.

Except nobody plays Aztec.

Got to watch out for those bleeding walls, they'll get you every time.

I played a shit ton of Source years ago. Tried GO and my experience has been less than stellar.

It pretty much goes like this: I crouch, aim directly at someone that isnt moving, carefully fire single shots and miss. Someone then bunny hops around a corner and, mid air, fired a shot that goes straight through my head.

And is pronounced Ublyudok

Oo-blee-oo-duk(or dok)

It's called de_dust2

They do, it just takes a while to find a game. Also the map is not balanced.

Desmond has a barrow in the market place....

Cyka Blyat Rush B.

Bunny hopping is very hard to do, crouching isn't the best thing to do, just stand still, single shots, aim at the head, fire.

Worst part is trying to get started in that game, I've had the game for a while but I'm just now starting to play it, and people vote to kick me just about every game I play, like, I'm sorry that I don't have god like reflexes yet guys

Why do people still play this game? All I ever hear is complaints about rampant cheating. What's the point? Honestly curious.

pronounced... you-bee-lee-you-dock?

Wait there are balanced maps in CS GO???

Here's the thing: yes cs:hi haso cheaters, but I've seen so many people at low ranks cry about hacking when it's clearly not. So I usually play a ton every few months then kind of fall out of it. In csgo your rank will drop if you DON'T play for a long period of time. So I've gone through silver (the lowest ranks) and nova (the second lowest) about 3 times now. Everytime the people fastest to call cheating were the ones who weren't that good.

Edit: I edited nova I thought I said lowest the first time. I realize that there are cheaters at low elo but I've seen plenty I can easily kill that are "hackers".

There was another Ct on the other side of the wall, was a totally legit shot and not walls.

Molly is the singer in a band.

Dust2 is definitely balanced. At worst it's maybe 8-7 or 9-6 T side, but it's very balanced. There's a reason it hasn't changed in 17 years. Most of the maps in CS GO's active group are very balanced.

CS: Dust2

And with just 2 posts dozens of people decide to never play GSGO

I miss the old map lists :(

I'm banned on 3 tf2 servers because I was doing good on one particular day.

Most of the maps are within 5% winrate for either side in pro matchss.

My mom is a bicycle

Enough for CS:GO

Are you speaking english?

1) it really is one of the few shooters on the market that requires a lot of skill. Almost every death is deserved and almost every kill is earned - particularly in high level play. Because of this, it is much more like a "sport" than just about any other shooter on the market.

2) because of 1 it takes a long time to get to grips with the game and become competent. To use another popular shooter as an example - after about 130 hours in a call of duty game, you have probably hit prestige 10 and know all there really is to know about the game. The rest is just reflexes and a bit of luck. In CS 130 hours is a total and compete noob... This person has barely hit the tip of the iceberg. Pros and cons here... Pro, the game has an insanely high skill ceiling and you can play for a decade and still see and learn new things and new strategies. Con... It isn't unheard of to not get single kill your first week of playing.

3) ultimately 1+ 2 = a game that is very unique, has a lot of "old school" design and caters to a very hard core crowd without being very serious or complicated in it's mechanics (like say, Arma or Rainbow Six Siege).

TLDR: it's unique in this day and age (although it hails from a time where shooters like this were the norm) and has a skill ceiling high enough it's hard for the devout to get bored. However devotion literally translates to years.

Quick edit: cheating isn't 1/100 as bad as people would claim... Any game with one life and a high skill ceiling will have a problem with cheating accusations.

And then a headshot from behind gives death her hand. Oo-blee-oo-duk, oo-blee-oo-duk

Not really a bug, just leftover jump behaviour from Half-Life

What the fuck is jiggle peeking? Do you pay the escort extra for that?

La la la la cyka blyat.

You're somebody to me

Don't you have water bottle flipping to do somewhere?

Rush b nahui blyad babushka borsch cyka.

You can still get kicked (and are more likely to be kicked) in Casual.

But they are still in the game?

Nova is second lowest.

you could see his foot, TOTALLY legit, just gotta have that gaming chair and high-end headphones

Hardly anyone plays them so it takes awhile to find a match. They are still there, but they've essentially been forgotten by most of the community and by even the developers since they haven't been given any attention on balancing.

I would suggest finding FFA DM servers or Aim servers to get your aim going. Also the training map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=243702660 Also for learning recoil patterns recoil master https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=419404847 Start with the m4a1_s, then do the m4a4 and then do the AK. Do both M4's because you will get dropped the other one and not know what to do with it. If you learn in that order, they kind of lead into one another, so it's easier. Just forget the last 3 bullets of the AK unless you get really good. CS is the best game I have ever played, I would highly recommend you keep trying. Also you probably need to lower your sensitivity. Most pro players are around 6/11 windows, 400 dpi and somewhere between 1.5 and 3.0 sensitivity. So if you want to go in the middle go 2.25. There are the odd players that have it outside those ranges, but most are in that range. Good luck. Edit: Lowering your sensitivity will make you worse before it makes you better. Can take up to two months to get used to a new sensitivity.

Not necessarily, jiggle peaking is only really best used in very few situations, IE when baiting an awp shot, or keeping someone off a defuse.

Keep it cheeki breeki.

You in a nutshell

Bunny hopping is still a thing? Like how it used to be with 1.1?

Man, I used to be able to get around dust in maybe 10 jumps or so using that bug. Could travel almost all the path under the bridge in a single bound once I got moving.

Just don't go to competitive if you're a beginner... Play loads of dm or community servers first. By going for comp without knowing at all how to spray or any basic game knowledge, you'll just get wrecked.

Because the CTs spawn on and hold that side of the map.

No, the meta is jiggle-peeking now.

Desmond says to Molly, "girl I like your face"

Not a higher accuracy, while crouching and moving you retain the same accuracy as if you were standing still.

Just try and practice ur sprays man.

I have 6390 hours in CSGO and I'd rather Soldier Front two...


You must be new/only play casual. But yes, at higher levels it is very common.

I play Aztec... I'm nobody...

if you actually followed the vac waves you'd see there are tons of cheaters.

looking at my history right now, from the last 50 games i've played, 12 people have been banned (3 from my team, 9 from opposing) and only 2 of the games had more than one (2 each). and that's just the ones that have been caught.

the frequency of cheating is pretty damn high, certainly more than any other competitive game i know of.

sure, people complain a shit-ton about cheating, but it's not without reason.

and yes, i play prime. eu, MGE, only solo.

It's also used for prefiring angles. You can jiggle peak B apps on Mirage if you're a T and get a cheeky headshot. Or you could jiggle peak A ramp and try to get the cheeky tap on stairs. Same goes for Palace.

Well its cos most of them are hostage missions and only bomb plant maps are getting played competetively thats why. Though Valve has been updating older maps so there is still hope that older maps will get revitalized.

Мои мама — велосипед

And that's the extent of my Russian.

Normally the best way to get someone interested in a game is to let him talk to someone who loves the game.

Not for CS apparently cause i definitely don't want to play this game after i read all this.

T and CT should be switched.

Cache, Mirage, Overpass...

I feel you on that. Some of my best memories were playing rotation servers on CS 1.6, where you could play for hours and not play the same map twice. This was when there was no ranking system so nobody cared about balanced maps or playing competitively. We just played because it was a good time and we had fun, that is what I miss.

Now everything is centered around ranking systems and trying to balance everything perfectly so we can play competitively so nobody bitches. What happened to just playing and having fun?

It honestly took me ages to get used to GO from Source. I've got about five years of Source under my belt, and when I tried the GO beta for the first time I swore I'd never play it again. Well four months later and all the servers I play on start dying out, so I tough it out and make the switch. It took me about six months to a year to fully adapt to GO (spray patterns, new maps, differences in general mechanics) but I honestly really enjoy the game now.

Tl;dr sick through it and it really isn't that bad. Just takes some time to get used to the differences.

Not much trump on front page, but still have to get mandated daily posts.

A lot of Russian going on in Reddit today.

That's a really long nutshell.

oh-blah-dee oh-blah-dah

I cannot compete with people who have this kind of free time. The fun must begin the moment I start playing, not after a week of this reload-training nonsense.

That's like having to eat a pound of kale before eating every Dorito.