Crowd boo'ing SSG

Crowd boo'ing SSG
Crowd boo'ing SSG

Youtube link of the moment:

credits to /u/lmAlex

Chants TSM, boos the foreign team, what a bunch morons


2016-10-13 22:11 UTC

Regardless of wherever I played, Korea, Europe, etc we always got cheered on. It's just the polite thing to do.

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Even Hai is embarrassed by this...

Bunch of manchilds in the crowd.

Edit: To all those people asking me if i never watched real sports etc., cause i'm tired answering them.

I have a season ticket for a german bundesliga club (BVB) since over 5 years, so i know myself that booing and even insulting is pretty standard there.

But comparing sports with eSport is just dumb.

This is the first time in LoL a crowd booed a foreign team like this, so i wouldn't consider that normal, and you could see how uncomfortable SSG felt when they got booed at.

If it would be normal, threads like these wouldn't even exist, and pros like Hai and Bjergsen wouldn't complain about it aswell.

On the bright side, the crowd cheered for SSG when they went off stage, so that was a really nice thing to do and hope SSG doesn't feel bad now.

20 seconds after the booing

You can really tell you guys are not used to sports.

its understandable

there is no reason to do it and its super disrespectful

French crowd > NA crowd :)

I think the C9 players on stage were ashamed for that. It is just inexcusable.

Crown is gonna wipe the floor with them now rofl

Gonna be hilarious when C9 is getting their shit pushed in and the crowd goes dead silent.

Every crowd > US crowd

Pretty bad mannered if you ask me..

Atleast in the game SSG players dont need soundproof booths coz all the crowd is silent during the game.

Maybe I am the odd one out, but as some one who has been to a TON of sporting events, this is pretty normal and part of the reason home field is such a big thing. It makes no sense to me that people want League to be more like the major sports and they want it to be mainstream, but then rage when signs of traditional sports show up.

Compared to RIOTING after a sports team loses, this is rather minor.

Twitter does not approve of Chicago's bad manners


And then everybody is surprised why the community is shitting on the TSM fans when there team shits the bed.

welcome to chicago

Edit: My first gold, thank you, kind stranger!

Edit: My first gold, thank you, kind stranger!

Canadian crowd > US crowd

Crowd before the 1st game

Crowd after the 1st game

Crowd after the 1st game

This has nothing to do with sports. The crowd is just angry about their Note 7s

Gotta beat them while they are down.

NO crowd > NA crowd

feels bad that they have to feel bad for their fans

I'd like to believe that those weren't the C9 fans, those were all the NA bandwagoners who are supporting C9 just because they're the only NA team left.

How is TSM in this discussion? It's C9 vs SSG.

However, it's common US sports culture to boo the "away" team.

San Francisco didn't boo.

He apologized in advance

To play devil's advocate, they're in Chicago. Home of two different MLB teams, also home of the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, and Chicago Blackhawks. This is a very very sports heavy city and obviously the crowd is filled with people who want to see the home team win. Booing or otherwise distracting the opposing team is pretty standard in American sports. The fans didn't come to this event to show their appreciation, they're there to watch the home team win.

That said, if this was two foreign teams playing each other, I would absolutely not expect to hear booing, but I guess well find that out for sure soon enough.

Also someone pointed out TSM getting boo'd by the french crowd @ worlds 2015:

It's common in sport heavy cities. Chicago being near #1 sport heavy city.

California, although having a ton of teams, isn't nearly as sports heavy as Chicago.

As a person raised in both, Chicago sucks.

Edit: Holy moly people, I don't give a shit how many teams you have or how many events your team won. Come to Chicago and get beat up for wearing an opposing teams jersey, or even wearing a jersey of a losing Chicago team, that's what I'm talking about.

Game # 3: Crowd "USA, USA, USA" CuVee "First Blood". I laughed so hard.

I think this year's MSI crowd was the best.. Outplays and kills were cheered on no matter what team. No random TSM chants that overpowers casters. They only cheered for RNG after they have won, not in-game. They even cheered for CLG.

Really disappointed by this crowd in Chicago. So disrespectful.

Crown > Crowd


I'm from Europe and consider myself a C9 fan. The booing just made me feel like a fool for being associated with the crowd.

Lmao I knew reddit would have a stroke as soon as I heard it.

No one beats the crowd in France if you ask me.

yeah , specially doing it at the Worlds. I cant remember in s4 western teams to be boo'ed by the korean fans.

Actually that's quite possible, they were chanting TSM earlier.

The prophet. Edit: /s

85% of the people watching are kids who never played sports before. People boo all the time. Is it disrespectful? Sure, but that is kind of the point. lol.

edit-Yea i made up the number, pulled it strait out of my ass. The number doesn't matter, the majority of people up here is who I am referring to.

It's really embarrassing. I was so hoping our fans wouldn't do that before they came out. I knew they wouldn't cheer as loud but I didn't want that shitty sportsmanship.

You just can't see him.

Props to Hai for standing up for esports manners

don't crucify me it was in good fun

Haha, Come to philly if you ever want to see tons of die hard fans who generally don't care about what the rest of the world thinks of us.

This thread

Is this thread for real?

People are actually getting offended on it when THIS VERY WEBSITE is the biggest perpetrator of shitting on teams/regions just based on where they play?

This is legitimately no different than any of the EULUL posts in the first week or the NALUL posts now. These are people with national pride who paid to get their tickets and are entitled to enjoy the game however they want.

Basically, they don't call it homefield advantage for nothing. The Home crowd is SUPPOSED to try and make the visiting teams uncomfortable.

Anyone who is "ashamed" or "embarrassed" by this literally how NO CLUE what competitive/sports culture is like.

I am in The Chicago theater right now and I feel like someone should mention that the boos first started after crown's comment in the intro video where he basically said, "sorry NA we are here to win." The comment itself is fine, but when you call out the home crowd, you should expect to get a negative reaction. The booing then carried through to introductions. Whether or not you still feel it is wrong, it's important to put the reaction in context.

Because this doesn't happen in other sports. In League of Legends everyone is nice to each other and nobody is ever toxic or mean.

The common sense.


Its pretty funny seeing all the hardcore esports fans who try to push League to be a real sport getting triggered at something they do at literally every sporting event in the US

Chanting TSM pretty much became an iconic league of legends thing, not necessarily TSM fans.

I'm all for C9 beating SSG, but have some respect.

As if he doesn't hope they get 3-0'd regardless of the crowd lmao.

And monte:

Seriously I just don't get why everyone freaks out about this. Everyone wants league to be treated the same as sports. This shit is how fans react to a rival sports team. You can't pick and choose the things you want. I'm from Chicago and not the least bit surprised people are booing for the team they want to lose. I personally wouldn't boo them but I don't blame them at all for doing it. Not gonna cheer for a team I don't want to win.


2016-10-13 22:57 UTC

Maybe the crowd was booing C9 since they didn’t bother to show up today?


2016-10-13 23:01 UTC

After the crowd reaction, I hope C9 loses all three games in under 30 minutes.

And I hope the Cubs get destroyed.


2016-10-13 23:03 UTC

You are lucky I'm not there, Chicago. I would definitely be talking about the Cubs on the desk.

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Crowd after 3rd game

I'm from /sub/all so can anyone explain why this matters? I grew up around British football, boxing and rugby, also watch MMA and booing is common in all of these sports. It's part of the fun and the people who paid money for their ticket are perceived to have the right to boo or cheer for whoever they want to in these sports.

Why is it different here? This makes me far more interested in League as a sport because it shows that there's some character. What's the issue?

lol this was my reaction too. philly boos their own teams


2016-10-13 22:13 UTC

@HooterTheHammer people try to argue esport n sport different all the time, then use similarities when convenient

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It's really typical for Americans to always shout USA no matter what the topic is isnt it?


2016-10-13 22:09 UTC

Have some class and cheer for all the teams whether they're your favourites or not. All teams deserve your respect and support! #Worlds

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Yeah I'm a little embarrassed that everyone is blaming TSM fans for the booing.

If there was any shit talk from Korea against C9 then I could see the reason behind some booing, but there wasn't. There is no rivalry here so I do not see the reason behind booing SSG. It is rude as fuck.

Dumbass kids i swear

Not even respecting their own team. Jesus christ

Next time they visit Philly and Reddit implodes because of the booing.

someone said the crowd was chanting TSM earlier

That's just Jatt being Jatt. He states the facts and leaves others to make an opinion on it. Sure sometimes he says you misplayed at League, but that's because you misplayed at League. Fact.

As if c9 isnt getting 3-0'd regardless of anything lmao

The biggest thing is none of these are the 'home' teams. The event is just hosted in America this year and the Korean team have came over. So its like when the olympics were in London and they introduced every runner and imagine they all got booed apart from the British one

Chi-town don't play

Crowd after 2nd game

"We want League to be a real sport, but we have to protect everyone's feelings"

This happens in every traditional sport when the away team enters the stadium, why is this causing a fuss...

Here's the thing, in American sports, it happens all the time, so everyone understands it's part of the culture. But it's not happening all the time in esports, so it's not an established practice. How come we didn't hear this kind of booing when foreign teams played vs. NA teams in the group stages, or at almost all other international events in NA? If it were consistent then this argument would make more sense.

Exactly, the fans are just warming up to boo the Bears come sunday.



2016-10-13 22:28 UTC

Let me follow by saying that I'm hugely disappointed in the lack of sportsmanship from the crowd during team intros. (1/2) #Worlds


2016-10-13 22:29 UTC

.@RiotDash #Worlds is meant to be a celebration of the top talent in the world and should be treated as such. (2/2)

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Don't remember Koreans boo'ing NA teams in S4.

I guess you didn't see that Chinese crowd after the SKT vs RNG series.

or national hope

but they were at a League of Legends event..?

To people throwing the "it's the home crowd" excuse, that "culture" relies on the away team eventually being the home team. Not the case.

Plus People already forgot how Koreans cheered equally upon C9 and TSM. (credit to Lazarus)

The TSM thing was really something. They messed up, fixed it backstage and apologized to the only party affected (SSG) but on reddit, people were already calling for their heads, destroying every member of the team, calling out Weldon, saying TSM is the literal devil.

Hell Philly will boo their own teams I hate to see what they'd do in this situation

Thats normal in America for major sporting events I don't get why people are so angered by it.

They always chant tsm are you new?

This post was made by a soccer mom

TSM chants tend to appear when theyre wildly inappropriate. Say, immediately after the words "Let's hear it for your 16 worlds teams," or right before a match where another NA team that could use support plays a Korean team, or when they aren't even at the event. It's one of the many reasons why its frustrating, because instead of supporting other teams when appropriate, it makes the moment all about TSM regardless of when they have anything to do it or not.

Saying "it's just a thing that happens" is a poor excuse.

You guys have thin skin holy fuck, It's totally normal to throw heat against the foreign team, you gotta make them feel the hometown advantage.

the french crowd really was amazing, they just hyped good plays and good players and cheered for everyone. They even made some post game interviews so funny with all the cheering. This was just so bad, why you are "booing". I just don't understand it. Are they really so mad TSM didn't made it out of groups that they have to boo at Samsung.

Chanting TSM is a meme so I think SSG would have found it funnyish.

yeah that was really lame. ffs just no respect for any of the other teams?

people also lost their shit at the Olympics... people just love losing their shit


TSM Didn't shake hands!??? HOW FUCKING DARE THEY

Seriously. Try telling me the hosting fans of the world cup don't boo the shit out of whatever team is playing against theirs.

I'm from /sub/all and am wondering why this is such a big deal. All these dudes get paid to play this game right? Then it seems like it should be fair game to boo the opposing team just like literally every other sport. I don't see how this would be a turn off to people new to this sport. If anything it adds more of an atmosphere.

edit: Actually, contrary to my above post, the Brazilians booed some of the Olympians and everyone thought it was in bad taste. So maybe these "booing is frowned upon" people have a point. Different sports, different culture. And it's their sport, so it's their culture.

Same community that idolises people that tells other players that they should commit suicide starts crying when the crowd boo, hilarious


I had to stand up and take a walk from this, wtf.

This is the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, and the US is HOSTING. Sure there will be fan favorites, but fucking booing people who has sacrificed their time and effort for literally years to reach the highest level, travel across the world to compete in the world championship to fucking get booed on stage. This is a disgrace, and if this sport is to be taken seriously should not be allowed to happen.

There will be a lot of new viewers tonight, lets hope this wont be a theme for the night.

To be fair they cheered the players despite booing the team.

Hell even other teams when they make a play yell TSM in their coms.

The crowd were a bunch of shit heads. Pathetic

and if this sport is to be taken seriously should not be allowed to happen.

Except booing the away team is normal in traditional sports.