Crossing a solid line, WCGW?

Holy shit...the guy flying out the window. Wear your seatbelt kids.

Was crossing a double line the issue here? Looked more like making a u-turn from the right-hand lane was the problem.

Also you're not suppose to move the body.

Edit: yes there are instances when it's necessary to move someone, however if you must, exercise extreme caution, there are ways/methods to safely move somebody. Also, if you simply MUST I recommend NOT grabbing him by the arms, flipping him over, and dragging him by his armpits. There are professional medical techniques for this

That infuriates me when people do that. They put on their right blinker - or no blinker - and pull slightly to the right and slow down. And then when you go to drive around them on the left because all evidence points to them pulling off the road, they swing a hard left and pull in front of you. Normally it's not on a higher-speed road, so it's just honks and fingers. This is pretty much worse case scenario.

This can't be said enough. My brother broke his neck body surfing. Lucky for him, the guy who pulled him out of the water took the time to do so properly or he would have died.

Edit-since so many are asking, and my original reply is buried. Again, I don't know how to link previous comments, so here is a copy and paste.

The guy who pulled my brother out of the water was a catholic priest who had medical training. My brother was drowning, so the first thing he did was turn him over. He got behind my brother, brought his arms under my bro's armpits, bringing his hands up to stabilize bro's head as he pulled bro only far enough to get away from the water line. At this point, there were others assisting the priest. One of which laid a towel down for my bro to rest on. Lifeguard brought the board, and they slid him onto the board using the towel. the priest was stabilizing bro's head the entire time. My bro was not breathing, so my mom started CPR while the priest continued to stabilized bro's head and neck. Here is a comment I made a while back. Don't no how to link, so I just copied and pasted.

My mother giving my brother CPR on the beach after he broke his neck and almost drowned. He was in the water for about 4 minutes. Then watching the helicopter take him away not knowing if he was dead or alive. He defied the odds and went on to live another 36 productive years as a quadrapalegic. I was with him when he died a few years ago. Damn, we had some good times. Edit- to answer a few questions. He was body surfing at Rehobeth beach in 1980. There was a major storm/hurricane some miles off shore which can cause waves to carry one further and break on the shore. He was basically pounded into the sand head first. He went on to graduate highs school, college, and some law school. Eventually went into social work/advocacy. Was able to work till about 40. Lived till 52. He broke the same vertebrae as Christopher Reeves, but was able to breath on his own. Dr's told us not to expect him to live past his 20's. Edit-here's the last pic him before he broke his neck. Here's the last good pic a few weeks before he passed.

Never ever move someone like that. He could have damage to his spine and you could worsen his injuries.

Edit: except if there is danger or if you need to apply CPR

How is it in this day and age people still don't wear their seatbelts?!

I feel like the solid line wasn't really this dude's problem.

If you fly out of a car during an impact, and lie motionless for a time, and you don't require hospitalization... I say it's a win.

Making a u-turn without even looking, apparently.

Start sending him daily videos of people crashing without seatbelts.

If I had a driving memoir, it’d be called Honks and Fingers.

Ilegal turning

No seatbelt

Friend moves the dude like a doll.


While we're at it - never move a car like that. Or else someone might come from behind you really quickly and move your car like that.

Video source

He did not need hospitalization.


My fiance used to not wear them. He had made it a habit when he first started driving. He starting wearing one again when I started pestering him about it everytime we went somewhere. Now when I'm not in the car... I don't know. He worries me sometimes. :c

My brother, and one other person who wasn't an idiot, had to stop the other people on the scene of a bad accident from trying to move a girl who was thrown from the vehicle. They wanted to pull her up the hill. Fortunately he's like, 6'6", so when he got in their face a said they weren't moving her, they backed off. That's why you should try to remember to stop if you see a serious accident. Even if you think there's nothing you can do since you don't know first aid and other people already stopped, or something, you never know who those people are, and the situation might just need someone who isn't a complete moron.

If you are in an accident this severe (or less) and “don’t require hospitlization” please make sure you still get checked out or have someone monitoring you for 24-48 hours. There are a lot of things EMTs can easily miss and/or are not trained to find and sometimes symptoms may not occur instantly. Be careful out there kids!

This is reasonable

It looks like they may be following the lead of the black car that did the U turn first. Like they were following each other somewhere and got lost. Probably assumed since that car turned its safe for me. Not saying this is a good thing to do, just trying understand the logic of such asinine maneuver smh.

Huh, that also happens to be the title of my sex memoir.

Tbh if you are able to drive a car but don’t care for your own life enough to put on your seat belt, are you really an adult?

What the absolute fuck! Neither car should have pulled a U turn on a route/highway like this, especially car number 2 doing it from the right hand lane with no turn signal (at least not that I can tell). Freaking imbeciles!

There are lots of caveats to that. For example of the air way is compromised or if you need to do CPR and you need to move them to do that effectively. Another example is if they're in immediate danger in their current location.

This is especially relevant to motorcycle crashes where people seem to think you can't remove the helmet at any cost. If I can't do effective CPR and they're not breathing, then the helmet is coming off. It'll be controlled to minimise impact of any c-spine injuries, but any additional injuries are secondary to being dead.

I was stunned when I was assigned to Italy in the late 80s. Cars didn't have seat belts in the back and a lot of people wouldn't wear then in the front. The ambulance crews wore cloth gloves if they wore any at all. Their policy was to get the patient on a back board, maybe, and get the to the hospital as quickly as possible and often provided little in the way of first aide. People would often just drag people out of the cars while waiting for the ambulance.


True ! One of my friends met with an accident and seemed like he didn't even had a scratch. Went home that day without getting checked. Next day morning he was found dead in his sleep because of internal bleeding in his head. :/

While were at it, don't move at all. The safest place in the world is your computer chair.

Yes and another thing these people don't realize is that You are actually putting everyone else in the car at risk as well because you become a projectile bouncing around the inside of the car, so also a selfish move.

Moving a body that was immediately thrown from a car

what could go wrong

An old lady did this to me yesterday while I was in a fully loaded FedEx box truck. All my packages came tumbling off the shelves and pinned my compartment door shut. Had to spend the better part of an hour cleaning everything back up. Was out until 9pm. Oh, and some dumb coose in a Hyundai was about two feet from death because she missed her turn and yanked her steering wheel to the left with no turn signal from the right lane, two lanes over. The shit you see out here is amazing.

The guy sees his friend/family member on the ground and feels compelled to do something. It's 100% natural.

I've got a mid 60's Dodge and rear lap seat belts were an option then. My kids refuse to ride in it because they're smart.

I was kid when seat belts came out and they made so much sense to me. My parents hated them and rolled them up and shoved them down in the seats. I was always digging them out. Later I became a school bus driver in Montana and there was legal talk of putting them on school buses. Critics said "how you going to get kids to wear them?" Later I moved to California and the school buses had seat belts. The kids have been belted into seats since birth had no problem with it. Only one that didn't was a really fat high school student that couldn't even sit facing forward.

surprisingly little people know this.

Little people know a lot more than normal people give them credit for. They also know exactly how tall you need to be to ride each ride at Disneyworld.

They'll just become a cannonball and murder everyone else they encounter while they're thrown through the air inside the bus.

NH resident here: Live free or die


Apparently, 19 states have seat belt use rates above 90%. 19. I mean, the US as a whole has an average 90% use rate, but still, with places like New Hampshire (70.2%) and South Dakota (69.7%), it's pretty scary.

Scarring, but effective!

I had an old lady do this to me a few months ago. Pulled to the right like she was pulling over to the shoulder, then just darts out in front of me to make a u turn. Fortunately I had enough distance to slam on the brakes and stop before hitting her right in the drivers side with maybe only 2 feet to spare. Not for nothing, if I did end up hitting her at speed she would have probably been killed. I was so pissed off, I layed on my horn and gave her a double middle finger. She had this look on her face like she didn't do shit and gave me the finger back. I just can't understand the stupidity...

Am I crazy or is there still a person in the driver's seat? That means a passenger was flung over the top of the driver and out their driver's window? 




If you must get them off the road, do it as gently as you can while taking this into consideration! 

Also, keep their feet elevated to keep them from going into shock. 

EDIT: Or ignore the elevated feet advice. I'm getting conflicting information.

Am I crazy or is there still a person in the driver's seat? That means a passenger was flung over the top of the driver and out their driver's window?



If you must get them off the road, do it as gently as you can while taking this into consideration!

Also, keep their feet elevated to keep them from going into shock.

EDIT: Or ignore the elevated feet advice. I'm getting conflicting information.

Funny, that’s what he thought too!

Jesus Christ people, just drive down the road to a light or turn lane or a shopping area where you can just turn around like a normal SAFE driver! You're only saving yourself like what, 10 seconds?

Yep, this post is full of mistakes, including the title.

I'm fortunate. The only thing of mine that's ever broken, is my spirit.

If someone gets in my car and doesn't put on their seatbelt, I won't even crank the engine. We'll just sit there. Until they ask what we're doing. "Waiting for you to put on your seatbelt."

Who even picks someone up like that? It almost looks like he's thinking "quick let me hide the body!"

Also, add one of these to his car to help encourage him to buckle up.

Also, to his car to help encourage him to buckle up.

Only one that didn't was a really fat high school student that couldn't even sit facing forward.

Luckily, it's unlikely that they'll be thrown out the window on impact.

Yeah that's what I see too. Plus the way the guy sprints to help shows he probably knows the person on the ground. Although his "help" wasn't very helpful... Edit: nvm I think it's the driver that gets out. Bad driver and shitty medic

As a motorcycle rider, this is the shit that scares me. It's so unpredictable and unavoidable once the chain of events starts.

Idiot drivers make my piss boil..

I'm sorry for your loss <3

You don't need a computer to have a computer chair 😏

As a fellow rider, the same rule applies - everyone is trying to kill you, all the time.

surprisingly little people know this. There was an incident in my Condo in which a woman fell out of the 6th floor (don't know the circumstances but heard she was suicidal) she came from the 6th floor balcony, hit a glass canopy on the way down before bouncing unto the pavement. her husband ran down, picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and took her upstairs, called no one. Security saw the mess, called police who got footage of him carrying her through the back lobby. the husband was arrested but later released when police determined she jumped, and them being somewhat new immigrants from Korea, it was said he had no idea he wasn't supposed to move her, and he picked her up and took her up out of shock and stress. The woman died in hospital from what i heard.

What's crazy to me is that the passenger who obviously didn't have his seatbelt, flew out of the drivers side window.. So his friend (The Driver) Literally saw him fly out in front of him.. That was kinda impressive and shocking at the same time when I saw that in slow motion.

.ru, what a surprise...

Honks and Fingers:

Two college footballers high on cocaine and viagra at a strip club find themselves outnumbered when they turn left into the men's locker room.

He did not need hospitalization.

Because... he ded?

Yep its as simple as following a list of priorities, but its complex in making those calls.

Step one to the rest of your life, get a computer

It's also incredibly crucial to note that anyone who starts starts a "C-spine" or neck stabilization hold cannot stop or remove themselves from the victim until cleared or the hold is transferred to someone with authority to clear the scene. Same rule applies to Samaritans who start CPR.

Live free properly restrained or die


Plot twist: that vehicle is equipped with an airbag.

There are so many bad decisions here.

The black car doing the silly U-Turn The white car just meandering from the right lane into a U-Turn The person not wearing a seat belt in the vehicle that was struck. The driver of the striking vehicle stopping in the middle of the road. The driver of the striking vehicle then getting out in the middle of the road. All of the cars driving by and not stopping to slow on coming traffic And most fucking moronic, the driver of the vehicle that was hit moving the person that was thrown from the vehicle.

God damn people are just so bad at driving.

I've heard plenty of horror stories of people being "fine" after a car crash and then hemorrhaging to death in their sleep that night.

Get checked out. Even if you think you're fine. Your guts might be saying something different. Humans are structured sacks of jelly, and a car doesn't have to physically touch you to kill you. It just has to stop you quickly enough.

I'd just refuse to start driving until they either put a seatbelt on or left.

That shit can be dangerous. I broke my nose body surfing.

had a buddy in high school die because of this. went to pass someone on the left as they were moving to pull to the right and they suddenly turned left right in front of him as he was passing at 55+. Sent his SUV flipping a few times

This is the shit one needs dashcams for.

This isn't about a car accident but a bike accident and a child.

I was at the mail box when the neighbors teen son went by riding his bike without a helmet. He hit a rock or whatever and went head first over the handle bars landing on his head and back.

I had the other neighbors call 911 and I made him lie still and told him not to move.

His father comes and yells at me for calling 911 because there is nothing wrong with him and proceeds to try and make him get up off the ground.

I'm not a tall person but I have a temper and I'm fiercely protective of kids and this asshole had pissed me off.

I told him that he will not touch him, he will back the fuck off .

Paramedics came , did their job and took him to the hospital with dad cussing his ass off ( this father was a real asshole).

Turns out the kid broke his neck and was in the hospital for awhile poor thing had to endure a lot before he could walk again.

His mother came to talk to me and to apologize for her husband's behavior ( because the jackass couldn't do it homself)

Lesson: always wear a helmet, and never move anyone if there is a suspected spinal injury.

This happened to me 3 days ago. I was pulling into my neighborhood when this van in front of me fully pulled over next to the curb. I went to go around him when he suddenly veered left to turn on a street with no turn signal (from the right curb) and I slammed my horn and missed him by about an inch. I was pissed as fuck. Why not use a turn signal and why pull all the way over before turning to the opposite side? Ugh

My old boss maintained that seatbelts were somehow more dangerous than no seatbelt regardless of the data saying traffic fatalities are way down because of safety equipment.

When my brother fell off the roof, my Mum dragged him away a bi. When she brought him to the Doctor and told him everything, the Doctor replied "You may as well have dragged him all the way over here."

My brother was fine though.

God, old people are the worst. They're either the sweetest people ever or the biggest, most miserable, most entitled cuntbags on earth. Not only on the road, just listen to them when in a retail environment

They are right about one thing. The rate of trauma DOES go up when wearing a seatbelt. But the rate of death drastically goes down.

Something about staying alive increases the number of people hurt but not killed

It's super effective!

Kind of mostly true. You do it until relived, or you can not continue, or the scene becomes unsafe. Scene safe and properly relived applies to both of your scenarios.

Jesus Christ what a psa

You forgot about the idiot driver yelling at the other car.

Everytime I have a passenger refuse to put a seatbelt on I let them know they're being rude to me and my health and I don't care if they want to die. It actually works really well for being so douchey.

This guy sits

Get him some therapy and make him look up the definition of "passively suicidal"

I’ve played enough Angry Birds to be able to picture the damage

The stupidity is overwhelming. Probably didn't even check for cars behind him considering how soon he was hit.

Ontario U turn Rules

In Ontario, Canada. you are supposed to pull over to the right, make sure you see the road is clear and then make a u turn and its important you use blinkers appropriately while you do that. I was surprised when I first read this on MTO website, oh, well.

No, more people think "I use my signal when I need to" and have no awareness of when they need to. It's good ol' "I know what I'm doing" syndrome.

Use your signal, people. Every time. You come to the abandoned crossroads where people make deals with the devil and you still use your goddamn signal out there. It's a good habit and it's not like you have to insert a quarter to get it to work. Just move your hand slightly.

but, but, corpses don't need hospitalization...

It was the u turn from the right lane over the double solid line

I so disagree with that. Seat belts come off in a nano second. It is easy for a bus to go on to it's side or top in an accident. Lot of places I drove had little in the way of shoulders on the roads and lot of deep ditches. Of course seats are padded but, I sometimes had high school kids sitting across from an elementary school kid. Be easy for a hit to the side of the bus to sent the high school kid into a 1st grader.

Especially off the bike.

Honks and Fingers sounds like the road pic of a Caucasian singer and Negro piano player during the 1950s.

South Dakota I get. There’s like 10 people living there at any time. New Hampshire disappoints me though.

The guy that struck the idiot was probably just in complete shock. I saw a girl in front of me at an intersection panic and pull out right in front of a car and get t-boned the other day. She climbed out of her car and just stood in the middle of the road completely in a state of shock and panic. It took two dudes to come and physically pick up and move her to the side of the road.

I'm still trying to figure out where the flying body was sitting in the car. Looks like he flew out the rear driver's side, but I'm am going to assume he was sitting in the passenger seat. Hella ride.

This has changed recently. The top priority over airways is catastrophic bleeding. If they're bleeding heavily then you need to control that before CPR would be ineffective due to lack of blood.