Crooked I (KXNG Crooked) posts tracklist for Disc 2 of Eminem’s Revival

Crooked I (KXNG Crooked) posts tracklist for Disc 2 of Eminem’s Revival

If an Eminem associate is actually posting a fake track list then he's a scumbag. This shit has to be real. Is it? Please let it be

If this shit happens, the whole first disc would be completely fine by me.

Why would he have a song with the same name as the Yelawolf album (Trial by Fire) tho?

If people can't access it:

Arsenic ft. Redman


Firing Line ft. J Cole and 50 Cent


Cardinal Rule ft. Dr Dre and Boogie



Butterfly Effect

Fortress of Solitude

Connoisseur ft. Jay Z & Royce Da 5"9

Floodgate ft. Slaughterhouse


Dilated Eyes

Trial by Fire



Connoisseur ft. Jay Z & Royce Da 5"9

Connoisseur ft. Jay Z & Royce Da 5"9

Man, I feel so conflicted. I don't know what to believe right now. I WANT to believe it since the original tracklist is fucking buns and because Crooked is an Em associate, but there are parts of this pic that feel fake as fuck. It just seems way too good to be true.

I want off this ride

That is completely fake

no fucking way. if this is real that's nuts

Born sinner has a 50 cent track.

calling a fake, Crook posts a bunch of stuff on twitter, this is probably just a "what if" situation. This is what the tracklist shoulda been tho

edit: and there is hardly any space between "SIGNAL" and number 16.

If this disc 2 is real that completely makes up for the pop tracks imo

That's fucked up that there's a disc 2 and they still couldn't fit 2 chainz in.

We said the same thing about the other tracklist tho.

J Cole and 50 Cent on the same track in 2017 seems pretty suspect.

'Member when Royce said he was at the baseball game with Shady and Jay-Z on Hell: The Sequel? The math checks out..


Paul is gonna rip Crooked I a new asshole for this fake tracklist

It's fake

Random fan sent it to him yesterday

Damn no 2Chainz even on the fake

But most importantly...

He bacc?

jesus fucking christ



I dunno, most Em stans are aware of Boogie at this point so if someone made a fake list they'd throw him or Conway/Gunn in the mix.

Eminem had a feature on his album last year. I'm fairly sure they're still pretty close (as far as friends at least)

Bad bot.

He protec, but he attac

Em's about to drop a classic lmaooo

It just shows he’s living proof

I marked it Confirmed Fake and stickied a comment about it. If I deleted it, someone else would post it again in an hour or so and it would probably blow up overnight.

BAd Bot.

That's you. That's how stupid you sound, wtfchrlz.

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I'd love to hear Butterfly Effect with Em on it

This Hella fake lmao

It's slaughterhouse, not Slaughter House, which is now defunk so idk why they'd be featured. J Cole and 50 Cent should have been the first clue this shit fake af

Crook does that shit all the time, but still

Cautiously optimistic, mostly cautious

When i first heard the song i thought he really said Eminem

u a smart mod

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The track list literally has slaughterhouse on it, there’s no way crooked wouldn’t know if it’s rea

Lord Jamar?

Crooked is prolly not that close to Eminem lol slaughterhouse ain't been around for like a year almost, and even when they were its been detailed they weren't really working that closely to or with Eminem.

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