Creative way to finde new devs...

Creative way to finde new devs...

Pressing F12 is pretty hardcore I gotta admit.

This is pretty common.

I'm a big fan of headers myself

This is pretty common.

I'm a big fan of myself

How long does a company have to be around before it's no longer considered a fucking "startup"

Startup: Any company that hasn't had an IPO and is younger than Xerox

It'd sort of be like going to a bookstore and slipping a flyer into the middle of books written in German for a job that required being bilingual. Sure, some of the people who find it will have stumbled upon it by accident, but the very fact that you were looking in the place where it was means there's a high chance you're qualified/learning to be qualified

imgur too. TBH I think every tech company does this.

. TBH I think every tech company does this.

TIL Valve is a Startup still.


Many many companies do exactly that since ages. But it comes from apple, so it must be creative and new I guess.

At first I thought the joke was the 412 error…

The analogy would work better with a children's book in German - just being able to understand what's going on in there isn't enough to qualify, but there's a good chance you know more than just that book.

presses f12

Are you some kind of hacker man?!

By mentioning Half-Life 3 you have delayed it by 1 Month. Half-Life 3 is now estimated for release in Jun 2353.

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It's not a joke. They need someone to help them fix the error.

Yet the link they "hide" there for the hax0rs is the same public "careers" page you can find on the front page of their website

I like facebook's approach

First time I saw it, looking forward to see some other creative console outputs...


My buddy pressed F12 once and got access to Facebook's entire web source code

I should have turned him in, the criminal

The way businesses use it, "startup" seems to tell you about what culture they're trying to emulate, and has little to no connecting to when they actually started.

<!- We can't get this to work. Have any ideas? Submit them to ->

tfw when accidentally opening the dev console is how you got interested in Comp Sci

The joke ------------->

Your head -----------> ʘ‿ʘ

I know you were probably joking, but that's an entirely different issue that a lot of sites with personal information face. Malwares and hackers try to get you to paste things in the console to "unlock cool new features", but in reality just steal all your information. Other sites like Discord have a similar warning.

I like to believe it still is.

setenv.add-response-header = ( "X-Human" => "Ello Governor", "Server" => "'; DROP TABLE servertypes; --", "X-TheAnswer" => "42!" )

I prefer hiding stuff in headers :)

google too



Yeah, what exactly is even the point of just linking them to the normal jobs page? Like any developer would only just then realize that Apple is a potential employer

good bot

tfw when

Fortune 500 business organization, startup pay rates

Better download some more RAM just in case he hacks me.

Then they laugh at the person who applied for viewing source

But HL3 was confirmed canceled a couple weeks ago...

Imgur, Tinder, I believe Curse as well on their sites. It's pretty neat.

Möchten sie einen Job?

Klicken sie hier

Edit: Deutsche grammatik ist gefucked

too bad none of them mention the bachelor's degree requirement

Well, they are busy with 3 vr games, but we all know how hl3 went

Ah, so amateurish and unprofessional?

Spankbang's is my favourite.

You are telling me..... ive got a published app on the iOS appstore that had 200 monthly active users as well as a 3d rpg ive spent hundreds of hours on that includes an inventory system, quest management system, crafting system, attribute system, etc. But i have to go back and finish my last year at college if i want to be respected more than a highschool graduate

I always thought that section was more so the recruiting department knows which recruitment strategy is bringing in the most people, I never thought that they actually looked at it as part of your application

Put in GNU Pratchett as well. In honor of a great man.

Then just keep scrolling...

It's not like you have to sit through five 30-second long commercials like you do on Hulu.

This part of the industry needs to change

Startup means nothing nowadays

And then there is this (NSFW)

And then there is

Once a startup, always a startup.

BBC had something similar some time ago with a link to their jobs page ... that didn't have any dev job openings.

That decodes to if anyone was curious

The oldest one I personally remembre is SoundCloud, but since they recently fired half the company, I doubt they still are doing it.

EDIT: nvm it still is there it seems.

The specific post I'm referring to is from 2013, I wonder if there's other documented instances that are from earlier than that.

Well, we can tell that they certainly didn't get interested in English.

512 is 29 and I as a programmer like potencies of two

Probably when it actually starts making money. "Oh we don't make money yet, we're just a startup" - Uber


The fact that they specify base64 kinda ruins it for me. Not too big of a puzzle, but still, having the dev at least "decipher" it themselves is a nice step.

But you solicited the advertisement by visiting their website. Do you also get angry when you see "Share to Facebook" buttons on websites?

NSFW is sensitive for a reason. Do you want your boss seeing that?

A norwegian news site too. Just a rot13 link in a header on all pages, that lead to a 404 with a base64encoded header, that lead to a page inviting visitors into an irc channel if they were looking for work or just wanted to hang out.

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Don't forget rockstar, all star, super star, and some other type or start that recruiters love.

Hey guys look the school website says "fuck you" where the schools name was. I hacked it.

Look at page sources too, sometimes. From, near the bottom:

<!-- _ .__(.)< (MEOW) \___) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-->


this guy fucks.

Woah. Did I just hack the website?

I get annoyed with them more than angry, because they track people (users and non-users alike) across the web. But that's an entirely different cookie to crumble. Besides, you can block them using browser plugins.

I mean, apparently they only expect people to say hello. No reason to make the hurdle too big for that I suppose.

"I somehow avoided hearing about Apple until I was already on your website and looked at the console."

Klicken Sie * Source: had a quiz on that shit today

Nah they actually make money.

It should say "notice how this message is surrounded by errors? Help us out! Apply here: ..."

Just meet people in person, I handle hiring sometime and I've never counted it as a point against someone. Maybe because I am a non CS person myself

Well, if you want the long answer...

Internally, computers store data as long strings of binary. A single bit (binary digit) can be in one of two states, zero or one. As a result, a set of n bits can hold up to 2n distinct values -- if we treat those bits as a number, unsigned (read: always positive), we get a range of zero to 2n - 1; signed, we get a range of -(2n-1) to 2n-1 - 1 (subtracting one from n because one bit has to be set aside to store whether the number is positive or negative, and subtracting one from the positive end but not the negative end to account for +0 and -0 being the same number).

Usually, we use blocks of eight bits called bytes, or larger blocks of two, four, or eight bytes called (respectively) shorts, ints, and longs. We go two-four-eight instead of two-three-four because we are, again, following powers of two -- this time, it's because if we want an int and only have shorts to work with, we can just stick two shorts together and there won't be any wasted space, and likewise for any length that's a power of two.

Now, if you want to have a list of things, you have to store its length. (Or you can set a particular value as the end of the list, but that's trickier to use properly so we usually just store the length.) The length is a number, and you might decide to store it in a byte. Since it doesn't make sense to have a negative length, you use an unsigned byte, and so now the maximum length is 255, since that's the highest value an unsigned byte can store. If you use a short, the maximum length is 65,535 (216 - 1); if you use an int it's 4,294,967,295 (232 - 1); if you use a long it's 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 (264 - 1), but the point still stands anyway -- your lists now have maximum lengths that are all also powers of two. Doubly so, at that, since they're all 22n.

There are lots of other ways powers of two sneak into programming, these are only the most common and also the ones all the others stem back to. The point in the end is that programmers often see powers of two as aesthetically pleasing, too, for the same reason powers of ten are big and round: people think in base ten, and programmers spend an awful lot of time thinking in base two.

(It should be noted that the direct influence of powers of two on most programmers is decreasing somewhat lately, with high-level languages like Python and JavaScript that store numbers as, say, shorts, but then automatically expand them to ints or longs or even further up if the numbers get that big. Although there will always be lower-level programmers dealing with powers of two more directly, higher-level programmers caring about them is mostly tradition more than anything.)