Creating the shot

That was surprisingly less complicated than I thought it would be

I actually thought it would mostly be digital and wouldn't involve "physical" work like setting up and cutting a box, so it was slightly more work than I expected!

The acting is what sold it for me.

The emotion really reads as “This garage is too small for me.” I felt it.

Well sure, but how do you find a box big enough for Big Kevin?

Well most cgi (I'm not saying this is cgi, just using it as an example) and computer editing often uses physical things as a base

"Oh shit the red sharpie isnt coming off my phone.."

Thanks for ruining it brad

I thought that was a big Paul Rudd.

Rubbing alcohol removes permanent marker.

Should have cut off the bottom of the box so it was actually garage floor under him

Ask the funeral people

Right? Guy has a tripod, a phone, and a dry erase marker and he's basically James Cameron.

Why the FUCK am I in this lift?

Fair point!

Artist / source is @kevinbparry on Instagram


That's some Attack on Titan looking shit

Getting the perspective right is worth the effort. Humans are really good at noticing when things look "off" even if they can't pinpoint exactly why it looks wrong.

Hey, I made this! If anyone cares to see the actual video with me explaining stuff, check 'er out at

So does colouring over it with a dry erase marker, then rubbing it off.

Fun fact: For Avatar, James Cameron personally hand-colored all the Na'vi with a dry erase marker. He's so dedicated to his craft.

...being weirdly passive aggressive? Sure hope so, but doubt it!

...are we done here?

So does throwing the phone away.

There are chromakey (green/bluescreen) shots that are like the weatherperson in that it is just a person in front of a greenscreen and the entire backdrop is replaced by a separately recorded image. Whose Line Is It Anyway similarly uses this technique for one of its games.

However, for many modern chromakey stuff that you see on TV or in films, there is a lot of practical work done to ensure that the two 'plates' (the two separate shots being composited) play nicely together.

These shots MOSTLY involve actual people in a greenscreen space composited with either actual background footage or virtual backgrounds.

Either way, the foreground shots often are not simply people in a green room, but (aside from hashes and markings to reference the angles or background walls and objects and things) may also include partial sets or props; but also various protrusions and objects in green - whether it's a green object to lean against (later to be replaced by a background object) or a green wall that will act as a mask for some object in the scene that is in front of the people... From my brief research and observation, it seems that 'green things' are becoming a bit less common in favour of actually producing some practical foreground set to interact with the virtual background. That could just be the stuff I happen to have seen though.

When the background shot is practical footage, if the shot is going to be moving, they also have to use a system that locks down and replicates the camera's movement path identically for both shots (so the background and foreground move at the same time and in the same directions).

Here is a reel I really enjoy: It's a highlight reel of a VFX company's work in 'virtual' backlot - i.e. taking actors and using CGI to create the environment rather than having to build a set or go on location. It's amazing how they do it these days. This gives you a good idea of some of the tricks used to make chromakey work.

This is their 2009 demo reel:

Even from the first shot, you can see how the columns are built as masks in the greenscreen studio. I hadn't realized how long ago that reel was (they have others for more recent years). Now imagine how much improvement there has been in the past 8 years.

I really enjoy the Ugly Betty clip at 0:28 as a good example of blocking.

Edit: This video at 0:45 is another example of the green-stand-in-object method.

Or painted the inside of the box to look like a garage floor, or green and then added a floor and wall effect in post-production.

So does coloring over it with fresh permanent marker then wiping it off before it's dry

A mismatch in perspective is 90% of the reason why so much VFX and compositing from amateurs sucks.

Or just build a tiny garage!

Superhuman-size Ant man?

I mean that's sort of the key right there. I can take two videos on my own, why skim by the part involving technology most of us don't know how to use

/sub/funnyandsad :(

I was sad that this wasn't going to be a DIY miniaturized garage.

Adobe After Effects

Probably because his audience is Instagram and he's making a story.


No dummy you just push the make art button.

Why would he shoot this vertical?? It's a horizontal rectangle he's recording, he could have maximized the resolution used on the targeted area!

Are you ever going to finish?

Also a redditor. And he has a YouTube channel, iirc.

Having the physical box makes the lighting in the shot much more realistic. The shadows would need to be digitally added (or would be noticeably absent)

This is really basic After Effects though.

Put one video layer on top of the other, draw a mask to cut out what you want to see.

The tricky part here is indeed getting those two shots with matching perspective, which is what he achieved with the marker on the screen.

Wow... This thread reached the end of the rope at break neck speed

And any pesky coating on your screen!

So, uh, Giant-Man?

What software did he use?

I think the hardest part was one not really addressed: getting the lighting to match between the two scenes


So does hanging yourself

He doesn't have stuff inside.

Someone ate Alice's cake.

Fun fact: Avatar is Cameron's only sci-fi film not to have any reference to nuclear weapons. He's so dedicated to his craft.

...are we done here?

Even his expression looks like the colossal titan.

Get Instagram ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is exactly right; notice the finished product is a square video.

I haven’t seen a square screen since 1993...

Yeah I can't unsee the cardboard lined garage now.

Fun Fact: Titanic is the largest craft Cameron dedicated his craft to.

A mismatch in perspective is 90% of the reason why so much VFX and compositing from "professionals" sucks.

Or get really, really big

That's a thing, if you haven't read the comics haven't you at least seen Civil War?

Very interesting. If he did this outside the lighting on him would be more accurate though

You're essentially getting at why I made this. Kids are getting too fancy with their VFX videos these days, so I wanted to take it back 100 hundred years. Story > computer effects

Last place I expected to hear a Talking Stalkings callout.

Thanks for the snort.

Maybe because he didn't drag out the video explanation with a bunch of comedy cuts and vanity bullshit like most nowadays, he just cut to the chase, so it looks short and simple. Good on him.

what’s it like being a fucking hack?

Definitely not /sub/restofthefuckingowl

I'm pretty sure it was Tayne.

I thought he built a tiny wooden model of his house.

Yeah, anyone who sees this... Youre also gonna rub the coating off the glass that helps smudges and stuff. If you do something stupid like put marker on your phone, use something like a towel and hairspray.

Fun Fact: The spaceship in Aliens was 385 meters long. The Titanic only measured 269 meters.

I didn't know caskets came in boxes.

Literally unwatchable.

Yes. (it's me in both)

Oh hay

This is the guy who did the walking thing right?


You can see the shadow move across his face as he exits the garage. The scene you are seeing is just a reenactment. His fingers on the hand on his knee are not in the same place as the after-product.

Furthermore, it constrains his movement during the take, ensuring posture and position is correct.

Speaking as a filmmaker, I have a feeling mobile After Effects would lead me to have a nervous breakdown.

Because dry erase ink contains alcohol.

Wow this is really cool.

How is it?

Working at that PR company?

Now if he could just use a higher resolution camera...