Craziest flip ever.

How the fuck is this even possible, he barely jumped

The ground goes up a little bit so he has a bit of a ramp, still absolutely insane

what an odd comment.

Great move, made all the better by the fact that on first viewing I thought it was an old lady hunched over a walker for a second, thanks to the pattern on the shirt.

Damn athletic freaks, I know I dude like this, he's a freak show on the wakeboard, probably should've tried going pro instead of having a kid young, oops

The next guy is like... uhh, I can squat down and make it look like I'm riding a tiny motorcycle?

And all he gets is that BS golf clap from his buddy?

Okay, cool I guess... but it’s still a scooter, man.

Maybe they have beef

Maybe it’s Maybelline?

don’t you dare....that used to be my fucking move back in the day next to the 1/2 second wheelie.

This dude has forgotten the law of gravity

Probably does it all the time. His buddy is probably like “learn a new trick already, dude.”

shit's not easy. at all

Can someone please call God and let him know there's a glitch? Thanks

this guy


Edit: I guess it's not that guy, it's actually this guy.

This is something awesome, the guy is tremendous

Not to be pedantic.. but he didn't exactly say that you said it was easy.

He simply commented that it isn't easy.

He doesn't need to jump, he just needs a fast enough rotation.

The wheels and the ramp help him put almost all his motion into rotation rather than elevation.

Furthermore he's doing something closer to a rodeo than a true backflip, so there's a little less effort required.

Furreal. Maybe I'm just jaded from all the scooter kids who congregate in the bowl at the park for 15 minutes at a time but I believe that the worst skateboarder in the world will always be cooler than the best scooter-er.

Lmao, stop jerking yourself off. There are shitty scooter kids and shitty skateboard kids but that doesn't detract from the effort and hard work this guy put in to be able to do a flip off a four inch incline.


I knew a kid in high school who suffered the same fate. Awesome snowboarder. Always jumping off cliffs. Anything "extreme" was natural to him.

I guess his risky lifestyle caught up to him cause now he has 2 kids under 28.

How the fuck is this even possible, he barely jumped

I want to know how you practice this

Call me old fashioned but childhood head trauma isn't really on the fun list to me.

You just need to break your spine three or fours times. It's actually really easy.

Physicists hate him!

Where exactly did I say it was easy? OP just asked how it was possible.

I thought you were gonna say "he's dead now" and so vindicate my choice of not doing death-things.

It's called a flair

throwing in “not to be one of those pricks” doesn’t automatically negate the fact that the rest of your comment kinda makes you sound like a prick

that damn harlot will go home with anyone who will have her

Yeah, not sure how extreme it is to have two kids at 28.

I mean, I don't plan to, but that's my life.

You're fake

Still a scooter though..

I can't believe it's not butter.

I can't believe you've done this.

Well it’s a scooter not much to do

There isn't any glitches, it's all features.

2 kids at 27? Oh my god. He’s basically still a child himself! /s

Not to be one of those pricks, but you mean 1/2 second manual? A wheelie requires you to be pedalling or putting some effort in to move the thing forward, a manual is the front end up amd coasting.

But my move was a simple bunny hop that i could barely manage to get off the ground but 60% of the time it worked every time.

This exchange is the definition of reddit imo.


When Dave Mirra first landed a flair it was such a game changer. Now, people are doing them on scooters with no ramp.

Thanks. That whole video was fantastic

Yeah. All those commas and no periods.

It's funny I have seen scooter children literally knock themselves out trying to do this at the skatepark. That's waaaay more fun to watch

You couldn't be more wrong

Loop 1: wow that was really fucking cool Loop 2: how did he jump with barely any momentum? Loop 3: oh there's a little ramp down at the beginning and then up at the end Loop 4: he even does a twisty spin in mid-air Loop 5: his friend half-ass claps one time after seeing him defy physics Loop 6: scooters are kind of weird

no periods.

His gf not having hers put him in that spot

So many athletic freaks today, it's only gonna get more insane as things get more popular.

There's two guys, they're both 22. One weighs like 220 and his max deadlift is 938. I'm not sure how many people understand how freakish that is. There are guys twice his size that would be happy to pull anywhere close to that.

Then there's the other, 22 years old too, 275 pounds shredded, recently benched 630.

Like... What the fuck.


If you watch any YouTube star that are scooter pro (tanner fox, funk bros) this is a super common trick to do. They even have challenges to do it on the most small quarters ever. They even did some flair challenge with people on Bmx. Yes, the bmx guy could flair the most insane small quarters too. Go ahead and follow Scotty cranmer, Harry main, Adam lz, and even Spencer foresman. (Harry and Spencer are God's at flair. They flair the most fucking small quarters ever) and they all ride bmx. So obviously if someone can do it on a bmx a scooter is even easier

Now imagine how much cooler he could have been if he had put that hard work into skating.

shhh i think he rides a scooter.

Its just nice to finally see a trick landed and not the poor bastard just eating shit lol

So you had a kid at 15 years old? I would not say wrong, but I'm pretty sure most people would find that odd and really young.

I've had 2 little brothers at age 10 and 16, I'm 20, and I feel really far from ready to have kids and give them the quality of life kids should have.

I mean, I don't even eat 3 times a day, often not even 2, I work on minimum wage, I don't understand how I could have had a kid 5 years ago.

So yeah, I agree it's not wrong, but clearly abnormal and, IMO, non-optimal.


Rollerblades are way cooler than scooters. Not that it’s a high bar to clear though.

I used to be into Scootering a lot, and this is just your everyday trick for the pros

Edit: This is Ryan Williams, he is on the top 3 best of pro scootering,

No, he's in his sixties, his kids are 27 and 24

I would love to know what people discovered on loops 2, 3, 4, etc that they didn't see on the first loop.

Let me guess, this sub got popular and now instead of /sub/bettereveryloop it's /sub/interestinggifs

No helmet. That's ballsy.

itt: people who dont go to skateparks

He does that kind of stuff on a bike too. He's extremely talented, I wouldn't be surprised if he's a good skateboarder too.

Trick bladers are fucking sick

No offense, but you're a terrible person.

He even does that shit with a bmx, damn.

Oh, fuck off. You're comparing three types of people who do well and practice in their sport in order to break down and stifle the first type of person- the scooter kid. You're just being an asshole and I'm sure most figure skaters who do crazy acrobatics and skateboarders that can kickflip would congratulate this guy for his flip and wouldn't detract from it because he's on a scooter

Seems pretty reasonable to me. Having kids early is a surefire way to doom yourself to mediocrity.

So is he 27?

Uh huh

I thought the OP gif was impressive but damn!

These DEVS and their bullshit features. Mosquitos are killing the race of human's too easily" "Oh yea that's a feature" they need to patch that shit out.

I'm sure he puts one on when he's cruising at highway speeds.


The kid probably helped him realize that he actually needed to put food on the table, it’s not like pro wake boarding contracts are raking in the dough.

Scooters and the nostalgia of Brink pushed inline up a bit.

When I saw the link on the front page I thought the same.


Agreed. I’m on the fence about whether they are above or below rollerblades in the lame department

Yeah i bet your parents regret suffering the terrible 'fate' of having you too.

it's not that odd to not want children, they're a huge financial burden and extremely time consuming.

Where exactly did he say that you said it's easy? OP just commented how it was difficult.

You're too cool for that?


Exactly. I thought this was /sub/blackmagicfuckery or something. I can see the ramp, and I appreciate the wheels, but still. I wonder if it hurt to practice.

No, we can't. Sorry!

If you look closely you can see that he messes up in the very beginning when he gets on a scooter.

its called a flair


Just to make sure people understand what your saying by putting scooter trick, flair isn't tied down to scooter only. Any backflip 180 on a quarter pipe is a flair. So bike, scooter, ect...


possibly nsfl

That was legitness!

You could have disposable income and kids if you don't have kids until you're financially stable... lmao

Do you even Razor, bro?

I don't know. I think I'm going to need Captain Disillusion to tell me this is a real. This is seriously insane.

Bottom line is that I want to be able to do something so good that people think it's fake.


Damn, couldn't do that on my razor with the wheelie bar..

More of a barrel roll with a 180 twist. Still impressive.