Crayons for the Red vs Blue fans

Crayons for the Red vs Blue fans

What about Flowers?!

Also, points for making Meta the biggest crayon.

Flipped the image to the side so you dont have to hurt your neck

Tucker's not teal, he's aqua. Teal's out.

Would have went with Michael J. CaBluese.

An edit from all of your feedback

It's definitely Wash, as a running joke with him is "That was the worst -blank- ever..of all time."

Tucker stole Flower's armor after Church killed him during the time travel bit. Which was a simulation - either in "real life" - or in a computer Gary was managing to delay Church while Wyoming was doing - something.

My head hurts.

Whatever way, Tucker is wearing Flower's armor.

York is light brown, Wash is grey.

edit: I just realised that 'worst grey ever' is grey with a yellow squiggle, just like Wash. It seems 'good guy grey' is York, but that doesn't make much sense as it should be light brown with a grey squiggle.

"Guess what? They already have a color for lightish red. You know what it's called? Pink."

CT is my guess.

I think the "worst grey ever of all time" is supposed to just be so bad at being grey it's yellow. I don't think it's a reference to anyone in particular. Just a reference to the worst throw ever of all time.

It's also not just a yellow squiggle. The crayon itself is yellow.

My guess at this (left to right)

Donut Simmons Sarge Grif Sister Lopez Doc Tucker Caboose Church Tex Wyoming Meta/Maine Washington North Dakota South Dakota CT (?) York (?) Carolina

literally the first one on the left.