[Crappy Productions ft. benkbloch presents:] Hajime no Ippo 1211

[Crappy Productions ft. benkbloch presents:] Hajime no Ippo 1211

Friendship ended with Mangastream

Now Crappy Productions ft. Benkbloch is my best friend

Well, looks like Morikawa won't take too long to get Ippo back. Maybe a few more chapters before he returns, and it seems his ticket back to the top will be defeating Imai. I'm a bit disappointed, as Imai is just a budget Ippo, but he's a good opponent for Ippo to evolve against. Imai hits hard, and those are the kinds of punches Ippo must avoid at all costs. This is an opportunity for Ippo to show that he can win against high-level boxers without taking a huge beating. Anyway, I'm glad that it looks like his recovery won't get too dragged out.

Kumi boutta hit Mari with a flicker jab combo followed by a chopping right


Credits to:

/u/benkbloch for the translation. https://netabare.city/ for the scans.

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Where is Round 1206? Not yet done. You see, most groups have their own people that provide them with scans and these are not made public until edited. We, on the other hand, are using Netabare's scans for the translations and the scanlations. They don't have scans for chapter 1206, so there's nothing we can do. Having said this, you can get the hang of what is going on here: https://www.reddit.com/sub/hajimenoippo/comments/7myb6t/hajime_no_ippo_spoiler_n%C2%BA_02_round_1... .


I know, right? Man if Ippo ever tries to get into boxing again Kumi's gonna be pissed.

He's enjoying himself with his girlfriend now that he's quit boxing, let's change that

Hajime no Ippo will become a manga about Ippo drawing a boxing manga. So meta.

Yea, I'm calling it. Ippo's sense of distance was off because of the wrist weights. There's no way he's not coming back

kumi and ippo together without mashiba's cockblocking, now that's progress ! (mari vs kumi, fight of the century )

Woho! Extra early!

holy shit ! that sounds about it

If Ippo really wants to get a 3rd chance then he needs to change gym