Cow tries to catch snowflakes with its tongue.

This is sad

Yeah, except they are never allowed to move or leave.

Is this how ice cream is made?

Okay listen up, this is a calf. Calfs are put into these enclosures to stop them from spreading communicable diseases they could get from adult cows. Once they mature they become part of the larger herd and let out into the pasture.

So anyone talking about how tortured that calf is and how it'll be trapped in that "cage' for the rest of its life knows nothing about farming.

This isn't aww. This is a cow confined to a box for the entirety of it's life. There is nothing aww about factory farming.


My name is Cow, I lik the sno

its a black cow, so it'd be chocolate ice cream

No, those are for calfs to stop them from spreading disease when young. Once they become around 9 months old they are let go into the herd in the field.

Source: worked on dairy farm.

are these like dog houses for cows? cow houses?

Thank god someone here sees it

Fresh, never frozen

To everyone saying how sad this is, i'm fairly certain these small boxes are to keep the cows out of the elements, i.e. If it's cold/snowing. There are several farms near my home that 90% of the time have the cows out in the pasture, but also have these little huts that they put them in for inclement weather. I think it's just a solution for if you don't have a huge barn to keep all of your cows in.

That’s beyond cute.

No, that cow isn't. If you knew anything about farming you'd know that this is done to stop viral disease from spreading across calves. Once they become about 9 months old they get released into the fields to do cow stuff.