Countdown: 1 day until Konosuba S2!

Countdown: 1 day until Konosuba S2!

Translation of Text:

Why are they having so much fun with this 'countdown' thing?

Hey, what about me?

I'm the main character, just saying.

I'm the main character, just saying.

your BD promotional images seem to disagree

mr. main character

It would appear Megumin is the main character!

I'll post this every day, until we get Explosions!

I read that and instantly thought: "Wow, dying now, when there's so little time until Konosuba 2 airs, would really suck!"

Then I had to pause for a moment to realize that in fact, dying anytime, in general would really suck too, not just now.

Wow, my weeibifcation is truly incurable at this point.

What if we don't get episode 1 ECKUSPLOSIONS!?

Just gotta live one more day. Might die from the hype.

There was an average of 0.8 per episode

So the chances are high

Hai hai, Kazuma desu.

So you'll post it until most likely tomorrow?

There's nothing wrong with that.

Kazuma is not, though.

It's almost time for EKUSPLOSION!"

That's alot of explosions!
My body is ready!

My body is ready!

I can't wait for more explosions, more party tricks, more masochism, more "Yes, I'm Kazuma" and more blessings in that wonderful world!

When you buy the BDs, I guess.

Just watched the first season yesterday for the first time. I'm so excited for this :D

Maybe very, very pedantic, but then that's the ratio of episodes with explosions, and not explosions per episode, right?

Wasn't there one episode with like 10? Where they did a short montage of her blowing up the castle? That average feels low.

deen knows who is best girl

Let me find my pirate hat

R.I.P /u/Ashnaar

"I look back fondly at my high high Kazuma days."

I knew what was coming but that gif took it farther than I thought it would

Same here. Mainlined the whole thing last night. Really good, and now I have optimal hype levels heading into the second season.

Inb4 "30 minutes until Konosuba S2!"

I had to pause and wonder, if he dies from hype, does that mean he died hyper?

I'm really salty. I'm on vacation in mexico and the hotel wifi doesn't let me watch crunchyroll. I know it's a silly first world problem but come on. I've been waiting for this day to finally come. Guess I have to wait until Sunday.

Plastic Neesan

Rory from Gate.

Also, the wiki has the sources of (almost) all the comment faces.

I agr

Wait one airs tomorrow then?

Leggo on the hype train!

We're down the the wire, this is the final push. It's nearly here!

Counted Castle-kun as one attack

When are we getting non sample versions of those

Still a better death than Kazuma.