[Cotterill] #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto says Dee Gordon lives close to Ken Griffey Jr., and is already planning on reaching out for a little help adjusting to life in CF.

[Cotterill] #Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto says Dee Gordon lives close to Ken Griffey Jr., and is alre...

Dee Gordon is gonna hit 600+ homers holy shit this offseason is amazing

The most logical move would be to trade Cano to the Angels for 500$ in international slot money and a Trout shirt with his signature on it, but what do I know

This sounds so awesome it made me giggle like a dumbass

I mean, fuck Dipoto

I really don’t get it. Dee is a pretty good second baseman and his arm is average at best. I really feel the more logical move would be to move Cano to First base and keep Dee Gordon on second. But hey, what do I know

Honestly it’d be great, because then Nelson basically doesn’t have to move. Dee can just catch anything that’s too far for Cruz.

i also used to live close to ken griffey jr and would like to reach out to him about adjusting to life in CF

Smart. We can use it in our curse ritual

You were saying?

Well... you tried your best! And that’s what’s important.

I don't think Jerry realizes how dumb a Gordon/Cruz CF/RF combo would look and play out.

Make it an autographed Trout jersey

there goes my karma

"It's easy, Dee. Just be a freakishly great athlete and one of the greatest talents of the century. You've got this."

He just laid it all out there for you to understand lol

Would Cano even be okay with that?

Most beautiful swing to ever grace the sport. By far my favorite non-Angels player growing up

I wasn't aware that proximity to good baseball players could make you better at baseball. This is a revelation.

Griffey had 630 career HR.

This swing is more beautiful than most things in this world.

However, it is a different position than second base and so dee Gordon will probably have to adjust to it. I don't really know what your comment is tryna say lmao

man I feel just awful